Tuckerize Your Quilting and Holiday Extravaganza Clue #9

Happy Friday! 

Welcome to Day 5 of the "Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop"!   Rosella Hanson (Guest Blogging for Tammy Silvers) and I are hosting the Blog Hop today!  The "Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop" runs through July 20th.  Eleven of the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Certified Instructors have been or will be blogging about the S180 tools.  Plus,  providing you with some great tips and tricks.  Be sure to check out the bottom of the page for a complete list of bloggers and their scheduled blog dates.

First, I just want to give a shout out to the fabulous time I had teaching at my 6th MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters).  I had the honor of hanging out with 16 fabulous ladies in my 3 day Oh-Hi-O My Star class.   We had a blast and they made huge progress.  You can check out the slide show of our Class and of the Show and Tell they brought with them from previous classes and Mystery Series.   Great times!
MAQ ~ Ohio My Star 3 Day Class ~ 2019

It was a tough week with getting back from MAQ, prepping for Quilt Odyssey at Hershey, and then we had some major storms that knocked down a lot of trees in my neighborhood.  We finally got power back late last night.

Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop

I'm merging my Tuckerized feature technique, Pickets & Quickets made with the Studio 180 Design's Wing Clipper, with Clue #9 of my Holiday Extravaganza Mystery Quilt Series.  

The Pickets & Quickets technique is just one of over twenty Technique Sheets available to be utilized with the Studio 180 Design tools.   These Technique Sheets can help you Tuckerize almost any unit.   When you purchase your S180 Design tools, they come with basic instructions to make the standard fundamental units.  As Deb Tucker or one of her Certified Instructors develop additional techniques that you make with the tools, a Technique Sheet is developed and can be purchased.  The Technique Sheets are laminated and are three-hole punched for easy storage. 

There is a free Studio 180 Design download, called the Unit Guide, on their webpage, that provides an overview of all the units that can be made with the Studio 180 Design tools and Technique Sheets.  This is very useful, and will help you Tuckerize almost any unit. 

Let's talk Holiday Extravaganza, my Mystery Series using the Studio 180 Design tools.  It is a Medallion Quilt that is being revealed in 17 Clues.  We are on Clue #9.  Clues are available for download for one week after they are revealed.   Clues 1-8B can be downloaded through my Etsy shop for just $10 in my Etsy shop: Purchase HERE.  The weekly clues are easy to complete in just a few hours each week.  This is a great point to join in the fun! 

Clue #9- Gilded Lily Blocks

The technique detailed below will be helpful even if you aren't participating in my Holiday Extravaganza Mystery Quilt Series.  

For Clue #9; we will be making (4) Gilded Lily Blockswith the Wing Clipper and Tucker Trimmer tools from Studio 180 Design.   In addition to the Pickets & Quickets, we will be utilizing techniques learned in prior blocks; Shaded 4-Patch and Half Square Triangle units.

This week's download (scroll to the bottom of the Retreat page), will include specific measurements for this week's Clue, however I've provided a pictorial the Pickets & Quickets technique below.  For a detailed pictorial on the Shaded 4-Patch technique, visit Clue #5 Blog Post.

The Pickets & Quickets units are made with the Wing Clipper.

For every pair of Pickets & Quickets you will need (1) Large Square and (1) Small Square.  Specific measurements for this block can be found in the download, however you can determine the other sizes by utilizing the Wing Clipper instructions or Pickets & Quickets Technique Sheet. 

1. Gather (4) Large Dark A Squares, (4) Large Light Squares and (8) Small Background Squares.
2. Mark 2 stitch lines on the wrong side of the (8) Background Squares, using your 
Quilter’s Magic Wand.  Place the Quilter’s Magic Wand’s center line on the diagonal 
of the Square, opposing corners, and draw a line on both sides of the wand.

3. Position a Background Square in the corner of each 3large Dark A and Light Squares, right sides together, a few threads from the edge. 

4. Stitch along the drawn lines of each unit and then cut down the center diagonal 
of the two large squares.
Use a nice open foot so you can see where you are stitching.

Keep the needle in "needle down" position, and stitch to the end of the Background Square.

With needle down, turn and stitch across to the end of the Background Square.

With needle down, turn again.

Stitch back up the other drawn line.

You can easily chain these units. 
Cut down the center
5. Press all units towards the small triangle and stack your Dark units into 2 sets as 
shown and your Light units into 2 sets as shown.

6. Trim one set at a time. Let’s start with the Light units in the left stack, position the Wing Clipper tool over your unit, aligning the diagonal ruler guide on the diagonal seam, making sure the unit is positioned within the 1 ½” x 2 ½” lines on the tool. Trim the two sides, up the side and across the top side.



 7. Rotate your unit 180°, aligning the just trimmed edges along the unit's proper lines. Trim the remaining two sides, until you have a the proper cut size.


Turn 180 degrees
Turn 180 degrees

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the Dark units in the left stacks.
9. Next, take the Light and Dark units in the right stack. At first,  this may look slightly different under your Wing Clipper, but it is just the mirror image. Repeat the steps for the mirror image unit, setting up your first cut as shown below, trimming as you did in steps 6 and 7. Trim all units to the proper size.



TADA!  That is how you make Picket & Quicket units!
For this block; 
10. Pair Dark Pickets with Light Quickets and Light Pickets with Dark Quickets and layout the Picket & Quicket Units as shown at right.

11. Stitch all units together using your best quarter inch seam and press seams 
Press over the Seam Stick

The other unit in the Gilded Lily, that comes from a Technique Sheet method, is the Shaded 4-Patch technique, visit Clue #5 Blog Post for a pictorial on that technique, made with the Tucker Trimmer.

Next, construction:

  • Be very careful with your orientation!  

  • Tada!

I'm was delighted to be part of the "Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop", and I hope you will check out the other bloggers below through July 20. If you missed some of the great posts, from the last few days, you can go ahead and click on the links below.  While you are reading the blogs, don't forget to sign up for their newsletters and blogs!

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That's it for me today, more yard clean-up and prepping for Quilt Odyssey at Hershey.  Remember, in addition to my 3 classes, you can visit our Booth #607!  

We will have all the Studio 180 Design Tools and Technique Sheets, plus all my patterns, Studio 180 patterns, and many other CI patterns, plus my favorite **Quilter's Select Rulers**!

Come visit Barbara Dann, Jackie Mowday, and when I'm not in class, me!  I have classes Thursday-Saturday, but plan to be in the booth after class and all day Sunday!

**We will have a daily special, so make sure to include us on your trip to Quilt Odyssey!** 

**Your can download a Special - Have It! Want It! List from my website:  [Click HERE].**  Make sure to take inventory before you come to see us, and you will know exactly what you need to pick up!

Hope to see you there! 


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