Clue #5 - Are you ready for Lemoyne as Triangle?

  Clue #5 - Are you ready for Lemoyne as Triangle?  We are going to make (8) Lemoyne as Triangle Blocks.  When I had to merge a couple of Clues, I thought this would be a great one to make eight at once, since we really only need to piece half the block.  The other side of the block is a Half Square Triangle (HST) and a great place to show off some of the beautiful large scale prints!  For my Starflower Christmas, I selected on of the large florals with a white background for my light.  While for my Kaffe version, I went will the large scale print on the blue-green fabric. Fabric Selection For my main selection, I repeated two fabrics I used before for my Starpoints A and Starpoints B.  While for my Kaffe, I introduced two new fabrics that go great with my large scale print, and also create a triadic color plan which just POPs. Construction Tips  Make sure to pay attention to my alternative suggestion when setting up your strips for piecing.  I like to create a "House" and pu

Clue #4 is Dogwood Star !

 Clue #4 is Dogwood Star!  This is a great block, I first used this block in Dogwood Lane .  This block is going to take lessons we've learned over the first few clues and put them together.   There is a slightly different fabric placement and trimming of the Octagon.  So pay attention.  Starflower Christmas - Clue #4 - Dogwood Star Curated KFC - Clue #4 - Dogwood Star Fabric Selection -  I recommend using the same Medium Diamond fabric from Clue #1.  For my Christmas selection, I went with a new Light fabric, because I had a place I want to use the remnant of the Light fabric I've been using to date.  For my Kaffe version, I went with the same Medium and Light as I used in Clue #1. Be very careful with fabric placement, I've switched things up a bit on this Block.  Starflower Christmas Curated KFC  Tips and Reminder Take your time making the Diamonds.  See Blog post for Clue #3 if you need some extra tips or reminders. Make sure you are putting the Diamond Wedges and Large