Holiday Extravaganza Clue #13!

Today's post will be a little short.  Apologies, I've been under the weather most of the week.  I'm trying to push through today.  I had to do a little rearranging of blocks, but no worries, it really will not impact you, as you have to make them all anyway!  

Announcement -We have (1) Single Queen or King opening at Fall Quilt Camp at Rangeley!
The Retreat is October 16th-20th.  Details can be found on my Retreat page.  Follow link to download the Registration Form.   This spot can accommodate a Single Retreater or a Retreater and non-sewing spouse.  

This is on a first come, first reserve basis.  The first person to get their registration form and payment in, will get the spot.   If you are interested, please email Lynn and myself as soon as possible.  Our email addresses are on the registration forms.   Registration and full payment must be received by August 25th.

Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #13 ~Gilded Lily

We will be making four more Gilded Lily blocks.

You will be make (4…

Retreat in Rangeley and Holiday Extravaganza Clue #12

What a fabulous week!  I spent the week with friends in Rangeley, Maine at Threads Galore's Quilt Inn Rangeley Retreat Center.  We had a blast!  All of us are instructors, so it was nice to actually being the ones that got to sew!   We had tons of fun, shared ideas, and made great progress. 
I can't share all the progress, as some of our projects were testing ideas and designs for upcoming projects.  I was able to finally complete my Retreat quilt that I had to put on hold prior to MAQ and Hershey.   I love it!  I plan to get it photographed next week, along with Starflower Surprise (just you wait! FABULOUS!).  The goal is to send them both to the printer late next week.  I'm hoping to have them ready before Labor Day.
We had such fun at the Quilt Inn.  I can't begin to tell you how great it is to have such wonderful friends with shared interest.  I always love our time together!  
Several of you stopped by, and we loved catching up with you, as well as catching up on the…

Quilt Odyssey Wrap-Up and Clue #11!

Another busy week!  Last weekend we wrapped up Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA.  Thank you to all of you that took my classes and stopped by the booth.  We loved seeing your finished projects and helping you start some new projects.  

Last Friday, I taught Majesty Lemoyne!  A combination of my Majesty Lemoyne Star and a modern Log Cabin!  It was a really fun class.  I love seeing everyone's fabric choices!

Last Saturday, I taught Periwinkle Swirl! A combination of the Periwinkle block and my Swirl Block.  Such fun!  For those that spend three days with me (thank you!) or even two, they all felt this was the easier class.  I have to agree, I love this quilt but I love how easily it comes together more!.  We had a great time in class.  When we wrapped up MAQ, just over 2 weeks ago, I challenged all of my MAQ- Oh-Hi-O My Star Students.  I told them if they completed piecing their entire quilt top and brought it to Quilt Odyssey by last Sunday, I would have a special prize for them!

Quilt Odyssey at Hershey and Clue #10 Holiday Extravaganza!

Yeah!  Quilt Odyssey at Hershey kicked off yesterday!  It was great seeing so many familiar faces plus a chance to meet so many of you in person! 

Wednesday, we spent setting up the Booth, Booth #607.  Barbara, Jackie and I spent most of the day getting it just right!  Many of you stopped in yesterday and told us how much you liked it.  We greatly appreciate it and we are hope to see more of you over the next few days. 
Quilt Odyssey Booth #607 ~ Sew On The Go

If you are coming to see us today, Saturday or Sunday, be sure to to download the Special Have It, Want It list here:  Sew On the Go Home Page

We are running daily specials at the Sew On the Go Booth!   Today's special is 15% off the Studio Corner Pop (only at the Booth #607 at Hershey Quilt Odyssey).   You will have to stop by and see us on Saturday and Sunday to see what we will have on special. 

Tuckerize Your Quilting and Holiday Extravaganza Clue #9

Happy Friday! 

Welcome to Day 5 of the "Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop"!  Rosella Hanson (Guest Blogging for Tammy Silvers) and I are hosting the Blog Hop today!  The "Tuckerize Your Quilt Blog Hop" runs through July 20th.  Eleven of the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Certified Instructors have been or will be blogging about the S180 tools.  Plus,  providing you with some great tips and tricks.  Be sure to check out the bottom of the page for a complete list of bloggers and their scheduled blog dates.

First, I just want to give a shout out to the fabulous time I had teaching at my 6th MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters).  I had the honor of hanging out with 16 fabulous ladies in my 3 day Oh-Hi-O My Star class.   We had a blast and they made huge progress.  You can check out the slide show of our Class and of the Show and Tell they brought with them from previous classes and Mystery Series.   Great times!

It was a tough week with getting back from MAQ, prepping for Quilt Odyss…

MAQ! Holiday Extravaganza Clue #8 and #8B

Whew!  What a busy day yesterday.  MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters) moved to Gettysburg College (Gettysburg, PA) and it was an adjustment for all of us, including us teachers.   Change is hard, however the Board has performed a great job in answering every crisis!  The campus is beautiful.  We had a great ice cream social last night.  It was wonderful catching up with so many of you!

Thank you for all theBirthday wishes, several of my MAQers even brought me a cupcake and had half the Ice Cream social sign me Happy Birthday.  As a Quilt Instructor, I'm often on the road for my birthday, my husband's birthday, my wedding anniversary.... you get the picture.  So, a special thank you to my husband for putting up with me being away on so many special occasions.

So, next, I have to apologize for two things.

One, I underestimated my time this week.  I failed to get the second Sunset on the Sound slide show completed between family, the early Birthday celebration, getting ready and travel…

Happy 4th of July Weekend & Clue #7

Happy 4th of July Weekend!    I'm sure many of you are busy with family and friends celebrating!  Me too!  So, I made this week's Holiday Extravaganza Clue 7 fairly easy.   This way you can keep up, but also enjoy your family and friends.

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching for (I think) my 5th year.  I loved catching up with so many of you!  I taught four classes and had a blast in each. 

Additionally, it was great catching up with some fellow Certified Instructors.   At times, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!  Always good times with these ladies!

Plus, I entered Be Dazzled and was lucky enough to received a Blue Ribbon!  I designed and pieced Be Dazzled, and had my good friend Carol Perkins quilt it.  I just love it!

This week is the 4th of July Summer Invasion, as my husband so lovingly calls it.  When my sisters and three nieces (and Brother-in-Law at times) come for the week.  We have a blast playing games, boating, sewing, gardening (if I can sneak it in) an…

Holiday Extravaganza Clue #6.... some homework...

Earlier in the week, I spent a few days with the Lady Bug Quilt Guild of Newark, DE.  What a great group!  I gave my When Life Gives you Fat Quarters lecture on Monday evening.  On Tuesday, the ladies worked on my Sparkle pattern and everyone did a fabulous job.  We were so busy sewing that I didn't get as many photos as I usually do, but you can check them out on my Facebook Page.

I'm in the process of getting organized and prepare for the Vermont Quilt Festival next week.  I still have room in most of my classes, if anyone is interested I'd love to see you in class!

Speaking of VQF, it is an event fill week.  The teachers set up on Tuesday, it runs through Saturday.  The teachers have 2 evenings of participation in addition our all day classes.  So, I planned a Bye-Week next week.... However, I'm giving you some homework.  😁

Clue # 6 ~ Block 6 ~ Lemoyne as Triangle Block

Majesty is off to the printer! Holiday Extravaganza Clue #5!

Yeah another pretty Friday here in Connecticut!   Hopefully the weather holds up for a nice Father's Day weekend.

Another busy week here!

Majesty Lemoyne is off to the printers!  To create the Majesty Lemoyne I've taken strips of different sizes to create a fabulous looking block, and paired it with a more modern Log Cabin Block.  I added an Empire Border and I love it!  It really comes together easily with the Studio 180 Design's Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and Tucker Trimmer III.   You can pre-order your copy here.  They should ship Friday, June 21st.

Happy June! Color Tips and Holiday Extravaganza Clue #4

You have to admit, it seems a bit odd working with Holiday fabric in June!  However, I'm loving it.  I feel like I'm accomplishing something, knowing that by the end of September I will have not one but two (since I'm making two different versions) Holiday Quilts completed.

I hope everyone is enjoying the this late Spring, I feel like we've finally had a series of sunny days here in my part of New England.  My flowers are starting to bloom.  My much beloved Peonies are just fabulous this year, I guess April (and May) showers really bring May June flowers!😉