Paducah Week! Make-up Week! Block 2 -The Silent Star

While I'm having a blast teaching at AQS Quiltweek, in Paducah, I'm going to give a few of the "late to the series" folks a chance to download block 2 and the rest of you a week to catch-up!

Also, a special note to those of you that completed Block 2 several weeks ago, you may want to locate that spare unit!  If you switched colorways after block 13, this may be a great block to make in your new colorway, as you may need that spare unit!  If you missed Block 2, this may not make sense, go ahead and make the unit and it all will.  😉

Block 2- The Silent Star
The Silent Star, dates back to 1871, but was known as the Frank Leslie Design Block.  However, the block became popular, as the Silent Star, in church quilting groups, in the early 1940s in United States.  Many church quilting groups made comfort quilts, including the Silent Star block, to provide comfort to war torn areas, but at the same time to demonstrate America's conviction to stay out of WWII. 
As you kn…

Block 14 - Doris' Delight!

Block 14! Doris’ Delight, appeared in the Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife, in 1941.  Doris’ Delight utilizes the same Peaky and Spike Units (aka V Block) as Grandma’s Delight (Block 13), to create fabulous star points which provides the block with a lot of movement. 

Doris’ Delight is very similar to The Eight Pointed Star, featured in Needlecraft, 1918, with the exception of the center.  Doris’ Delight features a Square-in-Square which give a little extra sparkle in the center.  In my research, I couldn’t find any one given credit for this block, however, I’m hoping a “Doris” was the creator.  Or, that Doris was someone special to the creator.  In any case, it is delightful.
I hope you all caught last Sunday's post, where I revealed my first Quilt Setting, Grandma's Blessing.  If you missed it, check it out here, Grandma's Blessing.  It utilizes any (12) Timeless with a Twist Blocks and (13) Block 13- Grandma's Star.  Make sure to download it by 11pm on Sunday.  April …

Timeless with a Twist ~ First Quilt Setting Revealed! Grandma's Blessing

Today I'm revealing the Timeless with a Twist Series' first Quilt Setting, Grandma's Blessing.

I dedicate this quilt to my Grandmother, who was always there for me, and introduced me to so many wonderful needle crafts.  Through those needle crafts, especially quilting, I've been blessed to meet an abundance of wonderful people!

Grandma’s Blessing is made with (13) Grandma’s Star Block and (12) other Timeless with a Twist Blocks . This quilt setting will work with any of the Timeless with a Twist Blocks.  The 12 Blocks pictured are not required, they are just the first 12 in the series.

If you joined the series a few block in, do not worry, download this setting in case you want to use it, and keep making your blocks.  My Timeless with a Twist series will offer 5 different Quilt Settings, all with a different number of blocks, offering you the flexibility to decide what quilt setting(s) you want to use for your blocks. 

The other settings will be revealed along the jour…

Grandma's Star - Block 13!

I've selected Grandma's Star for Block 13, as this block has special meaning for me, due to my grandmother.  My grandmother was an extremely special lady.  She was my creative mentor and my best friend, she showed me what it took to be a strong woman.  She was my hero, she was always there to listen, and she always provided me with excellent guidance.  For that reason, I wanted Grandma's Star to be Block 13 as this block will hold an essential position in this series and she was a essential influence to me.  Therefore Grandma's Star is special tribute to my Grandmother, Florence!
Grandma’s Star, by Clara Stone, appeared in the Practical Needlework, in 1906.  Grandma’s Star is one of those blocks that have been known as many names; 54-40 or Fight, Fifty-Four Forty and Fight, Garden Patch, Garden Walk, Nine-Patch Star, An Old Fashion Pinwheel and a few more. 

The original design is as I’ve presented it in this series, with the star being created with the background fabri…

Block 12! Nameless! Yes Nameless!

Woohoo! Block 12!  We are a quarter of the way through Timeless with a Twist. 

Block 12, Nameless, by Clara Stone, was published in Practical Needlework, in 1906. Yes, that is correct, the block is known as Nameless.  There was no name associated at the time of publication and therefore Quilt Historians have taken to calling the block Nameless. 

Nameless is believed to be the foundation for later blocks, most notably; Crown of Thrones, Finley 1929, Forest Trails, Laura Wheeler, 1933, and Beacon Lights, Nancy Page, 1936.   Each of those blocks use the same block design, however the value placement is often changed.  Additionally, the block has one more subdivision, typically splitting the unit formed between Nameless’ quarter square triangles. 

We are going to take our Square-in-a-Square techniques to another level and make Square cubed, or Stacked Squares.  This technique comes together easily with a newer Square2 or the Large Square Squared.

We will frame that Square cubed, with Qua…

Are you ready? Block 11- The Five Spot

Are you ready?  Did everyone catch-up?  
I heard from so many of you that you were happy to have the week to catch up and I know many of you did take the opportunity to do so, which made me so happy.  Additionally, I heard from many of you that you were thrilled to be able to get Block 1, which was great, I'm glad I could help!
Things are moving along well with my Book preparation, and I wanted to thank you all for being so helpful!   The only thing I asked is that you read these blog posts, as they hold a lot of information and I think (and hope) that they provide you with good information.  So, if you are reading this, you can get your download here.
So, are you ready?  Block 11 is The Five Spot!  The Five Spot, by Nancy Cabot, appeared in the Chicago Tribune, September 23, 1936.  The Five Spot is basically a Sawtooth Patchwork Block, that has a Shaded 4-Patch in place of an ordinary half square triangle.

So, you heard right, we are going to make Shaded 4-Patches again!  How muc…

Week 11 and it is time to catch up! Special treat - Block 1 is available again for a limited time!

Can you believe that we completed 10 blocks!  I built in a few catch up weeks into the Timeless with a Twist program (4 to be exact) and this is one of them.  As a bonus, I'm making Block 1, the Bear's Paw, available again, since we had so many people join late.  
So, if you are running behind, you have a week to catch up!  If you missed block 1, you can make it now!  I've heard that several of you want to re-make your block 1, so this is the perfect week to do so!
For those of you that are caught and have block 1 completed. I would like to remind you about the color placement.  I noticed that a few folks laid out the their "paws" different than the pattern.  So, pull out that first block and check to make sure you have your paws are coming together properly.  Page down for some tips and tricks on putting the paws together, the partial seam and some reminders about scrap management.
If you read my Blog post at the beginning of the series, Why I love Sampler Quilts, …