Block 24~ Morning Star and MAQ

Can you believe we are on block 24!  Halfway there!  Yeah!

This week's block is Morning Star.  Morning Star, appeared in the Ladies Art Company in 1897.  This is one of those blocks that has been known by several names.  In that same year, 1897, it appeared in the Hearth and Home, called Virginia.  Then, in 1934, Nancy Cabot was credit in the Chicago Tribune, and the block was called Rosebud.    I think both Morning Star and Rosebud are perfect names for this block.

If you have master Flying Geese, this unit comes together easily.  This is a fabulous block to showcase those large floral prints in the center.  This simple block can be extremely striking with the right contrast between the band and the star. 

If you've been following along, I know the last few weeks have been pretty challenging blocks, this week is much simpler.  I know I will be seeing many of you over the next few weeks at either MAQ, Quilt Odyssey or Maine Quilts, so I wanted to make sure these next few week…

Happy 4th of July! - Block 23!

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July week in USA.  I have a somewhat fitting block for you this week.  Block 23, is Peaceful Hours, published in Farmer’s Journal and Farmer’s Wife, 1945.   The name is very fitting for this block as it features Hourglass blocks (Quarter Square Triangles) that have been fragmented (split), and it was published in 1945, which marked the end of World War two.  The block radiates from the center giving it such movement, almost spinning.

As with each block, I say I love it.  :)

The Peaceful Hours Block is made up of Split Quarter Square Triangles, Half Square Triangle, and a Snowball unit.  Below I will provide a pictorial for making both  unit; the Split Quarter Square Triangle using your Tucker Trimmer and the Snowball unit made using your Corner Pop.

For these week's color plans, I used pictures from my garden to inspire me.  Without really thinking about it, I've seem to plant in a triadic color plan.

Pulling from the photos the Magenta…

Yeah! Block 22 ~ St. Louis Star

Well, I think Block 22 will be worth the wait!  It is the St. Louis Star, published by Clara Stone in Practical Needlework, 1906.   This block is very eye-catching with its popped V Peaky and Spike (V Block) units, Corner Beams and Square-in-Square.  It has such movement.  

A similar block was published by Jinny Beyer, in 1980, in the Quilter’s Album.  Jinny called the block the California Sunset.  Which I think is a terrific name for this block.  The only difference is that Jinny used a 30° angle for the secondary star, instead of the 45°angle used in this St. Louis Star.  Additionally, I found several different blocks referred to as the St. Louis Star, many of them completely different.  This one was my favorite of them, by far!  Love it!

Those Popped Peaky and Spike units are made first with the V Block and then popped with the Corner Pop.  I  have a pictorial step-by-step guide, later in this post.  I highly recommend you read it.  

However, first I want to talk about using a photo t…

Vermont Quilt Festival & Timeless with a Twist

Sorry all for the delay, it has been a busy week with my Godchild/niece graduating and then driving up to the Vermont Quilt Festival on Thursday!  I love this show.

They had a great awards ceremony, it is awesome to see Dave LaValle hand out all those sewing machines to the kids who entered the Children's Category.  Yesterday, I had a great class for Sparkle, Per usually, we had a great time!

Today, I'm actually teaching three quilts; Sparkle, Spring Bouquet and Bloom!  It is going to be a busy day.  Then tomorrow, I end with In Flight.

So many students came up to me either in Class, at the Preview or at last night's Show and Tell, to tell me what a great time they were having joining in my weekly fun of Timeless with a Twist series!  Many brought their blocks, which I was thrilled to see.   

With me busy this week being so busy, and late,  I'm going to give everyone a make-up week. 

I know I say this a lot, but this is really one of my top 5 favorites of the series,…