Clue 12 is Ready!

  Thank you all for your patience.  Steve and I have a lovely and much needed vacation in Maine.  It was absolutely beautiful.  One of my favorite spots is the Portland Head Lighthouse.  it is just gorgeous, especially this time of the year.    Clue #12 is Blooming Vine, a little fitting with the Beach Rose vines in the above photo.  This is another block where I've taken units we've made prior, but with the help of the Corner Pop, we've taken the block up a notch.   For Clue #12 we will be "popping" the Shaded 4-Patch.  Fabric Selection Make sure you are reviewing your blocks when making your fabric selection.  For me, I needed to start adding some of the purple into my Bermuda Batiks, therefore I selected two for this block.  For my Paisley Rose, I selected half of my fabrics from fabric I hadn't used yet and mixed it with Fabric I have used in prior blocks.  Unit Construction  We've made (Unit A) Half Square Triangle prior, so just a quick photo of my f

Are you ready for a Block?

For Glorious Splendor Clue #11 we are back to making Blocks, and this is a fabulous one.  Glorious Blossom is a terrific block and a great example of how you can take basic units and with a "pop" or two and splitting another unit you can take a block up a notch!  Love the like "sun" formed in the center, or in my head the center of a Blossom! A couple weeks ago, I instructed you to take a fresh look at your first 6 blocks and evaluate the fabric you have left.  So, I tried to introduce a few new fabrics in my Paisley Rose, while in my Bermuda Batiks, I elected to go with using up a few of my fabrics in my fabric selection.  Either approach will work, just always be mindful of what fabric you have left, especially if you are making your own fabric selections. The basic units that we are making, we made before, but now we are going to take them to a new level. Construction tips! For your Popped Corner Beam, you will make a Corner Beam first. It is a funky size, so pay