PQW Stay in Your Bed Retreat and Ticker Tape Parade Clue #3

Last weekend, I got to spend the weekend with the lovely ladies of Pennington Quilt Works.  We had a blast, they were able to accomplish so much.  It was great to be back in NJ for a bit, especially at Pennington Quilt Works.    We are missing a couple ladies from the photo (they were a little shy). 
Check out my Facebook page for more photos of last week.   The next Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at Pennington Quilt Works, will be Saturday March 28th- Sunday March 29th.   PQW should have the event available for sign-up soon.  Stay tuned. 
Another busy week in Manhattan.  The city is getting ready for the holidays.  There has been construction, of the Holiday Village, at Union Square Park all week.  I pass the USP on my way to the NYU office and it has been fun seeing it come together.    I may have to check it out next week.  The Holiday season, is my second favorite time of the year to be in the city, although I could do without the subway back-ups with the influx of tourists adding to the…

Quilting in Vermont and Ticker Tape Parade Clue #2

Last weekend, I had a fabulous time with the ladies attending my Fall Retreat at Quilting In Vermont.    As I discussed last week, the Strong House Inn transferred owners earlier this year, so it was really fun to meet Amy and DJ.   It was great catching up with my “November QIV” ladies and also to meet several new-to-me quilters.  We had a blast.   I hold my Quilting in Vermont Retreat to 12 people, I sometimes can be talked into a couple more, however I feel 12 is the perfect number.  It allows for a great student to teacher ratio.  Everyone gets a nice 5-6 foot area to work in, which is fabulous.  The conversations in class are always entertaining.  You get a chance to find out some much about each other at dinner.  It is wonderful.

I have two more retreats this season; February 6th-9th and March 12th-15th, both are three nights and run from Thursday afternoon through Sunday mid-day.   The price of the retreat includes; Lodging, Quilt Instruction, all meals, and your sewing space.

Woohoo! Ticker Tape Parade - Clue #1

Woohoo!  Today, I'm kicking off my Mini-Mystery, Ticker Tape Parade, which is a Jelly Roll challenge.  I don't know about you, but I have a ton (and I mean ton) of Jelly Rolls.  I've been collecting them for years.  It is a great way to get a variety of fabric, often the full line, without a major purchase.  

However, I've found that most Jelly Roll quilt patterns, all look the same to me, and haven't used many.  Now, since I've been designing patterns, I've tried to change the fact that all Jelly Roll patterns look alike.  I have a couple patterns that use Jelly Rolls for some of the sizes and I do not think they look like traditional Jelly Roll patterns.  (Whirling Lemoynes and Moonlight Garden).

I've made a point to make sure the end result of this mystery doesn't look like a Jelly Roll quilt.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  In full honesty (you know I'm always upfront), we will be working with some small pieces, afterall we are starting …