Holiday Solstice #9 and Autumn Vibes!

If you received my newsletter, you know it has been a week.  We lost Steve's mom last weekend.  Then the Tropical Storm Isaac took out our power from Tuesday mid-day to late yesterday.  So, I'm a little behind on spreading the word on my new pattern and online class.  Therefore, I've extended a discount and want to re-share some news I shared on Tuesday Blog post and social media.I also have Clue #9 ready.  I have to reshuffle some of the clues, due to the storm outage.  Therefore, you are making four more Stings the Toes Blocks. 
You can either make them with the same fabrics as Clue #8 or your can pick similar color and values.    You can download Clue #9: HEREFor those of you that missed Tuesday's  Blog post.  You can get all the details here.  Quilt Block Mania Blog Post.Let me give you the highlights.Tuesday, I shared a free Block and a new pattern series!  Plus, a new series of mini-online classes.Quilt Block ManiaFirst, a couple weeks back, several quilt designer…

Quilt Block Mania - School Girl's Puzzle

I'm so existed I have a lot of fun information to share with you today.   A free Block and a new pattern series!  Plus, a new series of mini-online classes.
Quilt Block ManiaFirst, a couple weeks back, several quilt designers got together and decided we'd put together some FREE themed quilt blocks to share with all of you!    All of these blocks finish at 12″ x 12″. You can download all the Blocks for free, or just your favorites. This month theme is "Return to School", therefore I decided to make and share the School Girl's Puzzle.
School Girl's Puzzle is made up of Half Square Triangles and utilizes four values of fabric plus Background.  Light, Light-Medium, Medium and Dark.  I've provided step-by-step instructions in my download.  It comes together easily with the help of the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer I.  All of the designers are using the same color plan in their Blocks.   Therefore you could combine this quilt block with other designer blocks, i…

Holiday Solstice -Clue #8 - Another Challenge but you got this!

So sorry for the delay.  If you aren't in the Holiday Solstice Facebook group, you probably aren't aware that I'm dealing with a sick pup at home.  So I apologize.  But better late than never.  If there is anything I've learned during these times is to focus on what really matters.  So, I know most of you don't mind the delay and apologies to those that do for being 24 hours late on this Clue.  Life takes over at times.  Special announcement on Tuesday Make sure to tune in Tuesday to this blog, as well as my Tutorial Tuesday, as I will have an announcement.  
Holiday Solstice -Clue #8 - Another challenge but you got this!  This is a beautiful block.  We are going to be making (4) Stings the Toes Blocks.    You will need the Split Rects, Tucker Trimmer I and Quilter's Magic Wand

I love this block, it uses one of my favorite units.   I unofficially call it the Rangeley Combo block.  I used it in my Dogwood Lane Quilt Pattern.  You will use the Tucker Trimmer to ma…

Holiday Solstice Clue #7 - More revealed!

Welcome to Holiday Solstice Week #7!  We are just pasted one third of the way through and we are putting our Round A Borders around the center of the Holiday Solstice Medallion Center!
So, for this week's Clue, you will make four more Go Jingle By Blocks.  I'm going to refer you to Clue #5, if you need help with the technique's within this block.  See my Sew on the Go Blog Post #5 for help.  I elected to use the same fabric.  You could use different fabric, but I would try and use the same color and value. 
You will be using the Tucker Trimmer to make Shaded 4-Patch units.  Optionally, you can use the Four-Patch Square Up to make the Four-Patch units. 

Once again, I do want to mention that you want to be careful with your pressing.  If your block has "ripples" you want to consider improving your pressing skills.  Pressing can really take your blocks to another level so I'm going to cover that today.   So please check out the tips below.  It will be especially im…

Holiday Solstice - Clue 6 - Bites the Nose!

Sorry for the delay.  We are still dealing with a family emergency and I'm on the mend.  Better late than never.  I promise you this Holiday Solstice Block will be worth it. 
Bites the Nose is made up of Non-Mirror Image Combination Units, Four-Patches, and a pair of Mirror Image Split Rects.  These blocks are only 6" Finished (6 1/2" cut), therefore these are some pretty small units.  Please read my tips below! :) 

This block is going to be a bit of a challenge, but you can do it.  I want you to take it step-by-step. Please read my tips below.Please read the Clue end to end first.You will want to take your time and most importantly check your 1/4", you will need a perfect quarter inch.Take your time, it is not a race.For those of you new to me this series, there is only one new technique here, so deep breathe, you are going to be okay.For those of you that have been following me, just remember all the tips and skills we've built and you will be fine. The new techn…

Holiday Solstice - Clue 5

Welcome to Holiday Solstice Week #5!  I can't believe we are here already, it is so exciting. 
This week's block is fairly easy, especially after last week's block.  You will be using two of the same techniques from last week to make Block #5, Go Jingle By.  
You will be using the Tucker Trimmer to make Shaded 4-Patch units.  Optionally, you can use the Four-Patch Square Up to make the Four-Patch units. 

Last week, everyone did a great job, it was a tough block due to the number of techniques and you had to have a good quarter inch.

Clue #4 Let the challenge begin!

Sorry for the delay, it has been a crazy busy week.  On top of that, this week have one of the more challenging blocks in the Holiday Solstice Mystery Series.  The individually techniques aren't difficult, but you have to concentrate on having a perfect 1/4" seam allowance and keeping your orientation.  
I can not stress enough, how important it is to: Read the tips belowRead Clue from start to finish Read the tips belowGo step-by-step and don't assume anything.   If you read today's blog post, I cover all the place people typically run into trouble.
A lot to cover so I'm going to get started.
This week's block is Drifted Snow.  The Drifted Snow Block is made up of a Square Squared, Four-Patch, Shaded 4-Patch and a pair of mirror image Split Rects.  
 You will need the Square Squared™, Split Rects™, and Tucker Trimmer™.  If you struggle with Four -Patch units, you may want to consider the Four-Patch Square Up™.

Over the River - Clue #3 of Holiday Solstice

Over the River....   Have you figure out the theme song behind the Holiday Solstices blocks yet? 

Everyone should have it by now.   Put your guesses in comments below. 

Clue #2 of Holiday Solstice plus a No-Hassle option and more

Clue #2 is ready! It almost wasn't as it has been a challenging week for me.   Thank goodness for family, friends, true followers, and my garden.  

THIS PAST WEEK & THE CODE I'm going to be honest with you, I'm disappointed with the number of angry emails, IMs, and even phone calls expressing the "hassle" and "displeasure" with the code being implemented for the freeMystery series.  If it wasn't for the fact that I know so many true followers have purchased fabric and truly support me, I would have cancelled this Mystery series.  
Please note, that I plan to continue with using the code for this Mystery series.   You can get this on your newsletter.  I need to protect and track the copyrighted clues.  I am offering a No-Hassle option for a nominal fee, if you don't want to use the code and would like to avoid the download time constraints on the free Mystery series.   NO HASSLE SUBSCRIPTION
For those of you that don't want to be stressed gett…

Time to kick off Holiday Solstice!

It is time to kick off my annual Holiday Medallion Mystery Series!  This year's mystery is Holiday Solstice. Are you ready to get started?   
Today I'm revealing Clue #1 - Block 1 - Ting-A-Ling-Ling.  It is actually a Square Cubed (Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square), however I given it a fun name for this series.  You will be using the Square Squared for this Clue.
Here are both my versions.  Below I'm going to talk you through why I selected the fabric I did, to help you pick the ones for your quilt.