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Summer – Quilter Motivator or Deterrent

In preparing to travel to the AQS-Grand Rapids Quilt show, of course I looked through my “to-do” list and it started me wondering if summer is a Quilt motivator or deterrent? I think for me, I net less sewing time, due to a variety of activities; fabulous summer Quilt Shows, gardening, boating, friends/family visits, mini-breaks (one for my UK friends), etc.  However, I believe those exact activities are what inspires me in my quilting, whether it be flowers in my garden inspiring a quilt design, or colors on the Sound horizon inspiring a color palette for my next quilt…  Therefore, I guess it is a motivator however it fuels my actual quilts and quilt making later in the season.  How about you?  Do you feel summer helps or hinders your quilting? I’m getting ready to fly out the Grand Rapids, MI for the AQS-Grand Rapids Quilt Show, so it is only a short post today.  I will be working alongside Deb & Haley Tucker this week at the Studio 180 Design Booth.  If you are in