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Not your Grandmother's Dresden - Part 1

I've always loved Dresden Plate Quilts and wanted to start one.  There are all these neat tools out there, so a few weeks back I tested a few, using a few scraps.    This would be a 24" Block. I found that I liked the Trace and Create template.  Although I modified the technique a bit. I plan to teach a class in a few weeks at Pennington Quilt Works, so I created a plan in EQ7. Then I picked out 20 fat quarters, a turquoise solid for the sashing and navy for center and cornerstones.  I'm going to have 16 blocks, with 20 fans.  I determined that I wanted to make 12" blocks.  So, I check the pie template and found the 16" block marking.  Determine that I needed 6.25 strips.  First I cut off the selvage. Then I cut 6.25 x 18" strips.  I determined I would get the best use of fabric by cutting parrell to the selvage. Then, I lined up the fans template, on the proper markings. Then, I placed my ruler over it (note I have TrueGrips on th

New member of the family, will he like Quilts?

After some debate, we decided that we needed to adopt another dog.  The house has been so quiet.  Plus Cal and Madison were as lonely as Steve and me....  Moose just had such a personality. Given that Moose was a rescue, we thought he would want us to honor him by rescuing another lovable dog. He is 18 weeks old and a German Shepherd.   Given the size of his paws we believe  he is going to be a "big guy".  Only time will tell if he is a "flower lover"... you see him checking out my ornamental grass.  So far he has only tried to eat one of my quilts...  Madison is mothering him to death and Cal is warming up to him ... I think he may have wanted a smaller brother. We've named him Hunter as in Hunter Pence who plays for the Phillies. I'm sure there will be more pictures soon ... now let's see if I can get back in my sewing room. Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.4

Did any of you catch this post from the Blue Chair? I rarely order quilt fabric from (I know a sin... because I love the service from  I have however experienced Katy's complaint when I order home dec fabric. What is you experience with Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.4

There isn't a Quilt Moose didn't like...

Apologies, it has been some time since I posted last... and I haven't been sewing either.  First, I was ill and then our 10 year old German Shepherd, Moose, suddenly took sick last week.  For days, we tried everything and asked the Northstar Vets to try everything.   After many test and procedures, it ended up being a septic abdomen tumor which burst.  The surgeon's at Northstar Vets, went in to remove it.  They warned us that it would be an invasive surgery, but Moose, our ever strong man, made it through.  However,  shortly after coming out of surgery they believe he threw a clot and stopped breathing.  They performed CPR for 20 minutes but they were unable to bring him back.  I guess his body just wasn't strong enough.  That was Tuesday night, and we've been in mourning ever since.  I'm sure you pet lovers know what we are going through. I finally pulled myself together enough to want to share some of my favorite photos of Moose, some with quilts.  He loved h

NY Beauty Week 5 is ready over at "In Color Order"

Week 5's NY Beauty Block's tuturial is ready over at "In Color Order". It's block 7. Now, me I would have thought week 5 would have been block 5... but I'm crazy with that logic. I have to admit, late last week I was hunting all over for one of the blocks, until I figured out they weren't doing them in order. Oh well. The block is pretty cool. I think I like last week's better. However, it might have been the fabric selection.

Blog Spot Light - The Littlest Thistle

I spotted this little guy over at "The Littlest Thistle" blog, via my Google Reader app (which I love, it helps me follow all my fav blogs) and thought of my friend Jenn who love this fabric. The blog is really cute. ( ). Katy has been running weekly tuturials on Foundation Piecing for the Terrified. Check it out... I LOVE this PILLOW

First there was Swoon, now there is "Hopscotch" and "On a Whim"

Apparently most of the Swooners, have gone on to Thimble Blossom's Hopscotch or Thimble Blossom's On a Whim. Again, I'm disappointed with the Cover pictures, but when you see what the Swoon Flicker ( ) group is doing with their fabric selections, it makes you want to dig into that stash and sew! Here are the patterns and some samples from the Swoon Flicker group... Hopscotch: On a Whim: What do you think?