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Logan's Quilt Finished - Using my design and Deb Tucker's V Block

It took me a little more time than I thought -- with the Holidays getting in the way!

However, I finally got Logan's Baby Quilt finished by Christmas (well the top), I pieced the backing yesterday and now I'm getting it ready to quilt it.

I thought I would share a picture of my quilt design. I used Deb Tucker's V Block to create the stars and then I reversed the color selection and used the V Block to create the reverse V Block in the sashing. As always, I love the ruler. Perfect points!

Of course, the Quilt front ended up a bit bigger than I thought (56 x 56) so I ended up needing to piece the backing.

Off to quilt!

The pleasure in the youth

Over the last few days, I've had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with my nieces. It was a nice interlude for busy holiday.

In my Friday Night Quilt Club, I've had the pleasure of seeing some of my friends children growing into little quilters, well my little nieces are getting big enough to sew now.  Wow, Madeline is now 8, Lauren 6 and little Anna is almost 4.

I found such joy in seeing what the girls could create. Madeline made a scarf on her Bernette this past week (wish I had a picture). As well as interviewed Jean and Cindy,two of my friends, on a trip to Pennington Quilt Works and Olde City Quilts, on their quilting tools. I definitely think we have another quilter in the making. Now, Lauren is the color placement expert, instructing us to move blocks on the design wall for her quilt throw which Madeline and I were sewing for her. (Can anyone say Cindy or Diane...LOL)

While at the house, Madeline drew these pictures for me, of our dogs, I just had to …

OMG $8 a Yard for Batiks - Any and all

Olde City's Thanksgiving Sale... OMG Crazy..... My Batik stash has been running low - and "too grey" of what I did have.... (are you buying the excuse).

Here is just one of my piles - $8 a yard for all BATIKS - OMG heaven...

The bright happy pile.

Plus a novelty. Another friend had a boy. So, I'm off to make a baby boy quilt for Logan (I will not be using the pink). I've designed a quilt using Deb Tucker's V Block ruler.... I hope to post by the end of the week.

Flower Girl is Quilted

Well it has been crazy with commuting to the new job in CT.  As most of you know, I stay there in a temp apartment during the week and then head home on the weekends.  I get a decent about of sewing finished during the week, although lately I've been pulling some long days- with the shortened week it couldn't be helped.

In any event, that doesn't leave me much time to long arm but I finally got Flower Girl finished.  I used a new pantograph and I think it turned out FAB!

This is from Thimble Blossoms new pattern; Flower Girl.  I used a variety of FQs (20 for the flowers, 7 for the leaves, and another for the cornerstones.  It is very easy and a great stash buster.  It is the feature pattern for my December Stash Club at Pennington on Saturday, December 15th.


Once my power came back on yesterday, I was able to complete the piecing of the Man Cave quilt, borders and all!  Now I have to quilt it the next time I'm home.  I'll be home Saturday night, but leave Sunday morning to go to the UK through Friday. Hmmm, I wonder if I will have time to find a quilt shop there?

Ooops, I got distracted, back to the quilt.  It is a little larger than I expected, there is a surprise, right?  Not.  it turned out to be 84" x 84".

Had my first official day today at work today.  The people are great, I still wish it was in PA or NJ... but I'm only 152 miles away.

Getting settle in temp housing in CT

So, I moved into my temp housing...  so I can start the new job.  Left Steve and the pups in NJ to ride out the storm.  Guess what, the storm is here too.  So, given the State of emergency in CT... governor closed the roads, I'm getting my quilting area set up.   I need something to make me feel at home.

I've taken over the dining room... lord help the corporate housing people when they come in to clean, they are going to be wondering what happened.

I've only watch QVC on a few occassions, I can't watch it, I buy everything.  Thanks Cindy! - Yes, it is your fault.  Anyway, I saw these neat closet organizers.  I brought them up to help me with my shoes and purses, but found that they are actually good for my office and sewing supplies.  The Corp housing doesn't take office supplies nor sewing supplies into consideration.  But have no fear, I found a way to be organized.

I've only brought up UFOs and BOMs.  This way I won't be tempted to start something new.

On my second to last day... I finally remember

On my second to last day at Moody's, I finally remember to post a picture of my view of WTC's North tower foot print.
I will miss the people who are here currently and those from before...
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Stash Buster - So Fresh Reflection

So-sew-a productive weekend or two!   In just 2 weekends... I've pulled together some stash-- some Amy Butler that I've waited years to use-- but I think I put it to good use!  Put one of my drawlings/EQ designs to the test.  I've been working on a few easier patterns that don't look easy, but give you a big return on your time.  Since us "Weekend Quilters" need to accomplish things in a shorter time frame.   

This came together in no time.   Remember NO STRESS in SEWING!   Last weekend, it made it's way to the longarm and got my fabric therapy for the weekend!  Finished!  Yes it was that quick.

I'm working on typing up the pattern, should be available soon.  I'm thinking of kicking off my 2013 Stash Buster club, at Pennington Quilt Works, with this pattern. 

What do you think? 

You know me, the Fat Quarter Queen. I used 10 Big Floral/Bold Fat Quarters (Vintage Amy Butler), 10 Light/Neutral Fat Quarters, 1 yard of the Contrasting Fabric for th…

How cute is this bag?

Indie Bag-Free Pattern!  Over at During Quiet Time with Amy. 
Love the Pat Bravo fabrics!
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Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

I had to work on Paperwork this weekend, Quilt Paperwork that is....  I had to create the cutting directions for my Scrappy Holiday Hunter Star class at Pennington Quilt Works.

So, I decided to give the ladies a choice to go 3 or 2 Tone.  Just in case they haven't caught the Scrappy bug - me - I love the FQs so almost everything is scrappy.

I created the diagrams in EQ7, I used the Kate Spain Christmas Fabric line.  What do you think?  I like them.  I really need to make a 2-Tone myself.   I love the Red and White quilts, but I have yet to make one.

I can't wait for the class, it is October 6th.  Whenever I teach a class using Deb Tucker's tools, three things happen... (1) The classes usually sell out.  (2) The classes always go well and the students tend to finish the quilt within a few weeks.  (3) The students love their finished product and it is always awesome to see the finished quilts.

Holiday Hunter Star

Well, you all know what a "Deb Tucker  Junkie" I am, well I'm teaching a special "Holiday Hunter Star" class at Pennington Quilt Works.  I made this quilt a few years ago and just loved how the blocks looked like "squished" Christmas trees.  Don't you just love it!

Not Your Grandmother's Dresden

My "Not Your Grandmother's Dresden" is quilted, binding sewn and dropped of at Pennington Quilt Works

It looks so nice in the shop, I guess I should have taken the picture there, instead of having hubby stretch!  Oh well.  It so satisfying to have it finished and to receive such nice compliments. 

I lend the first session of the 2 part class on Saturday.  It went really well.  The ladies had such a variety of colors.  My fav (I know I'm not suppose to have one) was Dawn's.  The Dresden flower was in Yellow.  I can't wait to see, I will have to get their permission to take photos.

Come Aboard, we've been waiting for you, the Craft boat!

Weeks Ringle not only is coming to Pennington in the fall, but is also teaching on a 8 day cruise in the spring. 
Remember my Bear Paw quilt.  All the fabric was from Weeks and Bill's line.  Both will be teaching!  Love them.  Check out their blog:  Come sail with us!
Here are some details about the Craft Cruise:
This cruise is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation while stitching in your favorite pastime. Quilt alongside instructors Carol Ann Waugh, Weeks Ringle, Pam Holland, and Sue Bouchard as you learn and create together with other quilt enthusiasts.
Take in-person classes, learn techniques, and enjoy making your new projects while cruising the beautiful sea!
Throughout the cruise, immerse yourself in the Craftsy quilting community by interacting with instructors and fellow community members during dining experiences, adventures off the ship, or relaxing pool-side conversations. There is so much to do aboard the Craftsy Quilt Cruise you'll wish you could quilt …

How old were you when you started sewing?

How old were you when you started sewing?  I should be specific and ask how old were you when you operated your first sewing machine?
I can't remember my exact age but I was probably around 7 or 8 years old.  I remember it well, I had to convince my grandmother that my mom wouldn't find out.  I just had to do it.  I had ideas for Barbie's wardrobe that were just flowing too fast to hand sew.  Those of you who know me well can probably  picture me saying this with a doubt.  LOL.
I immediately fell in love with sewing. I'm not sure if it was running of the machine behind mom's back, the satisfaction of just operating a "machine" with a foot pedal, truly making those Barbie clothes, or just being allow to explore that vehicle of my creativity.
I pretty much stuck with Barbie clothes for some time.  In high school it grew to altering clothes for myself, and I'm really not talking about hemming, more like creating Madonna "cool" outfits!
In college, …

The Fabric of our Lives

I will start with an apology... I'm feeling a little insightful today.
Is fabric like your favorite music or food?  Does looking back at certain fabric, scraps or even a quilt bring back memories?
It's like a journey, or little gift of time travel...  it takes you back to the good time you had when picking it out and purchase it, does it?
Maybe even of the person or people  with whom you were with or what fun you had that day. 
It could cause you to break into a smile or laugh just thinking about  the laughs you had with friends while you stitched it (or un-stitched it). 
Sometimes one little scrap of fabric is enough to bring you back to the  face of someone special, when you gave them the quilt you made for them.
Our scrap bins are really the fabric of our lives.  We should cherish them and probably pay them honor by placing them in a quilt we will actually see.... similar to photos.  We place them in frames or albums.  We send them to others we love.
We could even put a few tok…

Have you seen this?

If you have every sewn you finger..

The Sew EZ finger thing might be for you.
I wanted to see this in person, but haven't found yet.  I believe I learned my lesson years ago... it only takes once- bringing the needle up was the worst!
Has anyone else sewn the finger?  Or seen the "finger thing"?
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Finally - It's Finished- Not Your Grandmother's Dresden

I've been working on this Quilt off and on all Spring and early Summer....  I love it.  It's on the rack and ready for quilting.  It's 86" x 86".

It will be ready for my Class at Pennington Quilt Works in August.

Saturday Doorbell Surprise

This morning I received a nice surprise when my doorbell rang... it's unusual to get a delivery on Saturday... but my Ms. Rosie Club arrived from Fat Quarter Shop by the USPO (hence the Saturday delivery.
I receive 5 new patterns quarterly, this quarter had two I really love.
BOUNCE which can be made with Fat Quarters or Layer Cakes... just might be my Fall Camp project!  And then there is HUBBLE which can be made with Charm or Layer Cakes.

What do you think?
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Hunter has made himself at home in the Sewing Cave

It's been a while since I posted a dog pic, so I hope you don't mind. Hunter is about 7 months now and he has made himself at home in the Sewing Cave.   Although Madison (present by foot only) hasn't let him get in the "Big Chair", she does allow him to lay on the "Big Ottoman".
We've taken to calling him Hunter Bear... doesn't he look like a bear?
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The Heat, does it drive you inside or out?

The Heat - - -wow!  It has been crazy on the east coast.

For me, it drives me out early in the day and then in for the worst part of the afternoon.  Which is good, lets hope I get some sewing completed today. 

I've been really quiet these days.... Sorry.  When I'm not working or gardening, I've been working on the instruction for my July class; Constellations Quilt.  In addition to teaching the class.   Pennington is planning on selling the kit for the pattern I made using Deb Tucker's LeMoyne Star ruler.  So, I've been trying to put that together, where everyone can follow the instructions.  Deb has the basic instructions, but trying to tell someone how much to cut of what fabric I used and where I placed it.....  well, that takes time.
I'm also finishing up my August Class instructions, for my "Not Your Grandmother's Dresden" class.  Again, using a tool, but I've made up my own pattern... and Pennington wants to sell a kit...  here is a sn…

I found the #2 iron....

OK, you all remember how much I loved my EuroSteam Pressure Iron, but after it breaking a few months shy of its 1 year anniversary ... then the horrible customer service, there was no way I was purchasing that iron again for $200+.  Don't even get me started on how many irons I sold for them... wait to I see those sale ladies @ Hershey!
So, I've been on an Iron hunt.  Well, I think I've found it.  I've listed it as #2, but for half the price, it really should be #1.  If it lasts more than 6 months,  I will give it the #1 spot.
It is the:
Rowenta 1700W Eco Intelligence Steam Iron w/3D Soleplate -
I found the best price and shipping at QVC.   It is Green and not just in coloring..
I used it for over 6 hours yesterday... beautiful!  Nice weight love the plate, easy to control the steam.  Plus, it is very easy to fill.
If you are in the market for an Iron, check it out.
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What is the biggest boo-boo or blunder you've committed when making a quilt?

In response to McCall's Quilting-July/August 2012 issue's Q&A - Page 14 ..... What is the biggest boo-boo or blunder you've committed when making a quilt?

Please share your story.

Mine, you ask...

In my defense, it was my second quilt and I had only taken one beginner class - which was a log cabin quilt prior. I saw a great pattern in Fons and Porter, with pin wheels and I loved it. I decided that I knew math and I could figure it out. Well, on top of never haven't working with HST, I wanted to make it smaller (yes that is correct), I wanted a baby quilt but the pattern was for a double. So, I decided that it's all in the math. So, if I made the finished squares 50% smaller that it would work. So, I simply cut all the measurements in half.... So, 4 7/8" squares were cut to 2 7/16".... yes, no lie. then I cut them diagonally.... To add to it, I cut all the fabric first. Of course it didn't work. I believe I still have all the batik scra…

I figured out what happen to my time

As I sit on the 7pm train, I just read a sign that said "If you spent 3 hours commuting a day, you loss 30 days a year"!
3 hour is a good day.  Most days I make it into the office in 90 minutes door to door.  Going home, different story.  That is 90 on a good day but 120 minutes most days.  So, I've lost 35 days this year. 
Imagine what I could have SEWN!
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As I sit on the 7pm train, I just read a sign that said "If you spent 3 hours commuting a day, you loss 30 days a year"!
3 hour is a good day.  Most days I make it into the office in 90 minutes door to door.  Going home, different story.  That is 90 on a good day but 120 minutes most days.  So, I've lost 35 days this year. 
Imagine what I could have SEWN!
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Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival starts today.

The Spring Bloggers’ Quilt Festival started today at Amy’s Creative Side. The Festival runs from May 18 – June 1, 2012. There are already 170 quilters who’ve linked up so far, impressive! Here’s the schedule of events:
May 18 – 21 Festival begins! (Linky is open) May 22 – 25 Nominations are made May 26 – 30 Vote for your favorites June 1 – Winners announced
There are sponsors with names you’ll recognize offering up wonderful prizes. Amy said she added a new category this year, a Viewer’s Choice Award. Don’t miss out, go link if you have made a quilt (any style, all skill levels) or just take a look around! Go to the Festival.
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Free Trash Stashers Pattern!

Check it out -  So cute.  Free patter from Lila Tueller, we all need cute little fabric trash bags for the car.  Check it out: lila tueller designs: Free Trash Stashers Pattern!
Plus, I'm sure we could all thing of a few other uses for these great bags.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.
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The Gammill has ARRIVED!!!

The Gammill has arrived!  I'm so excited, it is small but might - - just like me.  I think she needs a name.  Do the rest of you name your machines?  I'm thinking about Renie (Irene), after my mom... or my Grandmother, who pushed be to be crafty; Florence.  My mom is small and mighty too - as was my Grandmother.  I don't know, what do you think?

As you all know, I'm not a facebooker, but Olde City called to tell me that the pups made their Facebook page:  Michelle adds a Gammill to the STASH

Rob called them the Stash Guards and he pushed my STASH!!! OMG, how embarrassing.

Check out the Stash Guards.

Off to sew!

Free Shipping at the Fat Quarter Shop

FAT QUARTER SHOP is running their free shipping promo... love it.  Check it out and don't forget to check the SALE section.
Leave something for me.  :)
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