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Poll - Do you find yourself getting less quilt magazines

I'm going to attempt to do a poll every other week or so... I'd love to commit to every week, but it doesn't seem possible. This week I didn't get out of work in less than 14 hour a day, plus had to drive to CT and back last night. The life of the working class.... Anyway, back to the poll. Do you find yourself getting less quilt magazines? Over the last year; I have found myself more and more disappointed in the content of the quilt magazines, both in quilt patterns and articles. Therefore; as my magazines has subscriptions have approached expiration, I've evaluated how much I would miss that magazine before renewing. I'm actually doing surprisingly well. Last week; While filing away prior issues, I took a look at where I was at in reducing my Quilt Subscriptions. At the end of 2011; I had 10 Quilt Magazine subscriptions. A s of January 2013, I have 4 Quilting Magazine subscriptions. I'm happy with those 4 and I feel I would renew t

2007 UFO is making progress!

Last week while doing some quilt room housekeeping, I found a 2007 UFO. It was a true find of Heather Bailey's original Fresh Cut fabric, which back in 2007  I draft a king size quilt. I found it cut and ready to go! So, you can see it was calling my name.  I started it last week at FuN Quilt Club. While I didn't get a whole weekend to quilt, I did steal some more time last Sunday before heading to CT. I was able to complete 380 four patches. Yes, that is right.... did you read it was a king.  Lol. Then this past weekend, with limit time due to open housing at both the NJ and PA houses.... I finished 190 Half Snow Ball blocks (don't know their official name). Now, to get those blocks and sashing together.