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Clue #12 of Holiday Solstice

We are at the end of August!  I can not believe it. Some weeks drag while others fly.  The past few weeks have flew by.  While I've been quiet on Social Media, I've been working away.   i have a lot of neat things happening over the next few weeks.   I'm almost back on schedule, therefore I plan on returning to bit more to on Social Media.  Some exciting next couple of weeks

Holiday Solstice #11

Well you have made it to Clue #11!   You should be very proud of yourselves.  This is probably the toughest Mystery I've done to date.   I'm so proud and thrilled with all the photos of completed Blocks and Center being posted in the  Holiday Solstice Facebook group .   This week's block, is slightly easier....  We are still dealing with little units but not as intricate.  Hear the Bells is made up of V Block Units and Square Squared Units.   Clue #11 Hear the Bells I have a few reminders and tips below, but first I want to remind you of a few things I have going on.  Now that summer is wrapping up , many of you may find yourself looking for fall projects.  I wanted to remind you about my Timeless with a Twist, Technique Building Series. Technique Building Series - On Demand I just released Month 3's lessons.  Month 3 alone has over 90 minutes of step-by-step instruction.  Each month, in addition to the Block's techniques, I feature an in-depth lesson on a particul

Wow! Clue #10 of Holiday Solstice!

Can you believe we are on week 10???  Oh my goodness, we are 8 weeks away from the reveal.   If you read my newsletter this week, you know I've been a bit absence on social media this last week or so, I've just needed to recharge.  I have a lot of deadlines that needed attention, plus a ton of coordination/paperwork to be performed with the cancelling of two of our largest retreats.   It is so sad, but times are still leaving people here in the northeast afraid to have large events in person.  We are hoping that some people will join us virtually.  In fact, if there are a few spots left we might open those up next week to other quilters.  So stay tuned. Also this coming week, I will be opening up my Online/On Demand Color class to Early Birds.  So make sure you have subscribe to get my Online Class Launch emails.  You can do that at: Online Class Alerts Now on to Holiday Solstice.  Block 10 is Grandmother's House.  - I just love it.  Really cool Block make with  V Block ™ ,

Holiday Solstice #9 and Autumn Vibes!

If you received my newsletter, you know it has been a week.  We lost Steve's mom last weekend.  Then the Tropical Storm Isaac took out our power from Tuesday mid-day to late yesterday.   So, I'm a little behind on spreading the word on my new pattern and online class.  Therefore, I've extended a discount and want to re-share some news I shared on Tuesday Blog post and social media. I also have Clue #9 ready.  I have to reshuffle some of the clues, due to the storm outage.  Therefore, you are making four more Stings the Toes Blocks.  You can either make them with the same fabrics as Clue #8 or your can pick similar color and values.    You can download Clue #9: HERE For those of you that missed Tuesday's  Blog post.  You can get all the details here.  Quilt Block Mania Blog Post . Let me give you the highlights. Tuesday, I shared a free Block and a new pattern series !  Plus, a new series of mini-online classes . Quilt Block Mania First, a couple weeks back, several qu

Quilt Block Mania - School Girl's Puzzle

I'm so existed I have a lot of fun information to share with you today.   A free Block and a new pattern series!  Plus, a new series of mini-online classes. Quilt Block Mania First, a couple weeks back, several quilt designers got together and decided we'd put together some FREE themed quilt blocks to share with all of you!    All of these blocks finish at 12″ x 12″.  You can download all the Blocks for free, or just your favorites.  This month theme is "Return to School", therefore I decided to make and share the School Girl's Puzzle. School Girl's Puzzle School Girl's Puzzle is made up of Half Square Triangles and utilizes four values of fabric plus Background.  Light, Light-Medium, Medium and Dark.  I've provided step-by-step instructions in my download.  It comes together easily with the help of the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer I .    All of the designers are using the same color plan in their Blocks.    Therefore you could combine this quilt b