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Holiday Sensation - Fabric Selection

 It has been a few weeks.  I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  While we wait for the Moda Starflower Christmas fabric to arrive, I wanted to start talking to you about fabric selection.  Today, I'm sharing a video that I shot while retreating at the Strong House Inn last week with friends.  We talk through the different fabric selections: How to determine value and scale How you may want to group your fabric Buzz words to look for in the mystery to know what fabric to selection How to start with a Fat Quarter Bundle and pull from stash How to start with a Fat Eighth Bundle and pull from stash We should have an update on the fabric arrival in the next week, tune in for a LIVE update later this week. Join me on Facebook LIVE , Wednesday, July 28th, at 6pm from The Yankee Quilter to get an update on Fabric arrival and look through some other possible fabric selections.  Hopefully, we are only a few weeks away from kicking off! Keep Stitching, Michelle