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Sunset on the Sound Slideshow & Holiday Extravaganza Clue #3

Yeah, it is Friday and you know what that means, Holiday Extravaganza Mystery Clue Reveal Day! I had a busy week as I'm sure many of you did.  Last weekend, I was up in Westminster, VT at the Twin State Modern Quilt Guild .  What a wonderful group of ladies!  Very talented, I got a sneak preview of their Lobby Lights Quilt display that will be hung at VQF (Vermont Quilt Festival).  Wow, just fabulous! Before we get to the Holiday Extravaganza Clue, I want to take some time to reflect on the last Mystery, Sunset on the Sound.   My first official online Mystery Series and once again I was blown away with the participation and the stunning results. Over the last few weeks, I requested that the participants email me their completed quilts and I received over 90 completed quilts tops! I put together this slideshow and I hope you take the time to check it out.  They really did a magnificent job! Sunset on the Sound Mystery  ~ Completed Quilts:  How tada! If you missed out

Holiday Extravaganza Clue #2 ~ Flying Triangles

Whew!  What a week so far! Apologies for my delay today, I'm moving a little slow this morning.  I spent the last two days in Middletown, PA (just outside of Hershey) and got in a bit late last night.  This weekend I'm heading up to the Twin State Modern Quilt Guild in Westminster, VT.  By the end of the weekend I will have traveled through six states in 4 days! Wednesday night I gave a lecture and trunk show to the Piecemaker Quilt Guild of Middletown, PA.    Yesterday, I taught my Bloom Quilt Workshop to these fabulous ladies.  Apologies, several of the ladies left by the time we thought to take a photo.  Great times!  Everyone enjoyed learning the S180 V Block and Square Squared. Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Middletown, PA   Now for Holiday Extravaganza!  Clue #2 brings Block #2 ~ A variation on Flying Triangles.

Holiday Extravaganza Begins ~ Clue #1!

Yeah!  May 17th and I'm kicking off another Mystery Series!  This is going to be so much fun, I promise, plus it will build your quilting skills and I hope you learn something new! Holiday Extravaganza will star with the Lemon Star, a Lemoyne Sta r with Cornerstones.  Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #1 ~ Both of Michelle's fabric selections While I know many of you just want to get right to the first Clue, I'm hoping you will read through some important items , learn about Medallion Quilts and take time to understand   how this series will work .  Important Items - Please read Please read the Blog each week.  Each week I will provided additionally tips for each week’s clue.  It is important that you read it to get those extra tips.   During Sunset on the Sound and Timeless with a Twist series I received an average of 20 emails/instant messages/text, each week, with questions that were answered in the blog.  A lot of time goes into putting this together fo

Let's Talk Color! Let's get ready for Holiday Extravaganza!

It has been an exciting week!  Last weekend we wrapped up Spring Getaway 2019.  Then, Studio 180 Design revealed a new tool and now I'm one week closer to kicking-off my next Mystery Series, Holiday Extravaganza! First, let's talk about Spring Getaway 2019 !  It was a fantastic four days!  It was so nice to catch up with so many of you, in person, after a long winter.  The Lake Morey Resort was fantastic.  We had rain a few days, but who cares, any day you can wake up near water , are spending your day quilting and with people who love to quilt, it is a good day!  Lynn and I got to meet a few "new-to-us" quilters.  We laughed, we sewed, we had fun and made tons of progress!  Thank you to all the quilters who came and enjoyed.  Lynn and I greatly appreciate the support! Spring Getaway 2019 ~ Lake Morey VT You can check out more photos on my Sew on the Go Facebook page. Most of the ladies are coming back for our Spring Getaway 2020, April 29th-May 3rd.  Howe

Sunset on the Sound Bonus Project & Holiday Extravaganza!

Spring Getaway 2019 is underway at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT.  The Quilter's arrived yesterday.  Everyone is having a fabulous time.  We had Show and Tell last night, it was fabulous.  I hoped to show some photos today, but the internet isn't cooperating, so I will have to post them next week. For my Sunset on the Sound followers, there is a Bonus project this week, to use up those cut-offs from the Corner Beams.  Summer Days ~ Bonus Project The Bonus Project Download will be available through until May 3rd.   Wow!  Is all I can say about the completed Sunset on the Sound Quilts being shared on the SOTS Facebook page!  I can't wait to show them to those of you that aren't following along.  If you are following along, please be sure to  email me your completed photos of your SOTS quilts by May 17th.   My email is For those thinking about joining in on my next Mystery Series, Holiday Extravaganza,  I have update the Ove