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Pre-Quilt Class Questions & Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #8!

How is everyone surviving February?   Can you believe we are half way through the Sunset on the Sound mystery clues?  Clue #8 is revealed today!  It's been another busy week between trying to complete two quilts for my next two pattern releases and tons of emails!  I mean tons! You can tell we are approaching Quilt Show season!  AQS Quiltweek in Lancaster is only a few weeks away and I'm teaching five classes there (there are a few seats left in Calm Seas and two seats in Sparkle if you are interested - AQS Classes ), and I'm starting to get a lot of questions on fabric selection, cutting instructions, etc.  I thought it might be helpful to address some of them in today's post. First of all, let me state, I love getting emails from everyone.  Finished quilt emails are my favorite.  I have no issue answering emails, but there are a few questions that always come up that I might be able to address in general that could help many of you about to take classes this

Sunset on the Sound - Clue #7 & Quilt Events!

You know what day it is?  Thank goodness it is Friday!  Long week!   Which means another clue is revealing!  Yeah!  Everyone is doing so well keeping up and showing their fabulous fabric choices in the  SOTS Facebook group .  We currently have 245 members in the FB group, and the weekly Mystery Clue is averaging about 550 unique downloads a week!  We've had so new folks join us in the last few weeks and they seem to be catching up too! Last week I had the great pleasure of sharing a long weekend with 10 fabulous women at my Quilter's Choice Retreat, at the Strong House Inn.  We shared, laughed and sewed!  Make sure to check out the progress these ladies made on my  Sew On the Go Facebook Page ! Quilter's Choice Retreat 2019 ~ Quilting in Vermont ~ Strong House Inn If you are interested in joining one of my smaller retreats, my Quilting in Vermont appearances for the 2019-2020 season are now available for booking.  Details can be found on my Retreat page or on St

Twilight Chic Blog Hop and Sunset on the Sound Clue #6

Yeah it's Friday!  This week I have a special treat, not only am I revealing Clue # 6 of my Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series , but I'm hosting the Studio 180 Design & Island Batik Twilight Chic Blog Hop.   Available today only , I'm offering the  free pattern,  of the project, I selected to make with the  Twilight Chic Fabric , Deb Tucker’s signature collection for Island Batik, designed by Kathy Engle! Let me tell you more about it.   A few weeks back I was asked if I wanted to participate in the Studio 180 Design & Island Batik Twilight Chic Blog Hop, and of course I said yes!  I love Island Batik fabric and the colors that Deb elected to be in her signature line.  I've been in my "Timeless with a Twist" book mode, and I was working on one of the extra projects for the first book, the Spring Has Come Table Runner and thought to myself, wow, using the fabrics from Deb's collection would make a great Fall Has Come version! So, when

Sunset on the Sound Clue #5 & Twilight Chic Blog Hop

Clue #5?   Woohoo!  We are cruising right along with these clues.  I'm so thankful for all the fabulous feedback on the pictorials I've been giving on this blog, the directions in the downloads, and the manageability of this Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series. After today's clue information, I have some exciting new about the Twilight Chic Blog Hop that I'm participating in next week .  Make sure to check out the announcement below!  There is a prize! Before I get started on tod ay's  clue, if you are just joining us for the Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series , you can get details on  Fabric Requirements or details on the series  in my early blog posts:  start with   Join Me for my Mystery Blog Post .   Then go to Clue #1 Blog Post ,  Clue #2  Blog Post , Clue #3  Blog Post , and then Clue #4  Blog Post    Make sure you download all the clues, as I discovered today I have limitation of 6 items for download.  So, next week I will be removing Clue #1 to put up Clu