Happy 4th of July Weekend & Clue #7

Happy 4th of July Weekend!    I'm sure many of you are busy with family and friends celebrating!  Me too!  So, I made this week's Holiday Extravaganza Clue 7 fairly easy.   This way you can keep up, but also enjoy your family and friends.

Last week, I had the pleasure of teaching for (I think) my 5th year.  I loved catching up with so many of you!  I taught four classes and had a blast in each. 
Moonlight Garden

Periwinkle Swirl

Ooops missed formal Summer Star Class Photo

Be Dazzled
Additionally, it was great catching up with some fellow Certified Instructors.   At times, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!  Always good times with these ladies!

Plus, I entered Be Dazzled and was lucky enough to received a Blue Ribbon!  I designed and pieced Be Dazzled, and had my good friend Carol Perkins quilt it.  I just love it!

This week is the 4th of July Summer Invasion, as my husband so lovingly calls it.  When my sisters and three nieces (and Brother-in-Law at times) come for the week.  We have a blast playing games, boating, sewing, gardening (if I can sneak it in) and a little bit of rest.  I get me a chance for some family time before embarking on MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters) and Quilt Odyssey (Hershey).

Knowing it was my family week (The Invasion) and figuring many of you had the same going on, I elected to forego a new technique to the Holiday Extravaganza Series. 

Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #7 ~Flying Triangles

We will be making four more Flying Triangles blocks.
Clue #7 ~ Both Fabric Selections
Please read.  Over the last 2 weeks, I received over 50 emails, texts, messages relating to Clue #6 and #6B, all stating that the clues were the same.  However, if you read my blog post and the Clue #6B introduction, you would know there were (4) Blocks for Clue #6 and (4) Blocks for Clue #6B which could be the same or different fabrics, but needed to be in the same colorway.    A lot of time goes into this free series. I always try and get in front of confusion, and therefore I asked you to please read the newsletter, blog and download carefully.  I love getting emails from all of you, all I asked is that you read the information I've provided first.  If you are still confused, by all means email me.  😄

Clue #7- Flying Triangles

You will be make (4) Flying Triangle Blocks, with the V Block and Tucker Trimmer tools from Studio 180 Design.   Many of you will remember that you made (4) Flying Triangle Blocks in Clue #2.  Therefore, for tips and tricks, I'm going to refer you to Clue #2 Blog Post.
Michelle's Holiday Fabric Selection

Michelle's Vintage Christmas Fabric Selection
As stated in the download, Clue #7 produces the same Block as Clue #2.  You can make 
these 4 Blocks with the same fabric as Clue #2 or with fabrics of similar color and value (I chose to make them with similar color and value).  It is very important, so I will say it again... that the fabrics are similar in color and value as Clue #2.

Here are my Holiday fabric selection, Clue #2 side by side with Clue #7.

Here are my Vintage Christmas fabric selection, Clue #2 side by side with Clue #7.

Notice how they are the same colors and value.

I hope that makes sense.  We are very close to putting a few borders together to start our Medallion.  Now, would be a great time to join in, if you haven't already.  Or, convince a friend to join in.  

Next week, I will have another Sunset on the Sound slideshow of finished quilts, plus there will be the opportunity to download missed clues for a nominal fee.   So, if you know someone that wishes they joined earlier, tell them to get started now!  They should be able to catch up in no time!

That is for this week, it is a beautiful day in Connecticut and we are heading back out with the family for another great day on the Sound. 

Next week, I'm heading to MAQ!  I'm teaching a 3-day workshop on Ohio My Star!  Can't wait!  

Keep stitching,


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