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Clue #9 - Brown Eyed Girl!

 C lue # 9's Block is Browned Eye Girl.... Love, Love, Love it!  One of my favorite songs and I love this block.  Can you see the Girl? Clue #9 - Brown Eyed Girl - Both my Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch selections  I've gotten several inquires this week, and I wanted to let you know, if by any chance you aren't participating in the Best of the 60's Mystery Quilt Series, that it isn't too late.  You can find all the details on my Webpage  or by going back to later posts.   We'd love to have you join.  This is one you don't want to miss! Lynn are I are hosting our Winter Break Virtual Retreat this week, so I may be late in getting out my newsletter this week.  Hope you are all staying warm, it is crazy cold here in CT! 

Stop! In the Name of Love... Clue #8!

Clue # 8 is Stop! In the Name of Love.    One of my top 5 favorite songs of my youth!  Love this song and this block is a lot of fun.  This block is a bit less challenging than the last few.  We will still need to take our time, but we will only be making 3 units, two of them are 2-Patch Units.  We will need to mark some of our seams, but overall this Block should come together pretty easily for you! Stop! In the Name of Love!  Both of the versions together!

Can't Help Falling in Love, Clue #7 of Best of the 60s

Clue #7 is revealed!  Can't Help Falling in Love!  Great song and great block... wait to you see what this block does for our overall design! Clue #7 Can't Help Falling In Love Can't Help Falling in Love, a favorite song of my mothers.  I can't help but smile when I hear this song.  My sisters and I use to sing it often.  Brings back such great memories.   Let's talk Fabric selection: These are my fabric selections of this week's clue.  For Peacock Galore,  I selected the lighter of that one print, the one that is more yellow along with the purple that has all the different color splashes in it.  For A Blooming Bunch, I selected that multi-colored medium scale Light Blue print and then the Orange with the Daisy for my Medium.  Tips - Cutting Make sure you are using the proper size strips. Make sure you are labeling your remnants  Organization is KEY this week! Make sure to double/triple check that you have the right components with each other. We've made all

I Got You Babe - Clue #6 of the Best of the 60's

Clue #6 is I Got You Babe!  Love the song, love the block, love my fabrics!  Whew what a week, I'm so glad I have fabric and quilting to bring me peace.   Check out I Got You Babe!  Clue #6 ~ I Got You Babe

Best of the 60's ~ Clue #5 Oh, Pretty Woman!

Clue #5 is ready! This is one of my top 5 blocks in the series, I love it.  Oh, Pretty Woman! We will be revisiting lessons learned over the last four weeks, plus learning a marking technique that will help you bring together this block seamlessly! Best of the 60's Oh, Pretty Woman!