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Can't Help Falling in Love, Clue #7 of Best of the 60s

Clue #7 is revealed!  Can't Help Falling in Love!  Great song and great block... wait to you see what this block does for our overall design! Clue #7 Can't Help Falling In Love Can't Help Falling in Love, a favorite song of my mothers.  I can't help but smile when I hear this song.  My sisters and I use to sing it often.  Brings back such great memories.   Let's talk Fabric selection: These are my fabric selections of this week's clue.  For Peacock Galore,  I selected the lighter of that one print, the one that is more yellow along with the purple that has all the different color splashes in it.  For A Blooming Bunch, I selected that multi-colored medium scale Light Blue print and then the Orange with the Daisy for my Medium.  Tips - Cutting Make sure you are using the proper size strips. Make sure you are labeling your remnants  Organization is KEY this week! Make sure to double/triple check that you have the right components with each other. We've made all

I Got You Babe - Clue #6 of the Best of the 60's

Clue #6 is I Got You Babe!  Love the song, love the block, love my fabrics!  Whew what a week, I'm so glad I have fabric and quilting to bring me peace.   Check out I Got You Babe!  Clue #6 ~ I Got You Babe

Best of the 60's ~ Clue #5 Oh, Pretty Woman!

Clue #5 is ready! This is one of my top 5 blocks in the series, I love it.  Oh, Pretty Woman! We will be revisiting lessons learned over the last four weeks, plus learning a marking technique that will help you bring together this block seamlessly! Best of the 60's Oh, Pretty Woman!