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Don't put me off Sunday

A colleague of mine told me she was going on a TV diet....   now I know a diet is needed in my future (soon would be best), but I had to ask what this TV diet it was about. She plans to limit herself to one hour of TV a day so she can accomplish other things in her life.  She said winter is off and she needs to be doing other things.  I agree, but will admit I have to wait until the season finales!  I must know what Alicia is going to do on Good Wife, what happens to my 2 NCIS teams, will Olivia go back to being the President's Mistress on Scandal and will Bailey survive losing 3 patients via her hands on Grey's... oh yeah and do all the Reagans make it through the season on Blue Bloods....  OK, back to the post!  So, in the meantime, I'm giving myself a day where I can't put off stuff for me anymore.  No excuses, it is me time.    Today is day one, so far so good.  I did have to put a load of wash on but it was my clothes.... Back to me, long arming my Victoria Hun


2 gallons of Benjamin Moore's Green Thumb, 8 yards of 2000 Longerberger Botanical Fields fabric and two weekends of painting and sewing gets you finished!  Woohoo, ready for furniture. Steve hung the 8th and final handmade valance... Which reminded me of why I stopped making curtains and decide to quilt... But I used home dec stash. But I love it.  I won't lie, I had moment Tuesday night when I was like OMG.  But I love it.  Especially once I get my Koala table and sofa in there. I had to include Hunter who had enough with the sewing and painting... But loves my whole cloth green quilt where I practiced my leave free motion....

My new sewing room is getting painted!

Hi all!  I know it has been forever!  Sorry, life has been crazy.  Miss you all. We've been spending most weekends in the CT house even though we don't have much up here yet.  We are still showing our NJ home so we only brought up about a quarter of our stuff.    We think the NJ house is getting close to selling so we decided to do some painting before we move more furniture in and we started with my sewing/sunroom.  Woohoo.  Doesn't it look great!  Yes, you know it was going to be green or blue.  Can't wait to get sewing in it.  Haven't been doing enough sewing of late.  Just crazy busy. I've been working a lot.  Traveling a lot.  However, it is going well.  I'm heading back to NJ next weekend.  Teaching at Pennington on Saturday.  Plus, we are picking up my new Koala sewing table.  Steve will bring it up the following weekend and put it in my beautiful green sewing room.  Can't wait. Promise to blog more often. Tell me what you think of the room