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Best of the 60's Must Haves and Schedule

I'm ready to announce the official schedule for the Best of the 60's!    This week's I've spoken to the Fabric Manufactures and Quilt Shops that are kitting my fabric selections.  Fabric has arrived in a few of the shops and is on it's way to other shops.  All of the Quilt Shops are expected to have the fabric by the 13th of November.  Given them a few day to kit it and get it to you.   Best of the 60's Start Date & Schedule Therefore, the Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery will kick-off on Friday, November 20th!

Are you ready for the Best of the 60's?

Are you ready for the Best of the 60's?  Today I want to take you through why I choose the fabric I did, as I think it will help you in your fabric selection. 

Holiday Solstice Revealed!

 Tada!  Holiday Solstice Revealed!  Holiday Solstice - Fig Christmas II(without Final Border)

Quilt Block Mania- Sisterhood Block

It is StashBUSTER Tuesday!     Once again, I've partnered up with some fabulous quilt designers for   Quilt Block Mania !   It's all about Family this Month!  In addition to Quilt Block Mania, I want to share my newest pattern,  Family Traits , plus talk to you about my upcoming Mystery, Best of the 60's !  NEW PATTERN RELEASE This month's Stashbuster Quilt,  Family Traits , is fabulous Stashbuster to use up large and medium size prints.   Featuring Sisterhood and Brotherhood Blocks.  You can make this fabulous quilt with stash, scraps, or brand new  fabric.    I selected a new line (surprise) Free Spirit's Anna Marie Homer's Hindsight.     In my defense, I do have a "scrap" version in an 10+ year old line of fabric, just ran out of runway to get it finished to share.    This month's pattern , includes two sizes: Lap and Double. It features one tool, the   Studio 180 Design V Block .   One tool, one technique, two fabulous blocks and two quilt sett

Holiday Solstice #17 & Best of 60's Membership Open!

I am beyond excited!  Today I'm releasing Clue #17 of Holiday Solstice and kicking off enrollment into my next Mystery!   Not only am I opening enrollment for Best of the 60's, my next Mystery, I'm also revealing my fabric selection for both my main selection and my alternative.   Both fabric lines are new to the market, and will be releasing shortly!