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Holiday Solstice! Let's talk and fabric color! New Tool!

Happy Friday!  Another busy week, it  makes me think about how retired people always say they are busier after they retire.  I feel that now that I've grown accustomed to being at home, I've rearranged my time and filled it in with extra projects.  Most of those projects have been a long time coming and it is feels good to accomplish something.   Last weekend Stephen and I took on rearranging and organizing my Studio, Fabric Room, Office and the order processing area.  Wow, there were moments, I wasn't sure we were going to make it.  LOL!  I really do not need anymore fabric.  That said I received fabric from both Moda and Art Gallery this week.  Shhh!  Don't tell Steve...actually he is the one who brought the packages in, and now that we've straighten up, I actually have a place to put them.  It was a nice feeling.   Having everything organized really helped this week, as I've pulled some examples of alternate color plans for Holiday Solstice, my next Medal

What's Next!

How are you all doing?  Everyone staying safe and well.   Steve and I've been staying well here at home, although we've been baking way more than we should! I've been trying to keep my mind busy with work, I'm trying to get a pattern finished.  My printer has been closed for a few weeks, but I understand they will be opening back up on May 1st.  So, I'm working hard to get Dogwood Lane Finished.   At the end of last week, I sent 2 quilts off to Island Batik, to be photographed for their Fall Catalog. You will have to wait to see those pictures. So exciting. I shared my infirmal photos with the Studio 180 Design team, as the quilts are using Deb Tucker's new fall line, and the S180 team really liked them. I think you will too. Those quilts will be released as patterns in the Fall. It will be here before we know it!. 😘 Today, I want to cover a few items on Grand Central Mystery Quilt, plus remind you about Tutorial Tuesday, introduce you to an new tool and

Reveal! Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series!

The time has arrived!  Grand Central is revealed!  Here is the Queen Size, I will share the other quilt size settings below!

Stop 11 on Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series, Next Stop Grand Central!

Stop 11 on Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series! Next Stop Grand Central!  Can you believe we are a week away from the reveal?  I've been secret sewing away!  Whew, I just love this Mystery Quilt and I think you will too! This week we will put together the Celestial Star Blocks!  Has anyone started to tie these Blocks to the overview on Grand Central Terminal that I covered in November-December? Do you see the symbolism?