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Clue #4 - I Want to Hold Your Hand!

Clue #4 is I Want to Hold Your Hand, which is a fabulous block!   I love the Hexagon center, surrounding by the star and then another Hexagon.  Fabulous! Clue #4 

Best of the 60's - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

 Yeah!  It is Friday!  Clue #3 is ready! Will You Love Me Tomorrow is made up of six 4-Patch Triangles and 3 Companion Triangles.  I just love this Block! This week, I will focus on tips for putting the 4-Patch Triangles together and keeping those little Triangles lined up! Clue #3 Will You Love Me Tomorrow Busy week, so let's just jump right in! Fabric Selection

Best of the 60's - Clue 2 - One Fine Day!

 Best of the 60's - Clue #2 - One Fine Day! Clue #2 ~ One Fine Day

Kick-off of the Best of the 60's!

  Yeah! We are here!  Today we kick of the Best of the 60's Mystery Quilt Series.  If you are just tuning in from weeks off the blog, make sure to go back and check out the last few weeks.  Especially the week on separating your fabric .   Clue #1 - Dock of the Bay!


We are just 3 day away from Clue #1 of the Best of the 60's Mystery Quilt Series!  Are you ready?   I had to skip this month's Stashbuster Tuesday, just too much going on with the Mystery and the new Club we rolled out last week!  The Stitchin Sister Charter Club ~ Aspiring Star Sampler, running January to June 2021, sold out in 4 days! If you missed it...  Get details here!   We are starting a waitlist, while we consider whether we want to add a second set of classes.   Also, remember, it is never too late to sign up for the Best  of the 60's Quilt Mystery.     Get details   here!   Check out my Favorite Things of 2020!    Today, through Thursday, December 3rd, take 15% off when you purchase two or more items.  By the way all patterns, 15% off, when you buy 2 or more!   SHOP HERE   You must use COUPON CODE : MRHFAV15 If you are looking for a downloadable list , go to my Retreat page and scroll down. PRODUCT WHY SHOP