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How to Organize your Studio - Lesson 1 Tools, rulers and templates

As a Process and Organization expert, I organize without really thinking about it, but I know a lot of quilters struggle with it, therefore I thought it might be fun to run a series on Organizing your Studio .  By the way, don't think for a moment, that I don't fall into disorganization.  Just like the rest of you, in the heat of creativity and deadlines, my studio looks like something blew up in it.  However, for the most part I remain organized.  The key is to have a system, so when you've complete your work of art or meet that deadline, you can restore your studio back to a state of organization (SOO). The first step in preparing to organize your studio, or to create a new space for your sewing,   is to assess what you "use".    Lets start with your essential quilting tools.  I consider my essential quilt tools to be my rulers, templates, and anything else I need and use to get my fabric ready for piecing.   I don't know about the rest of you, but I hav