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Block 17 is My Girl!

 Block 17 is My Girl!  This is such a fun block.  I have an alternative/suggestion on the fabric you use for your Companion Triangle.    So pay close attention.     We will be making My Girl with the remnant fabric from Clue #3.  You will noticed that you have a 4" remnant strip of Light Medium.  You can choose to use that, or go with the Medium Dark of Clue #3 instead.  Your choice.  I went with the remnant.  I think either will look great.  My version of My Girl with the 4" LM remnant strip from Block #3 My Girl is a new block to the series, so I have a few tips below, but we will pair it with Clue #5 Pretty Woman! My A Blooming Bunch version My Peacock Galore version

Time for Block #16!

Wow! We are on Clue #16! We are 2/3rd of the way through, just 8 Clues after today's.  This week, we are putting together Clue #16, Group #4 and 2 more Billboard Blocks. Clue #16 is a repeat of Block #10, Here Comes the Sun, using remnant fabric from Block #9. Then we are grouping it with Block #6, I Got You Babe.  Group 4 - Peacock Galore version Group 4 - A Blooming Bunch My 6 Billboard Blocks

Clue #15! Group 3 and more Billboard Blocks!

  Clue #15!  Group 3 and more Billboard Blocks!  So, I promise, I selected one of our easier blocks to make for Clue #15, since we have so much to do.   We are making 3 more I Want to Hold Your Hand Blocks.  We are going to use different fabric and it will be paired with Stop In the Name of Love Blocks to make Group #3.  And since you will have a few more remnants, let's make 2 more Billboard Blocks.   Here are my Group 3 sets:  Group 3 - A Blooming Bunch Group 3 - Peacock Galore

Best of the 60s! Clue #14, Group 2 and Billboard Blocks

 Yes, you read correctly!  We have a lot going on in the Best of the 60s!  Clue #14, Group 2 and Billboard Blocks!   Don't stress!  I've planned the "One Fine Day" Block, from Clue #2, to repeat on Clue #14, with different fabric.  This way, you can be confident that you know how to make the main block for Clue #14 and we can focus on some new things.   Still download Clue #14, as it has some new instructions that pertain to Clue #14.  However, if you need detailed help with making the One Fine Day Block, please see the blog post for Clue #2 - One Fine Day.  Then you are going to gather your Block 1 - Dock of the Bay, to create our Group #2 Clue 14 with Clue 1 Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch version Group #2 ~ A Blooming Bunch