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Wow! We are on Block 30!

Can you believe we are on Block 30!  Block 30 is Grandmother's Favorite.  Grandmother’s Favorite, by Eveline Foland, was published in Kansas City Star, on November 5, 1930.   This block is made up of a Birds of Paradise, Square-in-a-Square (Square²) and Half Square Triangles. Block 30 ~ Grandmother's Favorite In my research, I found this same block to be referred to as Scotch Squares in 1913 in the Farmer’s Wife .  Additionally, I found this same block in a May 1938 unknown newspaper clipping, missing the credit, referring to it as Scotch Plaid. This is another one of those blocks that can be changed dramatically by changing the value placement. On a personal note, I specifically selected Grandmother's Favorite to be block number thirty.  I lost my Grandmother just before my thirtieth Birthday.  We had a serious conversation the day before she passed.  Her passing was unexpected, so I was happy to have had the conversation.  I had just made a serious career change, l

Block 29 is Eureka! A very special block!

Block 29 is Eureka, by Nancy Cabot, appeared in the Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1937.  Eureka is made up of Dual-colored Flying Geese, Flying Geese and Four-Patch units.  Fabulous! Michelle's Block 29 ~ Eureka ~Fabric Selection 1 This week, I’m sharing some personal history, as this block holds a special place in my heart.  There is a handwritten note on this clipping, from my grandmother, and it states, “Uncle Sam”.  Remembering the Quilt that was made with this block, I know my Grandmom was speaking of my Great Uncle Sam, who was actually my Grandmother’s older brother by fourteen years.  At 16, when my Grandmother was just two, Sam joined the Army to fight in WW1.  The story goes, he returned home after the war but was never quite the same.  While he went to work at PNC Bank, he kept to himself, and never married.  He chose to live with my Grandmother for the rest of his life, including moving into my childhood home.  I can remember sitting with my Great Uncle Sam readi

Block 28! Corn and Beans!

Block 28 is Corn and Beans!  Gosh, what a funny name for a block, it had to be selected it for the Timeless with a Twist Series.  Plus, I just love the lines the units create.  Corn and Bean, appeared in the Ladies Art Company in 1897.  Block 28 ~ Corn and Beans ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 This block was extremely popular in the early 1900s and it revived in popularity again in the 1930s.  “This was the pattern used for the quilt that was on the bed in the first “Farm Demonstration Home”, in Missouri, which attests to its popularity” said Hall, in 1935.  This block has great lines, the mixture of the Popped Shaded Four-Patch, along with the Flying Geese and Half Square Triangle produces a light feeling yet the design of the square diamond sitting behind sill prevalent.  This version of the block has the Half Square Triangles split in shading, however other versions have all the Half Square Triangles the same shading.  I find the split shading to be the most appealing. Th

Quilt Setting 2 Revealed ~ Pinwheel Jubilee

Yeah!  Quilt Setting 2 of the Timeless with a Twist Series is revealed!  Pinwheel Jubilee is made up of (17) Block 17 ~ Pinwheel Blocks and any (18) of the Timeless with a Twist Blocks.  When revealing Block 17, I gave you a hint that it would make for a great setting block and it is great! Quilt Setting Option 2 ~ Pinwheel Jubilee Apologies in the delay; between my crazy travel schedule and feeling horrible after an accident this past week (we are okay, just sore - and nope it wasn't our fault 😕), time has just gotten away from me.  Therefore, I'm going to just reveal the second quilt setting and double up on a block in the next few weeks. Pinwheel Jubilee measures at 80" x 108", a perfect Double, Extra-Long Twin, or you could increase the Border a few more inches and make it a Queen easily. I hope you love this setting as much as I do, I think it really shows off the featured blocks.  The Pinwheel block gives the appearance that the quilt is set on poin

Block 27 and Retreating in Rangeley

Week 4 on the road!   This week I'm up in Rangeley, Maine, retreating with some great friends, including Dan and Carol, of Threads Galore Quilt Shop.  Dan and Carol have this fabulous Quilt Inn that you can rent for the week, that allows 7-9 quilters to relax and enjoy a wonderful well-light sun drenched quilting room.   Their quilt shop is directly across the lane, and you can go over and shop whenever you have a quilting emergency (even a small one!).   Be sure to check out their website Threads Galore's Quilt Inn  for available dates, gather some friends and come Sew, Sew, Sew! Threads Galore Quilt Shop Threads Galore's Quilt Shop and Inn is adorable.  They have porches for sitting and fabulous gardens to explore, plus they are just down the street from the beautiful Rangeley Lake. Rangeley Lake The Quilting Room, in the Quilt Inn, is so well lit, it was a great place to examine my blocks and determine what fabric I needed to use this week.  If you fo