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R E S P E C T is Block #21

Can you believe we are on Clue #21!  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Love this block and the song is great too.  Really interesting story on the song.  Make sure to check that out on the Clue.  The Block, I specifically designed to go with Oh, Pretty Woman from Clue #21.  You will be using your remnant fabric left over from Clue #10. Clue #21 Respect You will go on and put Respect (Clue #21) with Oh, Pretty Woman (Clue #20), for Group #9. Peacock Galore version of Group #9 A Bloom Bunch version version of Group #9

She's Walking Back to Me, Oh, Pretty Woman

She's Walking Back to Me, Oh, Pretty woman... Can you hear the song in your head?  Well this week we are making another set of Oh, Pretty Woman blocks, but we are changing it up a bit.  We are using fabric from Block #11, plus a 2nd Medium Dark left over from a prior blocks.  I used my leftover from Clue #19, which was actually a remnant from Clue #12...  Don't you just love her! Clue #20~ Oh, Pretty Woman ~ Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch Then for Group #8, we are actually using our Blocks from Clue #4, I Want to Hold Your Hand and #7 Can't Help Falling In Love.  Oh, Pretty Woman, C#20 is just going to have to wait.  Group #8 ~ Peacock Galore Group #8 ~ A Blooming Bunch

Clue #19 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Clue #19 Ain't No Mountain High Enough - This Block is really going to make our Group #7 shine! This is a really fun block to make.  We are making 2 sets of Diamond Triangles and we are going to have 3 Companion Triangles in each unit.  This block uses three fabrics. 

New Block! Son of a Preacher is Block 18

New Block!  Son of a Preacher Man is Block 18! Son of a Preacher Man is a really fun block.  It is made up of two sets of Diamond Triangle Units and 2-Patch Triangle Units.  Can you see him?