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Holiday Sensation Quilt Mystery Clue #2 - Beacon Star

 Holiday Sensation Quilt Mystery Clue #2 is the Beacon Star! Beacon Star in both my fabric selections The Beacon Star is made up of (4) Diamond Wedges, (4) Large Wedges and (4) Corner Triangles.  We will be making (4) Beacon Star Blocks.  Starflower Christmas Fabric Selection Kaffe Fabric Selection Cutting Tip this week When cutting those large Wedges, take the time to line up the small mark at the tip as well as the mark proper measurement on the bottom.  Left Handed quilters may find it helpful to place the strip on a slant (above).  Right Handed quilters may find it helpful to place on the reverse angle (below). Stay organized Cutting for Starflower Christmas Cutting for Kaffe selections Stitching tips When sewing the Diamond, always stitch with the Diamond on top, make sure to have a good quarter inch seam allowance. Take time when trimming that Dog Ear.  Once you have the other small wedge sewn on, it is time to trim Right Handed - Make sure to take your time to line these up well

Clue #1 is Ready! Starflower Star!

It's time for Block 1!  Block 1 is the Starflower Surprise!  We will be making one block with all four corners with light corners and four blocks with (2) background corners and (2) medium dark corners.   My Moda, Starflower Christmas version ~ Block 1 Starflower Star - Regular and Modified My Free Spirit, curated Kaffe Fassett version ~ Block 1 Starflower Star - Regular and Modified Reminders on Memberships If you are a member of the Clue and Class , make sure to watch the video lessons in addition to the tips below.  You do that by logging onto and signing into your account.   If you just went with Clue only membership , make sure to download your Clue from SendOwl , you should have received an email with a link .  If you opted out of Marketing emails, you will need to locate the email you received when you purchased your membership.  In there you will locate a link to manage your subscription.  You can claim your account and update your email preferences, as well