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Holiday Solstice Clue #7 - More revealed!

Welcome to Holiday Solstice Week #7!  We are just pasted one third of the way through and we are putting our Round A Borders around the center of the Holiday Solstice Medallion Center!
So, for this week's Clue, you will make four more Go Jingle By Blocks.  I'm going to refer you to Clue #5, if you need help with the technique's within this block.  See my Sew on the Go Blog Post #5 for help.  I elected to use the same fabric.  You could use different fabric, but I would try and use the same color and value. 
You will be using the Tucker Trimmer to make Shaded 4-Patch units.  Optionally, you can use the Four-Patch Square Up to make the Four-Patch units. 

Once again, I do want to mention that you want to be careful with your pressing.  If your block has "ripples" you want to consider improving your pressing skills.  Pressing can really take your blocks to another level so I'm going to cover that today.   So please check out the tips below.  It will be especially im…

Holiday Solstice - Clue 6 - Bites the Nose!

Sorry for the delay.  We are still dealing with a family emergency and I'm on the mend.  Better late than never.  I promise you this Holiday Solstice Block will be worth it. 
Bites the Nose is made up of Non-Mirror Image Combination Units, Four-Patches, and a pair of Mirror Image Split Rects.  These blocks are only 6" Finished (6 1/2" cut), therefore these are some pretty small units.  Please read my tips below! :) 

This block is going to be a bit of a challenge, but you can do it.  I want you to take it step-by-step. Please read my tips below.Please read the Clue end to end first.You will want to take your time and most importantly check your 1/4", you will need a perfect quarter inch.Take your time, it is not a race.For those of you new to me this series, there is only one new technique here, so deep breathe, you are going to be okay.For those of you that have been following me, just remember all the tips and skills we've built and you will be fine. The new techn…

Holiday Solstice - Clue 5

Welcome to Holiday Solstice Week #5!  I can't believe we are here already, it is so exciting. 
This week's block is fairly easy, especially after last week's block.  You will be using two of the same techniques from last week to make Block #5, Go Jingle By.  
You will be using the Tucker Trimmer to make Shaded 4-Patch units.  Optionally, you can use the Four-Patch Square Up to make the Four-Patch units. 

Last week, everyone did a great job, it was a tough block due to the number of techniques and you had to have a good quarter inch.