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How to Organize your Studio - Design Wall

Today we are going to talk about putting a design wall in your sewing studio.  I believe the solution I ended up using, in my recently studio remodel, will work for most of you.  Even those of you that "share" your sewing space with another household need.

When I was remodeling my studio, I gave good consideration to the semi-permanent solutions with the insulation boards, etc. that you will find on Pinterest.  However, I followed my own advice and really spent some time thinking about how I wanted to use that space and I determine that I wanted additional functionality.

I thought it would be nice, to be able to use the same wall space to display completed quilts when I need to photograph them, as well as for inspiration when I was working on other projects that don't require a design wall (yet).

Therefore, I wanted something that is versatile.  Additionally, because of my lower ceilings (7 1/2 foot), I wanted something that would fit snug to the ceiling.    Furthermore…

How to Organize your Studio - Lesson 1 Tools, rulers and templates

As a Process and Organization expert, I organize without really thinking about it, but I know a lot of quilters struggle with it, therefore I thought it might be fun to run a series on Organizing your Studio.  By the way, don't think for a moment, that I don't fall into disorganization.  Just like the rest of you, in the heat of creativity and deadlines, my studio looks like something blew up in it.  However, for the most part I remain organized.  The key is to have a system, so when you've complete your work of art or meet that deadline, you can restore your studio back to a state of organization (SOO).

The first step in preparing to organize your studio, or to create a new space for your sewing,   is to assess what you "use".   Lets start with your essential quilting tools.  I consider my essential quilt tools to be my rulers, templates, and anything else I need and use to get my fabric ready for piecing.  

I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven'…

Preparing Fabric 101

I thought I'd cover some tips on preparing your fabric for cutting.  I promised my friend, fellow blogger and Studio 180 Design's CI (Certified Instructor)  Jackie O'Brien that I'd post some helpful hints on preparing your fabric after our last CI reunion.

1.  Gather your fabric, Mary Ellen's Best Press, your best iron and ironing surface.  

For Irons; I recommend Oliso Pro Smart Iron - Yellow or Eurosteam Steam Iron with Boiler Tank & Ceramic Soleplate. Both work great. The Oliso is my current favorite. The proper, most likely high priced iron, will earn its money with the time it will save you.
For Ironing Surface; I recommend a sturdy large surface, with only a layer of Insul-Bright and covered with a neutral canvas. This will give you the best pressing surface. I love my fully constructed Foldaway Big Board. Can be purchased at Nancy's Notions. (update 12/2017 - Or TnT Boards)

2. Lay out your fabric flat, unfolded.  I press with the selvages runn…

Off the Charlotte

Wow!  It has been an incredibly busy summer for me and my quilts.  We've been traveling all over East Coast.  

I had a terrific time at MAQ last weekend and another great set of classes at Pennington Quilt Works this past weekend.  Here are just a few pictures from yesterday's class , Tucker Tool Time.  Jenn, Alli, Beth and Dawn did a fabulous job.  We covered; Studio 180 Design's Pickets & Quickets, Shaded 4 Patch, and Side Kick High Low Technique Sheets.  We used tons of tools - Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer 1, V Block, Corner Beam, Square2.  Such fun learning how to use the tools in everyday blocks.

I'm heading to Charlotte tonight to join Deb and Sue Tucker at AQS's new Charlotte Show.  If you are in the area, come check it out!

Southern Hospitality Class - Saturday - June 22nd

I just found out there have been a couple cancels in my previously Sold Out Class for Southern Hospitality, at Pennington Quilt Works, in Pennington NJ, on Saturday, June 22nd. Therefore, there is room for a few sign-ups.  Check those calendars and see if you can join me!

Southern Hospitality is a relaxing soothing quilt, it has such lovely movement.  It is an awesome throw size quilt.  This quilt was designed by Deb Tucker and will have you thinking of warm, slow paced afternoons. 
You can learn to use Deb Tucker’s Square2 tool to make two types of units- the Diamond Square and the Little Houses block.    Then learn to make Migrating Geese using a fabulous technique perfected by Deb Tucker.  The Diamond Square technique will leave you wondering how you lived without it.  What girl doesn’t love perfect Diamonds!  Plus, the Migrating Geese adds such a wonderful flair to the border; you will use it over and over again.   It really is perfect for those Round Robins.  Come relax and enjoy …

Strong House's 2015 Quilting in Vermont brochures are out!!

I'm so excited, I got my copies of the Strong House Inn's Quilting in Vermont Seminar brochures!

I can't wait to teach there, it looks so heavenly.  I'm actually going to the Strong House Inn for the Vermont Quilt Festival, from Friday to Sunday.

I can't help but share, so I've attached imagines below.   I will be teaching Loco For Lemoynes Stars and Northern Neighbors!

I know it has been forever since I blogged, life has just been crazy with work and teaching.  :(  However, things are starting to get a little better now that our Fiscal Year at work has settled down a bit and I'm hoping to get back to blogging more often.  There are several exciting things happening that I must share!  More to come!

What is your Go-To Spring Color?

I saw this graphic on Art Gallery Fabric's Facebook page and I couldn't wait to ask other what is their go-to Spring color?

This year, I have to say it is that Poppy Peachy Pink (say that three times).  I think in previous times this was called Salmon..  However, Art Gallery is called it a Pinkest Angle Blush.  Here are two fabric samples from an upcoming fabric line by Jeni Baker call Geometric Bliss.

I've have a few quilts in the works and most of them have a version of this color in it.  I think my friend Jenn would be proud of me, as I think it is a version of orange which I used to be opposed to anything orange.

So what is your go-to Spring Color?

A few new tools (Toys) to sew with...

I've been traveling so much these last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to post my newest tools (Toys) that I recently picked up to  improve my sewing time and quality even more!

The first is my new Big Board from my Sewing Sun Room.  As you know I have a sewing space downstairs on the lower level with my long arm, 2nd Pfaff Creative Vision, huge cutting table and iron table.  However, we have a beautiful sun room that I like to sew in on the main level.  I was using a normal ironing board upstairs and it was so flimsy and small.  Plus not very dog friendly.  I've heard from several friends over the years that they had their husbands make them Big Boards... well my husband doesn't do woodwork, so I went looking for them on the web.
I found it at Nancy's Notions and a great deal.  It was on sale for $109 from $139 the day I got it (I believe it is on sale again).  The down side is that it took 5-6 weeks to get here, but it is extremely well made.  Very sturdy, I …