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Block 4 of Timeless with a Twist is ready! Straw Flower and I love it!

Block 4- Straw Flower - Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 This week's block is the Straw Flower.  I love the flower and I love the block! The Straw Flower block is a variation of the block also known as the Hummingbird or Budding Rose.   This variation, Straw Flower, was in the Birmingham News, in 1932, with credit given to Nancy Page.  Just a few years later, Nancy Page, published a block extremely similar, as the Budding Rose.  The only difference; the Budding Rose used half square triangles in place of the shaded four patches.  I selected the Straw Flower block since I found it to be unusual and very striking. For fabric selection 1; I went with a complementary color plan, selecting purple (15) and a floral with the purple and yellow-green (3). Block 4 - Straw Flower - Michelle's Fabric Selection 2 For fabric selection 2;  I went back to my comfort zone color wise, selecting an analogous color plan using a beautiful blue-green (6) and selecting green (5) and sp

Block 3 - Timeless With a Twist! The Windmill Block

Block 3- Windmill - Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 Woohoo!  Block 3! I hope you are all loving this as much as I am! Block 3 is a Windmill Block.  The Windmill block, in its simplest form, is thought to date back to mid-1700s. The Windmill block probably has over a hundred variations.  In just my grandmother’s clippings and my reference materials, I found over 25 variations.  I selected this variation due to its uniqueness.   This clipping is referenced as Grandmother’s Patchwork Quilt Design, Book 20, 1931.  Which I love, because I had a Windmill block quilt growing up, I always thought it was a Pinwheel block, but it wasn't.  Maybe in a few weeks we will discuss the differences. We will be using our Studio 180 Design  Tucker Trimmer again, to make these units.  Aren't you loving all the things you can do with this one tool!  Just wait! For my Fabric Selection 1, I went with a Triadic color plan based of my Turquoise (9), placing it with a Magenta (17) and Yellow

Block 2 - Timeless with a Twist is ready!

Block 2 - The Silent Star - Fabric Selection 1 Welcome to Block 2 of my Timeless with a Twist Mystery pattern series.  If you missed the Fabric Requirements, page down or use my blog’s search and enter “Timeless with a Twist”.  You will get all the blog posts related to this series.  Remember, each block’s instructions are only available for download for 7 days.  Most often, I will be posting the new block's instructions on Fridays and removing the prior week’s block on Thursday nights. Make sure to subscribe ( ) to my weekly newsletter to receive the alert when the new block is posted.   Now onto Block 2- The Silent Star The Silent Star, dates back to 1871, but was known as the Frank Leslie Design Block.  However, the block became popular, as the Silent Star, in church quilting groups, in the early 1940s in United States.  Many church quilting groups made comfort quilts, including the Silent Star block, to provide comfort to war torn areas, bu