Quilt Odyssey at Hershey and Clue #10 Holiday Extravaganza!

Yeah!  Quilt Odyssey at Hershey kicked off yesterday!  It was great seeing so many familiar faces plus a chance to meet so many of you in person! 

Wednesday, we spent setting up the Booth, Booth #607.  Barbara, Jackie and I spent most of the day getting it just right!  Many of you stopped in yesterday and told us how much you liked it.  We greatly appreciate it and we are hope to see more of you over the next few days. 
Quilt Odyssey Booth #607 ~ Sew On The Go

Sew On the Go Patterns, Modern 180 Patterns, TntT Boards, Quilters Select Rulers and Mats

New Wedge Star and all the Studio 180 Design Technique Sheets and Patterns

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If you are coming to see us today, Saturday or Sunday, be sure to to download the Special Have It, Want It list here:  Sew On the Go Home Page

We are running daily specials at the Sew On the Go Booth!   Today's special is 15% off the Studio Corner Pop (only at the Booth #607 at Hershey Quilt Odyssey).   You will have to stop by and see us on Saturday and Sunday to see what we will have on special. 

In addition to having a Booth at Hershey, I'm teaching three great Classes!

Yesterday, we had a wonderful Moonlight Garden Class! 

Today, I'm teaching Majesty Lemoyne!  A combination of my Majesty Lemoyne Star and a modern Log Cabin! Love this quilt!

Saturday, is Periwinkle Swirl! A combination of the Periwinkle block and my Swirl Block.  Such fun!

While Classes end on Saturday, the Show floor and Quilt Display is open through Sunday at 4pm.  It should be a great weekend.

Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #10 

Similar to MAQ week I elected to forego a new technique in the Holiday Extravaganza Series.   I know many of you are with me at Quilt Odyssey,  and since I'm a little busy at Quilt Odyssey, it is difficult for me to answer a lot of questions that new techniques usually spark.  Don't worry, you still have work to do this week!  

Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #10 ~Evergreen - Mirror Image

We will be making four Evergreen - Mirror Image Blocks!

You will be make (4) Evergreen - Mirror Image Blockswith the V Block  tools from Studio 180 Design.   Many of you will remember that you made (4) Evergreen Blocks in Clue #4, however, now we are going to make the mirror image of Block #4.  Still, for tips and tricks, I'm going to refer you to Clue #4 Blog Post.

As stated in the download, Clue #10 produces the mirror image of Clue #4.  You can make 
these 4 Blocks with the same fabric as Clue #4 or with fabrics of similar color and value.  I chose to make them with similar color and value.

Here are my Holiday fabric selection for Clue #4 side by side with Clue #10. (Sorry once again, I forgot to grab my block or snap a photo of them before packing the SUV-Crazy times.  I will replace when I get a chance to breathe). 

Here are my Vintage Christmas fabric selection, Clue #4 side by side with Clue #10.

Notice how they are Mirror Images, but the same color way and value.

That is it for this week!  I need to get to breakfast and class!  Hope you have a great weekend and I sure hope to see you if you are in the PA area!

Keep stitching,


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