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Maine Quilts and Block 26 ~ Magic Box

Yeah, I made it to Maine!  My third straight week on the road.  Block 26 is Magic Box! Block 26 ~ Magic Box ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 Block 26, Mirror Box, by Nancy Page, was published in Birmingham News, on December 10, 1940.  This block is made up of a Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square (Square³ or Stacked Squares) and Half Square Triangles.  In my research, I found this same block to be referred to as Triangles and Stripes in 1897 in the Ladies Art Company Catalog.  Additionally, I found this same block in a July 1941 clipping of the Birmingham News, crediting the block again to Nancy Page, however calling it Squares and Strips.  The appearance of the block can change dramatically by changing the value placement, which could result in the block appearing more like a box, triangles or squares. This block should be fairly easy for most of you.  We are going to use the Large Square Square or a newer Square Squared  (it needs to have the Registration Marks), plus the Tucke

Block 25 ~ Chisholm Trail & Quilt Odyssey

This week, I writing to you from Hershey, PA.  I'm teaching at Quilt Odyssey, one of my favorite events.   Yesterday, was my first class, Sparkle!  Tons of fun, everyone did great!  It was so nice catching up with so many of you, I'm so thankfully you choose to take at least one of my classes each year.  I also had a good number of newbies, I love introducing you to tools that work. I can't wait for today's class, Lightning and then tomorrow I'm teaching Bloom and giving a lunch lecture!  Block 25 is Chisholm Trail Quilt Block,  which first appeared in the Kansas City Star on May 31,1939.   A similar block called the Free Trade Block, appeared in Cincinnati Enquirer, a few years prior on April 17, 1933.  The Chisholm Trail offered a slight variation from the Free Trade Block, switching dark squares for background squares in the center of the block.  The Chisholm Trail quilt block is comprised solely of squares and half square triangles. Once again, the value of

Block 24~ Morning Star and MAQ

Can you believe we are on block 24!  Halfway there!  Yeah! This week's block is Morning Star.  Morning Star, appeared in the Ladies Art Company in 1897.  This is one of those blocks that has been known by several names.  In that same year, 1897, it appeared in the Hearth and Home, called Virginia.  Then, in 1934, Nancy Cabot was credit in the Chicago Tribune, and the block was called Rosebud.    I think both Morning Star and Rosebud are perfect names for this block. Block 24~ Morning Star ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 If you have master Flying Geese, this unit comes together easily.  This is a fabulous block to showcase those large floral prints in the center.  This simple block can be extremely striking with the right contrast between the band and the star.  If you've been following along, I know the last few weeks have been pretty challenging blocks, this week is much simpler.  I know I will be seeing many of you over the next few weeks at either MAQ, Quilt

Happy 4th of July! - Block 23!

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July week in USA.  I have a somewhat fitting block for you this week.  Block 23, is Peaceful Hours, published in Farmer’s Journal and Farmer’s Wife , 1945.   The name is very fitting for this block as it features Hourglass blocks (Quarter Square Triangles) that have been fragmented (split), and it was published in 1945, which marked the end of World War two.  The block radiates from the center giving it such movement, almost spinning. Block 23 ~ Peaceful Hours ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 As with each block, I say I love it.  :) The Peaceful Hours Block is made up of Split Quarter Square Triangles, Half Square Triangle, and a Snowball unit.  Below I will provide a pictorial for making both  unit; the Split Quarter Square Triangle using your Tucker Trimmer and the Snowball unit made using your Corner Pop . For these week's color plans, I used pictures from my garden to inspire me.  Without really thinking about it, I've