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Clue #4 Let the challenge begin!

Sorry for the delay, it has been a crazy busy week.  On top of that, this week have one of the more challenging blocks in the Holiday Solstice Mystery Series.  The individually techniques aren't difficult, but you have to concentrate on having a perfect 1/4" seam allowance and keeping your orientation.   I can not stress enough, how important it is to: Read the tips below Read Clue from start to finish  Read the tips below Go step-by-step and don't assume anything.   If you read today's blog post, I cover all the place people typically run into trouble. A lot to cover so I'm going to get started. This week's block is Drifted Snow.  The Drifted Snow Block is made up of a Square Squared, Four-Patch, Shaded 4-Patch and a pair of mirror image Split Rects.    You will need the Square Squared™ , Split Rects™ , and Tucker Trimmer™ .  If you struggle with Four -Patch units, you may want to consider the Four-Patch Square Up™ .

Over the River - Clue #3 of Holiday Solstice

Over the River....   Have you figure out the theme song behind the Holiday Solstices blocks yet?  Everyone should have it by now.    Put your guesses in comments below. 

Clue #2 of Holiday Solstice plus a No-Hassle option and more

Clue #2 is ready! It almost wasn't as it has been a challenging week for me.   Thank goodness for family, friends, true followers, and my garden.   Block 2 - Through the Woods - Christmas Fig II Version Block 2 - Through the Woods - Alternative Version THIS PAST WEEK & THE CODE I'm going to be honest with you, I'm disappointed with the number of angry emails, IMs, and even phone calls expressing the "hassle" and "displeasure" with the code being implemented for the free Mystery series .  If it wasn't for the fact that I know so many true followers have purchased fabric and truly support me, I would have cancelled this Mystery series.   Please note, that I plan to continue with using the code for this Mystery series .   You can get this on your newsletter.  I need to protect and track the copyrighted clues.  I am offering a No-Hassle option for a nominal fee, if you don't want to use the code and would like to avoid the download time constrai

Time to kick off Holiday Solstice!

It is time to kick off my annual Holiday Medallion Mystery Series!  This year's mystery is Holiday Solstice.  Are you ready to get started?    Today I'm revealing Clue #1 - Block 1 - Ting-A-Ling-Ling.  It is actually a Square Cubed (Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square), however I given it a fun name for this series.  You will be using the Square Squared for this Clue. Here are both my versions.  Below I'm going to talk you through why I selected the fabric I did, to help you pick the ones for your quilt. Block #1 - Ting-A-Ling-Ling - Christmas Fig II Block #1 - Ting-A-Ling-Ling - Sun Prints 2020