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Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #12 & Alaska Cruise!

Yes!  Registration for my Alaska Cruise is open!  Join me on an Alaska Cruise!  If you have always wanted to go to Alaska, well now is the time! A wonderful way to see Alaska is on a quilting cruise. We will explore Juneau with the glaciers and the beautiful scenery, Skagway with the train and the quaint little town, and Victoria with Buchardt Gardens and so many things to do and see! Denali National Park Alaska has some great quilt shops as well that we will visit. If this is not enough, we will be sewing on the 13th deck in a Conference Center with floor to ceiling windows. What a great way to enjoy our sewing and experience the beauty of the Alaska wilderness. I hope you can join me on this incredible quilting adventure!  Check out this video! If you are interested do not hesitate, the spots will fill up quickly. For more details and to register:  2020 Quilting in the Glaciers   Be sure to mention my name when registering.   Now for Clue #12 of my Sunset on the Sound

Sunset on the Sound Clue #11 & Summer Quilt Shows

Yeah, it is Friday!  Another busy week, and it will not be slowing down any time soon!  The next few weeks are going to be even busier, as I have a Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at the Yankee Quilter, quickly followed by AQS Quiltweek in Lancaster, PA! Last weekend, I have a fabulous Color and Quilting 101 Workshop at The Yankee Quilter! We had 22 Quilters for the event and they learned about how color can change the feel of your quilt.  In addition, we covered; What color plans work well together.   How to identify the color of fabric.   Plus, how to use the 3 in 1 Color Tool and the Color Companion .  Both of which you can purchase in my Sew On the Go Shop .  It was great fun!   The Yankee Quilter will be offering it again in August , you can sign up online at: The Yankee Quilter .   While I was teaching at the Workshop, my phone started blowing up with emails and texts from the students who either couldn't get into my MAQ Class or celebrating that they got in! A B

Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #10 and MAQ

You would never know that it is March by looking out the window at my house!    Snow everywhere and a week of very chilly temperatures.    It's weeks like this that having me wondering when I will see my garden beds again. It's warm inside though!  As I'm running around like a nut!  😊  Busy, busy, busy.  I've been keeping up with my #sewonehourdaily (more like 4 hours daily!).   I was able to get Periwinkle Swirl quilted earlier this week and I got back the final tester comments on both Periwinkle Swirl and Moonlight Garden.  Both of those patterns will be heading to the printer soon.  Yeah! I went with a great edge-to-edge on Periwinkle Swirl, it is a double size quilt after all.  Sometimes, I feel the quilt and it's design needs to speak on it's own.  Not everything needs to be custom quilted.   I love this quilt! Coming Soon ~ Periwinkle Swirl I'm also putting the finally touches on my new Color and Quilting 101 Workshop , I'm delivering it

Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #9 ~ Sneak Peak of Periwinkle Swirl

March is here!  Week #9 of the Mystery is here!  We are revealing Clue #9!  What could be better? Okay, I may have a bit of Cabin Fever going on, but I'm always excited when we get to March, I know that Spring is around the corner, despite looking out to a snow covered lawn. Last weekend,  I completed the the Double size quilt top for the cover of Periwinkle Swirl.  Originally, I was going with a smaller size for the cover, but I love circular motion in the quilt, and I felt the Double Size could really show off the movement.  Now to quilt it, photograph and get the pattern to the printer in the next 2 weeks.  Along with Moonlight Garden!  Here is a sneak peak of Periwinkle Swirl!  Stephen's wingspan is only so wide, but I think you can see what I'm talking about.  I love this pattern.  I know all my testers loved it as well. Coming Soon ~ Periwinkle Swirl  I will be teaching Periwinkle Swirl at numerous retreats throughout the next year, so be sure to check out