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Block 38 ~ Victory Garden & Rangeley Retreat Recap!

Block 38, Victory Gardens, by Nancy Page, was published in Birmingham News, on May 25, 1943.  Block 38 ~ Victory Gardens ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 This block is made up of Diamond Rectangles. Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square (Square³ or Stacked Squares) and Half Square Triangles.  Nancy Page was quoted on the same page as stating, “ Nancy… isn’t this going to be quite a good deal of work?  I think it is.  Perhaps that is why I called it a Victory Garden.  Those gardens are going to be work too.  If we don’t waste the seeds which we sow we are going to have to put in many hours of work.  But the results will justify the hard work we hope.  And that’s the way I feel about this pattern. The results when the quilt top is all pieced and set together ought to justify the time used in putting it together ”. 

Block 37 ~ Crazy Ann & Fall Quilt Camp!

Crazy Ann, in an unknown clipping, is credited to Finley, dated in 1929.   In researching, I found this same block with its double Split Rectangles and Shaded Four-Patches, which create that hexagon, known by several other names.  Two of blocks are also credited to Finley, in 1929; Follow the Leader, and Twist and Turn.  Additionally, it was also known as Crazy Anne, with an “e”, in the Kansas City Star, on October 15, 1932.  B37 ~ Crazy Ann ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 Crazy Ann is very similar to Crazy House, which only has single Split Rects, but the same Shaded Four-Patches in the corners.  It seems Crazy Ann, carried the crazy into Crazy Ann.  :)  I think we all know a crazy Ann that keeps us laughing!  Whatever you want to call it, I think it is a fabulous block.  This week I was consumed with getting ready for Fall Quilt Camp and rebuilding my website ( ).  I've been planning on rebuilding my website for some time, but I've been a little

Block 36 ~ California Sunset

Can you believe we are 75% through the blocks!    Crazy!  Crazy winds here in CT today too! Block 36 is California Sunset!  Such a find!  Love it!  This one is going to test all the skills you've learned over the last few months, but it will be worth it! California Sunset was published in the Chicago Tribune, on December 5, 1933 and credit to Nancy Cabot. This is a spectacular block and unique, as this clipping is the first time I’ve seen this block, and I love it.  I searched extensively, and I could not find this block known as anything else.  The block’s corners units, with the Split Rects , are similar to Dutch Tulip.  However, the Corner Beam units replace the one-patch units in Dutch Tulip.  The Peaky and Spike ( V block ) units really make this block exploded.   I think California Sunset is very appropriate name for this wonderful block.  I have big plans for this block in the Timeless with a Twist Book series!

Block 35 ~ Autumn Stars!

Block 35 ~ Autumn Stars was in Progressive Farmer, 1935.   Nancy Cabot was credited with the same block, but referenced as Golden Chains, in the Chicago Tribune, November 20, 1937.  Block 35 ~ Autumn Stars This block has terrific movement given the Split Rects and Dual-Colored Square-in-Square unit.  Add the Corner Beam unit to the corners and wow!  With its great lines, this block would be great as an alternate block in a quilt or makes for a wonderful one block quilt due to the secondary design within the block.  Hmm.. maybe this is another block used in a setting in the Book Series.... :)