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Once my power came back on yesterday, I was able to complete the piecing of the Man Cave quilt, borders and all!  Now I have to quilt it the next time I'm home.  I'll be home Saturday night, but leave Sunday morning to go to the UK through Friday. Hmmm, I wonder if I will have time to find a quilt shop there? Ooops, I got distracted, back to the quilt.  It is a little larger than I expected, there is a surprise, right?  Not.  it turned out to be 84" x 84". Had my first official day today at work today.  The people are great, I still wish it was in PA or NJ... but I'm only 152 miles away. 

Getting settle in temp housing in CT

So, I moved into my temp housing...  so I can start the new job.  Left Steve and the pups in NJ to ride out the storm.  Guess what, the storm is here too.  So, given the State of emergency in CT... governor closed the roads, I'm getting my quilting area set up.   I need something to make me feel at home. I've taken over the dining room... lord help the corporate housing people when they come in to clean, they are going to be wondering what happened. I've only watch QVC on a few occassions, I can't watch it, I buy everything.  Thanks Cindy! - Yes, it is your fault.  Anyway, I saw these neat closet organizers.  I brought them up to help me with my shoes and purses, but found that they are actually good for my office and sewing supplies.  The Corp housing doesn't take office supplies nor sewing supplies into consideration.  But have no fear, I found a way to be organized. I've only brought up UFOs and BOMs.  This way I won't be tempted to start som

On my second to last day... I finally remember

On my second to last day at Moody's, I finally remember to post a picture of my view of WTC's North tower foot print . I will miss the people who are here currently and those from before... Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.9