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A New Deb Tucker Pattern for our Northern Neighbors!

The 2nd pattern we test drove at the Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor's Retreat was Deb's Tucker's Northern Neighbors.  This is another pattern she plans on having out in a few months.  It was really neat. Plus, you don't need to go with the traditional Canadian Maple Leaves if you don't want to.... several of us Certified Instructors took it in several different directions.  Here are a few examples. This is Donna's - Just to die for!  Love the batiks!  She got really far - - she doesn't talk as much of the rest of us!  LOL Here is mine, with my Kaffe Stash: And then the groups, so you can compare and see how versatile the pattern is: This pattern will use the following Studio 180 Design's tools:  Split Rects, Corner Beam, Wing Clipper, Square2....  If you don't own then, this is a great weekend to purchase them at my etsy shop.  I'm offering 15% off if you spend $20 or more.  Use code: ENDMARCH  at my shop now throug

Coming Soon, new Deb Tucker pattern

I just got back from a retreat weekend with my fellow Studio 180 Certified Instructors, Deb Tucker, Sue Tucker, and Jeff Tucker. It was a blast! I love the group, everyone has so much energy.  We inspire each other daily via our Facebook private group, but when we are in person, the inspiration vibes are just everywhere!  So much fun. One of the quilts we worked on while we were there was one of Deb's new quilts.  She had us do it as a mystery and test her instructions.  However, she hopes to release it as a regular pattern in the next few months. You can make it scrappy or organized.  Both are stunning.  Deb is currently deciding on a name, but she was leaning toward "Wish Upon" when we left the retreat!  Keep checking my posts for more info! Wish Upon is made with the Split Rects, Tucker Trimmer, Square2 and Wing Clipper - ALL WHICH ARE ON SALE at my ETSY Store - 15% off of $20 orders or more with Code: ENDMARCH .  Check it out at

Sale at my Etsy Site

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait for Spring.  In honor of March ending, I'm having a sale on all my patterns, and Studio 180 Design Tool.  15% if you spend $20 or more. Enter Code:  ENDMARCH My Etsy Shop - Sew On the GO The sale includes all our favorite Deb Tucker Tools, including her latest Diamond Rects, which is featured in Deb's latest pattern Sea Glass.  Shown here, made my by fellow Certified Instructor, Kathie Beltz.

Sew, I have not fallen off the face of the earth

Sew, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, although it seems like that.  It has been a crazy few months between the day job, making samples, illness, cutting my finger, workshops, and most recently attending my Studio 180 Certified Instructors' reunion.  Which was a blast.  It was so great to see my fellow CIs, Deb, Sue and Jeff Tucker. All which makes me feel guilty for not posting more about all the excitement.  So, I'm going to try and get you caught up over the next few days. I'm very excited that I mailed off my Winter Jewels this week to MQX-New Hampshire, it has been accepted in the show.  You may remember I made this over the winter holidays.   LOVE it!  Barbara Bregman quilted it for me and she did a terrfic job. In fact, the mail was just delivered and I found out that it was just accepted in the Vermont Quilt Festival!  Woo hoo. Here are a few pictures of it quilted.