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The Alternate Color Way -Loco for Lemoyne Star

So, while I'm stitching the Loco for Lemoyne Star Sampler for my Pennington Class, I'm also making a second quilt (this could be why it is taking so long)....   It is really neat to see the differences in the block, just based on the different colors.  I'm going to use this quilt for my picture for "Quilting in Vermont".  I'm teaching there in 2015.  So, for those of you that can't get to NJ in late February of this year.  You could sign up to go for a weekend in Vermont in March of 2015.  More details to follow.
In the mean time; here is the 2nd sample.  Just like to Loco for Lemoyne Star Sampler for Pennington Quilt Works, I'm making 2 of each Lemoyne Star, using Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design's Lemoyne Tech sheets.  Plus, 2 Lemoynes as Triangles with each selection.
Lemoyne & Lemoyne as Triangle:

Lemoyne Fussy Cut and Fussy Cut as Lemoyne Triangle:
Strip Piece Lemoyne and Strip Piece Lemoyne as Triangle:
Now, for three more types tomorr…

Better late than never... Speak Peak at Loco for Lemoyne Star

With the Holiday Season and obligations, it is sometimes tough to get the "me" time to work on my sewing but I was lucky enough to take some time last week and then today.  I was able to complete a few of the blocks for my Loco For Lemoyne Stars Sample for Pennington Quilt Work.  I'm teaching a 2 day class on February 28th and March 1st.  It is a 2 day workshop.  I can't wait.  I absolutely love Lemoynes!  Hence  the class.   An earlier posting has a drawing of the final quilt!

I'm making two of all the Lemoyne stars in Deb Tucker's Studio Lemoyne Tech Series.

Lemoyne Star

Fussy Cut Lemoyne
Strip Pieced Lemoyne
Add then I'm making 2 of each as Triangles:

Aren't they great!

I have a few more to go; Banded, Liberty and Blazing... they are on tomorrow's list!  We will see how that goes.

Next, I will post the alternative selection.

Hope the rest of you are getting some sewing in!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are expecting 6-10 inches of snow here in Connecticut.    Perfect weather for sewing. 

First, we had to complete the weekend work; we ran all over town this morning knocking out the errands.  Then, I browned a pot roast and put it in the slow cooker with carrots.  I'm making garlic smashers, so I've already roasted the garlic and I have the potatoes soaking.  Now for a few hours of sewing while it all cooks up.

I'm going to work out of the upstairs sewing/sunroom so I can enjoy the fire and everyone's company.

Today's task to knock out some Lemoyne Stars!  Can't wait to see how they turn out!  I will take photos tonight.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our house in CT.  Front and back. Love the snow!

Completed the Tucker Tool Workshop & Pull Fabric for Loco for Lemoynes

Yesterday, I was feeling slightly better and I was able to complete the table runner top for Tucker Tool Workshop.   It is on the list for quilting today.

This table runner uses four Studio 180 tools; Corner Beam, Tucker Trimmer, Diamond Rects and Split Rects.  I think next time I'd include the Wing Clipper and add Flying Geese to the ends of the Split Rects.

However, it comes together really easily.  The Diamond Rects works like a dream.  This is Deb Tucker's latest tool.

And I love the Corner Beam, I think this has become my favorite block component of late.  I used it several times in my Tucker Tool Time Sampler:

Split Rects works great too, but this is the block that I think needs more...  maybe flying geese at the end of the split rects.

Additionally, I pulled from my stash for my Loco for Lemoyne Stars sampler.  Love using the stash!

A good trick; I needed 16 fabrics, plus background and border.  I pulled my border from my stash and I had a general idea on the colors I w…

Looks promising - 10 month Tucker Tool Time Series

I've been feeling very much under the weather this past week.  I've gotten a bad case of the flu.  Not fun at all.  Plus, the weather here has been so nasty.  Foggy and damp.

However, I got some good news this week.  It looks like Yankee Quilter, in Seymour, CT, will be signing me for my 10 month series - Tucker Tool Time.  Starting March 2014-December 2014. 

Here is a mock up:

 The first 9 workshops in the series will explore one or more of the Studio 180 Design tools; offering block designs using the tool(s).   Plus, it will build confidence and the know how to figure out how to use the Studio 180 Design tools to pieced quilt block units for your favorite blocks, quilts, etc. Each month, a new block will be taught and students will make to versions of that block.  Plus, add in the setting block and it will create a 75” x 93” Tucker Tool Time Sampler quilt top.  The 10th workshop will focus on finishing your top and the 3 Bs (Border, Binding, and Backing). I think it will be …

Suenami Sensation is on the way to Pennington!

No Black Friday shopping for me, my husband and I are taking a road trip to NJ.

Suenami Sensation is on its ready to make it's way to Pennington Quilt Works to be displayed for my upcoming class on January 18th.

This is Studio 180 Design's Suenami, designed by Sue Tucker, there is actually a great story that goes with the naming of this quilt that I can share in class. :)  Sue's version is used with Jewel tone and is gorgeous.    I'm in love with this Dear Stella Lola fabric and thought it would look great in Blue, White and Yellow.   It is made with 16 Fat Quarter, 8 Dark and 8 Light.  Plus two borders and binding.  It is 68" x 68" and is made with Deb Tucker's Rapid Fire Petite Hunter Star.

I quilted it with thread in the same yellow from the border.  It looks great, if I do say so myself!

This fabric selection will be available, in kits, at Pennington Quilt Works.  I suspect it will be on the website in a few days. 
Off to PQW, as my husband likes to …

Banded Lemoyne

So, I've been meaning to post pictures from my Studio 180 Certification Class and just haven't had the chance.  Well, I finally have download the photos and I figure I will share a picture every few days between now and Christmas.  My own little gift to you!

This is Deb Tuckers Banded Lemoyne Star.  Hopefully she will draft up the pattern really soon.  All us Certified Instructors (CI) keep bugging her... LOL   It really is spectacular.  In the meantime, you can learn this technique, it is on the Studio 180 Design's Banded Lemoyne Technique sheet.

On Friday, I have to place an order at Studio 180, so I'm going to have the tech sheet and ruler for sale at my Sew On the GO Etsy Shop.

Also, if you near (or could be near), I'm teaching a Loco for Lemoyne 2 Day class at Pennington Quilt Works on February 28 - March 1st.  The Banded Lemoyne will be one of the 7 Lemoyne Stars taught.  Can't wait. I should have something ready for a sneak peak soon!

In the meantime, e…

Big news week!

More exciting news today! I got a call from MAQ( Mid-Applalachian Quilters ) and they have accepted my application to teach at their MAQ in 2014.

It is held each year at Mount St. Mary's University, in Emmitsburg MD.  This year the dates are July 18-20, 2014 

They selected my Honey V and my Modern Victorian Hunter Star.  Plus, I will teach one of Deb Tucker's quilts, Southern Hospitality.  Woo Hoo!

Can't wait.  Hope to see some of you there!

Exciting few days!

Well it has been an exciting few days.  On Friday, I was contacted by Mary Bargiel from the Strong House Inn to host a weekend in 2015 at the Quilting in Vermont event.  I will be the host instructor for February 27-29, 2015 which is a Friday - Sunday.  So, mark those calendars, I expect to see some of you there.

Quilting in Vermont is an awesome event.  The Strong House Inn is a destination spot for the most spectacular weekend of quilting, excellent food all in the ambiance of a historic country inn in a picturesque Vermont setting. What can be better than quilting with your best quilting friends and to be pampered at the same time!

I can't wait. It is where Deb Tucker got her start, and I'm so happy to be invited. I'm thinking of teaching my Loco for Lemoyne Star class -yes I know, I haven't gotten back to you all with more than a teaser.  I should have something more for you this week.  Here is a big teaser, in the mean time.

So, the next exciting thing is...  I taugh…

Great Hunter Star class - Pennington Quilt Works

Had a great time at Penninton Quilt Works yesterday, teaching my Modern Victorian Hunter Star class.  We had eight wonderful ladies. 

I had the Blue team (one table had three ladies all using blue) - can't wait to see them!

Plus we had the Variety team (one table had batiks, to modern graphic, to stash and then my kit).

We had a blast.

I ran the class through my next class proposal for Feb 28th and March 1st - It is call Loca for Lemoynes!  They loved it! More to follow!

Mary Kay finished her quilt!!

Mary Kay purchased my Honey V pattern from Pennington Quilt Works (  She was so kind to send me a picture of her finished quilt.

She did an awesome job with this, it is for her niece.  In fact, she said she loved the pattern so much, she is out to purchase more fabric to make for a friend!

I'm teaching this class, this Sunday at Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington NJ.  I think there may be a spot or two left.

You can purchase the pattern from my Etsy Store: and the Studio 180 Design "V Block" ruler: (

Deb Tucker designed this ruler and it makes this block so much easier.  Unlike the other similar rulers, this is just one ruler!  Not two templates and it makes tons of sizes!

In addition, Pennington Quilt Works ( may have a few kits left in my sections.

Happy Quilting.... Finishing touches o…

Finally!!! I published my website

It was a long time coming, and took a lot more effort than I thought it would...  But I finally got it up there, with my new branding too.

I put all my scheduled classes for the next 6 months - hopefully there will be more to come.

You have to check it out and tell me what you are think.

Quilted and Bound!

I got both my new samples quilted and bound over the past week.

I think they turned out fabulous!  Taking them to Yankee Quilter ( at the end of the week.  I have a meet and greet scheduled for Saturday the 2nd.  Where we will  talk through the upcoming class schedule.  This is a new quilt shop to me.  I'm looking forward to meeting new quilters.

I really like the Signs of Autumn table runner:

Plus; the non-fall version of Atlantic Flyways is just too cute.

Now back to working on my SueNami...

Atlantic Flyway Class Sample

Woo Hoo!  A little productivity this weekend. 

I was able to complete the piecing of my version of Atlantic Flyways for my February Class at Yankee Quilter ( ).  I'm hoping to get it quilted in the evenings this week (might be a challenge) and to drop off.

I'm giving a Wing Clipper demo at Yankee Quilter this Saturday.  They have Flying Geese in their Block of the Month and have asked me to come demonstrate how to use the Wing Clipper.  I hope to have the Signs of Autumn Table Runner and Atlantic Flyway completed to show.

Here is Deb Tucker's original:

Fingers Crossed, it is back to work tomorrow!

Signs of Autumn - With Phillip Jacobs and Kaffe Fasset

Apologies for not blogging more, I've been busy with work, working on my web site and with sewing.... busy, busy, busy... getting class samples ready.

Here is a sneak peak of my "Signs of Autumn" table runner.  This is one of Studio 180 Design's Patterns.  Designed by Deb Tucker herself.

It uses her Corner Beam, Wing Clipper and Wickets and Quickets Technique Sheet.

I'm teaching it at Yankee Quilter ( ) in November 2013 and Pennington Quilt Works ( ) in July 2014.

Remember, I'm a Studio 180 Design's Certified Instructor.  If you are interested in having an instructor come to your guild, store, or show, please contact me at

Hopefully, I will be announcing the unvailing of my website soon, with all my scheduled classes.

Fall is in the air which means two things... sewing and football

I've been meaning to post for days.  I had so much fun at Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design's Teacher Certification for both the Fundamental Tools and the Rapid Fire Rulers.  I meet such wonderful inspiring people. 

I think that is the problem, I've learn so much and have so much to share, I just don't know where to begin.  So, I will have to pick a few things at a time and do a few posts.

Today I wanted to share with you my new Pattern, that has been kitted and is for sale at Pennington Quilt Works (  Additionally, I have it for sale, along with the Studio 180 Design's V Block on my Etsy site

Also note, I'm teaching a class at Pennington Quilt Works on November 3rd.  I'm also available to travel to other shops and guilds, I will be posting my schedule shortly so you can see what is available.

That's it for now, need to run to pick up one of my sewing machines and then get home and start …

Modern Victorian Hunter Star Quilt Pattern is ready for Sale

So excited.  I've  been selling this pattern at Pennington Quilt Works ( for several months and it has done really well.   We made kits based on my cover quilt, and we made kits, and kits.... Sold wonderfully. 

It has taken me way too long, but I finally have it up and ready for purchase on my Etsy shop. 

Go check it out!

It is really simple and fun.  Great for those bright floral or large prints you have in that stash, waiting to use!