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Some of my favorite things !!

I've loaded my Etsy shop with all my favorite things! You will find my favorite See Your Stuff Bags ! Available in 4 Sizes:  X-Small - 6"x 8" - Perfect for EPP! Small notions!  Small - 10"x 11" - Perfect for Wall/Baby Small Projects (can fit paper plates)  Medium - 12"x 13" - My fav! Perfect for your Twin/Double Medium Size Projects (cen fit paper plates)  Large - 16"x 16" - A Tote! Perfect for those large projects!  Check them out: See Your Stuff Bags   Have you checked out these Quilter Select Rulers?  OMG! They are fantastic! They do not slip, they are easy to read, and they are my new "go to" ruler when I'm cutting yardage into strips.  I have several of the Quilter Select long rulers and square up rulers in my Etsy shop. Quilters Select Rulers  Also, Deb Tucker came out with a new tool, the Four Patch Square Up, I have a few left in the shop. This is a great tool for anyone having trouble w