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Block 12! Nameless! Yes Nameless!

Woohoo! Block 12!  We are a quarter of the way through Timeless with a Twist.  Block 12, Nameless, by Clara Stone, was published in Practical Needlework, in 1906. Yes, that is correct, the block is known as Nameless.  There was no name associated at the time of publication and therefore Quilt Historians have taken to calling the block Nameless.  Block 12 - Nameless  Nameless is believed to be the foundation for later blocks, most notably; Crown of Thrones, Finley 1929, Forest Trails, Laura Wheeler, 1933, and Beacon Lights, Nancy Page, 1936.   Each of those blocks use the same block design, however the value placement is often changed.  Additionally, the block has one more subdivision, typically splitting the unit formed between Nameless’ quarter square triangles.  We are going to take our Square-in-a-Square techniques to another level and make Square cubed, or Stacked Squares .  This technique comes together easily with a newer Square2  or the Large Square Squared . We wi

Are you ready? Block 11- The Five Spot

Are you ready?  Did everyone catch-up?   I heard from so many of you that you were happy to have the week to catch up and I know many of you did take the opportunity to do so, which made me so happy.  Additionally, I heard from many of you that you were thrilled to be able to get Block 1, which was great, I'm glad I could help! Things are moving along well with my Book preparation, and I wanted to thank you all for being so helpful!   The only thing I asked is that you read these blog posts, as they hold a lot of information and I think (and hope) that they provide you with good information.  So, if you are reading this, you can get your download here . So, are you ready?  Block 11 is The Five Spot! Block 11 The Five Spot  The Five Spot, by Nancy Cabot, appeared in the Chicago Tribune , September 23, 1936.  The Five Spot is basically a Sawtooth Patchwork Block, that has a Shaded 4-Patch in place of an ordinary half square triangle. So, you heard right, we are goin

Week 11 and it is time to catch up! Special treat - Block 1 is available again for a limited time!

Can you believe that we completed 10 blocks!  I built in a few catch up weeks into the Timeless with a Twist program (4 to be exact) and this is one of them.  As a bonus, I'm making Block 1, the Bear's Paw, available again, since we had so many people join late.   So, if you are running behind, you have a week to catch up!  If you missed block 1, you can make it now!  I've heard that several of you want to re-make your block 1, so this is the perfect week to do so! For those of you that are caught and have block 1 completed. I would like to remind you about the color placement.  I noticed that a few folks laid out the their "paws" different than the pattern.  So, pull out that first block and check to make sure you have your paws are coming together properly.  Page down for some tips and tricks on putting the paws together, the partial seam and some reminders about scrap management. Block 1 - Michelle's Fabric Selection 1 If you read my Bl

Woohoo! Block 10 - Duck Tracks

Woohoo!  Block 10 - We are in the double digits!  Duck Tracks! Block 10- Duck Tracks Duck Tracks, by Nancy Page, appeared in the Birmingham News, December 3, 1935.  You may remember, Block 1 Bear’s Paw was found to be known as Duck’s Foot.  However, this is the only block I found to be known as Duck Track.  It is similar to the Five Diamond block, only with eight diamonds.   The outer round of Dual-colored Flying Geese creates a unique design. Similar to last week’s Federal Square block, color placement and tone placement, could affect which of the stars are dominate. You will want to be very careful (I can not say this enough) when you lay out this block.   I usually end with this reminder, but in case you don't read my full blog, I wanted to remind you to double check the lay out prior to stitching.  Those Dual-colored Flying Geese will get you everytime.  You will want to look for the Medium Star points to come together on 2 corners and then the Light-Medium to come to

Block 9 - Federal Square!

Yeah!  Block 9 is here.  I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, as I've been fighting this Upper Respiratory Infection for days, and realized late Wednesday night that I had Block 10 ready to go, but missed 9.  Aargh!  Oh well, I completed here at the Strong House Inn, where I'm hosting my Quilting in Vermont Spring Retreat.   Block 9 - Federal Square So, enough about me,  onto the block.  Another great find (in my opinion). Federal Square, by Nancy Cabot, appeared in the Chicago Tribune, June 19, 1937.  This is a clever block, it has great lines and presents different illusions depending on the color and tone placement.  While I couldn’t find this block referenced to anyone else, nor under any other name, I did find blocks with similar compositions.   For instance, the Broken Star (Nancy Cabot, Chicago Tribune, July 17, 1936) and the Star of the East (Laura Wheeler, unidentified newspaper clipping) both have similar lines but a different constitution of units.   Fe