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Best of the 60 ~ Let's Organize your Fabric!

T- 1 week, to the kick off of the Best of the 60's!  Hopefully!  My goal is to kick of the Mystery next week.  However, we have a group that selected A Blooming Bunch, that is awaiting their fabric.  It has been suck on a cargo ship, Moda, Pennington Quilt Work, The Yankee Quilter and I are constantly monitoring it.    I put together this message, figuring it would be the easiest way to explain it.  W hile we have about 50 people waiting on A Blooming Bunch fabric, we have over 200 who have their fabric, so we are trying to keep the recently pushed back date of November 20th to start the Mystery.  However, if A Blooming Bunch is going to get to the majority of people after November 24th, a few days after Clue 1's current release date, I will have to push it back a week or so.  All others will need to understand.  We are taking it day by day, and I expect to make the decision mid-next week. Everyone participating in the Best of the 60's; please watch the video, so you unders

2 weeks to Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery!

 We are just two weeks away.  Today, I want to cover picking your own fabric for the Best of the 60's Mystery! Maybe you need help with picking a background fabric or pulling from stash.   Let me take you through some examples belows. Note:  If you belong to the Clue & Class Membership , I released a 45 minute video on things to think about when pulling your fabric.  Make sure to check it out, it is in the " Let's get started " section of the curriculum.   SPECIAL EVENT Also, tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 7th at 10:30am, I will be going FACEBOOK LIVE from The Yankee Quilter.  Make sure to tune in!  Submit your questions.   Pulling your Fabric Selection Okay, let's talk fabric! I went to my Alison Glass Fat Quarter bin, and tried to pull a full color wheel of fabric.  This is an option, as it would give you unlimited Complementary Color plans.  I used this select to make my "test" blocks.  

Stashbuster Tuesday - Winter Celebrations!

  It is StashBUSTER Tuesday!     Once again, I've partnered up with some fabulous quilt designers for   Quilt Block Mania !   It's all about Winter Celebrations this Month!   With this month being crazy busy, I'm already sending 4 patterns to the printer this week. I decided to picked a favorite Block from a published pattern.   In Flight  is a fabulous pattern and would be perfect to make in those favorite holiday fabrics you've picked up over the years,  If In Flight were written today,  it could go into my StashBUSTER series, as it only uses one tool, the Studio 180 Design Wing Clipper. In Flight by Michelle Renee Hiatt