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Holiday Hunter Star

Well, you all know what a "Deb Tucker  Junkie" I am, well I'm teaching a special "Holiday Hunter Star" class at Pennington Quilt Works .  I made this quilt a few years ago and just loved how the blocks looked like "squished" Christmas trees.  Don't you just love it!

Not Your Grandmother's Dresden

My "Not Your Grandmother's Dresden" is quilted, binding sewn and dropped of at Pennington Quilt Works .  It looks so nice in the shop, I guess I should have taken the picture there, instead of having hubby stretch!  Oh well.  It so satisfying to have it finished and to receive such nice compliments.  I lend the first session of the 2 part class on Saturday.  It went really well.  The ladies had such a variety of colors.  My fav (I know I'm not suppose to have one) was Dawn's.  The Dresden flower was in Yellow.  I can't wait to see, I will have to get their permission to take photos.

Come Aboard, we've been waiting for you, the Craft boat!

Weeks Ringle not only is coming to Pennington in the fall, but is also teaching on a 8 day cruise in the spring.  Remember my Bear Paw quilt.  All the fabric was from Weeks and Bill's line.  Both will be teaching!  Love them.  Check out their blog:  Come sail with us! Here are some details about the Craft Cruise: This cruise is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a relaxing vacation while stitching in your favorite pastime. Quilt alongside instructors Carol Ann Waugh, Weeks Ringle, Pam Holland, and Sue Bouchard as you learn and create together with other quilt enthusiasts. Take in-person classes, learn techniques, and enjoy making your new projects while cruising the beautiful sea! Throughout the cruise, immerse yourself in the Craftsy quilting community by interacting with instructors and fellow community members during dining experiences, adventures off the ship, or relaxing pool-side conversations. There is so much to do aboard the Craftsy Quilt Cruise you'll wish you

How old were you when you started sewing?

How old were you when you started sewing?  I should be specific and ask how old were you when you operated your first sewing machine? I can't remember my exact age but I was probably around 7 or 8 years old.  I remember it well, I had to convince my grandmother that my mom wouldn't find out.  I just had to do it.  I had ideas for Barbie's wardrobe that were just flowing too fast to hand sew.  Those of you who know me well can probably  picture me saying this with a doubt.  LOL. I immediately fell in love with sewing. I'm not sure if it was running of the machine behind mom's back, the satisfaction of just operating a "machine" with a foot pedal, truly making those Barbie clothes, or just being allow to explore that vehicle of my creativity. I pretty much stuck with Barbie clothes for some time.  In high school it grew to altering clothes for myself, and I'm really not talking about hemming, more like creating Madonna "cool" o

The Fabric of our Lives

I will start with an apology... I'm feeling a little insightful today . Is fabric like your favorite music or food?  Does looking back at certain fabric, scraps or even a quilt bring back memories? It's like a journey, or little gift of time travel...  it takes you back to the good time you had when picking it out and purchase it, does it? Maybe even of the person or people  with whom you were with or what fun you had that day.  It could cause you to break into a smile or laugh just thinking about  the laughs you had with friends while you stitched it (or un-stitched it).  Sometimes one little scrap of fabric is enough to bring you back to the  face of someone special, when you gave them the quilt you made for them. Our scrap bins are really the fabric of our lives.  We should cherish them and probably pay them honor by placing them in a quilt we will actually see.... similar to photos.  We place them in frames or albums.  We send them to others we love. We could

Have you seen this?

If you have every sewn you finger.. The Sew EZ finger thing might be for you. I wanted to see this in person, but haven't found yet.  I believe I learned my lesson years ago... it only takes once- bringing the needle up was the worst! Has anyone else sewn the finger?  Or seen the "finger thing"? Published with Blogger-droid v2.0.6