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Preparing Fabric 101

I thought I'd cover some tips on preparing your fabric for cutting.  I promised my friend, fellow blogger and Studio 180 Design's CI (Certified Instructor)  Jackie O'Brien that I'd post some helpful hints on preparing your fabric after our last CI reunion. 1.   Gather your fabric, Mary Ellen's Best Press , your best iron and i roning surface.   For Irons; I recommend Oliso Pro Smart Iron - Yellow or Eurosteam Steam Iron with Boiler Tank & Ceramic Soleplate. Both work great. The Oliso is my current favorite. The proper, most likely high priced iron, will earn its money with the time it will save you. For Ironing Surface ; I recommend a sturdy large surface, with only a layer of Insul-Bright and covered with a neutral canvas. This will give you the best pressing surface. I love my fully constructed Foldaway Big Board. Can be purchased at Nancy's Notions.  (update 12/2017 - Or TnT Boards ) 2. Lay out your fabric flat, unfolded.  I press