Almost to our destination - Grand Central - Clue #10

We are almost to our destination!  Clue #10 of Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series is revealed today,!  Just 2 more clues after today!   It has been a busy day, sorry for the delay, but at the last minute I decided to publish the Bonus Clue early.

For those of you enlarging the Large Throw to a Double, or enlarging the Queen to King.  I figured some of you may have some extra time now, so why not give you this clue a little early.

Keeping Busy and Clue #9 Grand Central!

I hope everyone is well, taking care of themselves and keeping busy.  These are trying times, but remember we are quilters, the strongest of the strong.   Throughout my life, when times got tough, I’ve leaned on quilting and fellow quilters.  Let’s do that!  I have a few ideas!

First, we are on Clue #9 of Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series!  Here is a sneak peak, I have a step by step pictorial below, with tons of great tips, that will help you complete these awesome blocks.
If you find yourself with extra time now, or love what you are seeing, and wish you had joined in the fun, now is the time to get caught up.

Stop #8 on the Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series!

Hope you are all well.   Crazy times!  

Can you believe we are on Stop #8?  Just 4 more Clues to the reveal!  We have a fun unit today!

Back from AQS Quiltweek Daytona! Are you ready for Clue #7?

Can you believe it is March!  Oh my goodness.  I've been so busy for the last few weeks, I just can't believe my spring flowers are breaking ground.  Just crazy. 

I've had a fabulous time the last few weeks!  I spent a great weekend teaching at Shippenstitch's Winter Sewfest, the weekend before last.  What a great group of quilter's.  We had so much fun! I'm hoping to be back there sometime soon.  Stay tuned!

I spent just about 24 hours at home, unpacking,wash, repacking, processing orders, etc.    

Last Tuesday, I flew down to Daytona Beach, Florida where I'm taught six classes at American Quilt Society’s QuiltWeek last Wednesday through the last weekend. We had a blast.  It was wonderful to see some many familiar faces.  I greatly appreciate all of you that took the time to take my classes.  I hope you learned some new and exciting things.  I thought the show was wonderful, and just terrific people.   Apologies, I failed to get a picture of my Color & Qu…

Almost halfway there! Grand Central Clue #6

Can you believe we are on Clue #6 of the Grand Central Mystery?  

To be honest, I can’t believe we are almost to the end of February.  Time flies when you are busy.  

Birds on a Wire released this past week, so there were many trips to the Post Office.  Thank you for all the order!    Then, Stephen and I had to take Bella in for a plasmacytoma mass removal, we are waiting on results but she is doing well, but needing extra care.  
I spent two days in Manhattan, this week, and despite this morning's low temperature, you would think it was spring.  Union Square Park's grass is already coming back. 
Today, I’m heading to Shippensburg, PA to teach at Shippenstitch’s Winter Sewfest. Which means, I will get home late Sunday night, only to turnround Tuesday to fly to Daytona Beach, Florida where I'm teaching six classes at American Quilt Society’s QuiltWeek.  

Clue #5 of Grand Central!

I can't believe we are already on Clue #5 of Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series.  I have a few things to share before giving a step-by-step pictorial on Clue #5's technique.  I hope you will follow along. 

Last weekend, we had a fabulous Quilter's Choice Retreat at the Strong House Inn.  
We had a great group!  We had a blast being snowed in for a few days.   We had no trouble getting to the retreat, and thanks to DJ,  we had not trouble getting out, as he cleared off our cars.  We missed those who decided not to come, but we had tons of fun, and spent many nights up sewing.  A couple quilt tops were even completed. 

My 2020-2021 Quilting in Vermont Season has been announced and registration is open.  The spots are filling up fast, so make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible.  Click on the Retreat title below for more information.

My 2020-2021 Quilting in Vermont Dates 2020 Spring Retreat - March 12th-15th - Projects: Retreat or Moonlight Garden - a few spots left

Grand Central Clue #4 & Strong House Inn

Yeah, it's Friday!  

I'm at the Strong House Inn, in Vergennes, VT for my annual Quilter's Choice Retreat.  
Mother nature decided to give us a snow storm for this year's retreat.  So, most of the quilters decided to travel to the area a day early, including me, and we beat the snow.  

Yesterday we had the morning to do what we wanted.... So, most of us elected to check out some of the local quilt shops while there was a break in the storm.  Everyone got back before the storm kick up again.  Now, we are perfectly happy to stay in and sew!

Amy and DJ, the Strong House Inn's Innkeepers, continue to make beautiful updates and improvements.  I love what they are doing! I slept so well the last two nights in a nice new comfy bed.  Those that know me, know how big of a deal this is, as I struggle to sleep while traveling.  This morning, we all woke to a fabulous breakfast.

The ladies are ready to start Day 2 of the Retreat.  Last night they got started on their projects.  My …

Now Boarding - Clue #3 of Grand Central Mystery!

Now boarding Clue #3 of Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series! Today, we are going to talk through a couple updates on Grand Central and I will walk you through Clue #3.

First, I need to share some sad news.  Several of you know why I've been so quiet this week on social media, but for those that don't, we had to say goodbye to our Hunter last weekend.  

Hunter just turned 9, but was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy 18 months ago.  DM is a progressive disease of the spinal cord.  It begins with a loss of coordination in the hind limbs. They start to wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag their feet.   We noticed this and took him in for DNA testing.   We were saddened with the news, they told us he would probably have 6 months to 1 year before he would become a paraplegic.  Steve and I were determined to make sure he had as full of a life as possible.  

As the disease progresses, his limbs became weak and he was unable to stand or walk. So, about 11 months ago, we got a car…

Grand Central Clue #2!

Are you ready for Clue #2?  Thank you to all of you who have joined me on this great Mystery Series.  Last week we had 977 unique downloads!!!  I'm just blown away.  I promise you are going to love Grand Central!  If you are on Facebook, remember you can join the Grand Central Quilt Mystery Group.  You will need to answer the questions to be admitted. Join Here:  Grand Central Quilt Mystery Group

Before we get started on Clue #2, I wanted to give a shout out to my fabulous Cabin Fever Retreaters.  We are missing a couple in the photo, but we had a great time last weekend. So much progress was made on Starflower Surprise, Retreat, Majesty, Periwinkle, and some UFO- Moonlight Garden, Summer Star, Amusement!  Great times.
Registration for Cabin Fever 2021 is now open, you can get the details and registration forms on my Retreat page.  Note: We will be selecting projects in a couple of months.  The majority vote, of those registered at that time, will determine the projects.  

Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series- All Aboard - Clue #1

Are you ready!  It is time to jump aboard the Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series!

Today, I'm releasing Clue #1!
I have to tell you, all week and especially as I'm loading the car to head over to set up my Cabin Fever Retreat, that starts today, in Southbury, CT... I've been thinking I must be crazy kicking this off today, but oh well, I can be Wonder Woman today.  
So, if this is your first Quilt Mystery with me, here is what you need to know: Each week I announce my Clues in my newsletter, so make sure you are subscribing to my newsletter ( and add my email to your contact list so it doesn't end up in your spam or junk file.A link in the newsletter will tak you here to my Blog, where I will give pictorials, each week there is a new technique, plus tips and tricks.In the overview/pictorial in this Blog, you will see that the exact measurements, cuts, etc will be in the download.  You will need to look for the word "download" in …