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How to Organize your Studio - Design Wall

Today we are going to talk about putting a design wall in your sewing studio.  I believe the solution I ended up using, in my recently studio remodel, will work for most of you.  Even those of you that "share" your sewing space with another household need. When I was remodeling my studio, I gave good consideration to the semi-permanent solutions with the insulation boards, etc. that you will find on Pinterest.  However, I followed my own advice and really spent some time thinking about how I wanted to use that space and I determine that I wanted additional functionality. I thought it would be nice, to be able to use the same wall space to display completed quilts when I need to photograph them, as well as for inspiration when I was working on other projects that don't require a design wall (yet). Therefore, I wanted something that is versatile.  Additionally, because of my lower ceilings (7 1/2 foot), I wanted something that would fit snug to the ceiling.    Further