Sunset on the Sound Clue #5 & Twilight Chic Blog Hop

Clue #5?  Woohoo!  We are cruising right along with these clues.  I'm so thankful for all the fabulous feedback on the pictorials I've been giving on this blog, the directions in the downloads, and the manageability of this Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series.

After today's clue information, I have some exciting new about the Twilight Chic Blog Hop that I'm participating in next week.  Make sure to check out the announcement below!  There is a prize!

Before I get started on today's clue, if you are just joining us for the Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series, you can get details on Fabric Requirements or details on the series in my early blog posts: start with Join Me for my Mystery Blog Post.   Then go to Clue #1Blog Post,  Clue #2 Blog Post, Clue #3 Blog Post, and then Clue #4 Blog Post  Make sure you download all the clues, as I discovered today I have limitation of 6 items for download.  So, next week I will be removing Clue #1 to put up Clue #6.

Also, if you want to join the Mystery series, make sure you subscribe to my mailing list, to received my weekly newsletter announcing the clues:  Sign up for Mailing List

Okay, Clue #5!  Corner Beams!

Clue #5 - We will be using our Color 1: Light (L1) and Color 3: Medium (M3) to make Corner Beam units!  You will need the Corner Beam tool for this week's clue.  If you do not have one, you can purchase it in my Etsy shop.

Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #5
On the SOTS Facebook group this past week, someone mentioned that they needed to be extra  careful since there was more than one medium, which is true.  I remind them, that in the Overview download that I provided a swatch grid.  I do this with all my patterns.  You can find it on Page 3 of the Overview.  You can see it below.  The boxes below my colors, are meant for you to put your own swatches.  This will keep you organized, especially since you have no idea what this quilt will look like.  I hope that helps!

So, this week's I only have a few technique tips, more reminders, given that I gave the Corner Beam technique pictorial on Clue #1.  If you need a refresher on detailed Corner Beam instructions, check out Clue #1 Blog Post.

Key Corner Beam reminders:

In the classroom, I find my students "forget" the following items the most. So a quick refresher!

1Lay out your Corner Beam Side Triangle and Center Beam to form a Square.
When you lay out the Side Triangles and Center Beams they should form a Square

2. When trimming down, to be careful not to pull that Seam placement lines into the the Center Beam, if you do, it will short chain your 1/4" seam, which will cause you trauma later. 
Right Handed ~ Be careful to keep the Seam placement lines in the seams not in the Center Beam
Left Handed ~ Be careful to keep the Seam placement lines in the seams not in the Center Beam.
There you have it!  Pay attention to the instructions in the Download.  If you need a refresher, remember to check out Clue #1 Blog Post, that should help you.  
Perfect Corner Beams!
Since, this week's pictorial is so short, I wanted to share with you some really fabulous and inspiring ways the quilters and members of the SOTS Facebook group are sharing their completed clues in some really fun ways.  I love it!  Check out these fabric selections!

Now, mine with Clue #5!  Love it!

Remember you can join the SOTS Facebook group if you are a member of Facebook, subscribe to my mailing list/newsletter, participating in the Mystery Series, and answer the screening questions.
Last but not least!

I'm proud to announce that I will be participating in the first Studio 180 Blog hop of 2019.  Studio 180 Design and Island Batik have partnered up, along with some of my fellow Certified Instructors,  who are also Designers, to celebrate the release of Deb Tucker's Signature Collection, Twilight Chic, which was designed by Kathy Engle. 

For this hop, each of us designers were given free reign to come up with a project that showcases our individual talents. We have some special treats over this next week for all of you.  Wait to you see the projects we've come up with! 

I will be revealing my project and special treat, next Friday!  However, you can join in the fun by checking out my fellow Certified Instructor & Designers!


Monday, February 4
Tuesday, February 5
Wednesday, February 6
Thursday, February 7
Friday, February 8
Saturday, February 9

So, next week make sure you bookmark and queue up each of these blogs to see what gorgeous creations we have for you!  I promise, you won't be disappointed! 

Oh, and did I mention there would be a giveaway? Yes!  So stay tuned to the Studio 180 Design's Blog, and right here on my Blog!

Okay, I think that is it for this week!  This next week is going to be crazy busy!  I have a UFO day at The Yankee Quilter tomorrow, and then later next week I head to The Strong House Inn (Vergennes, VT)  for my Quilter's Choice/UFO Retreat!  I can't wait!  We are going to have so much fun!

Remember you can be part of one of my retreats, check out my schedule and join US!: Michelle's Retreat Schedule

Have a great weekend! 

Keep Stitching,Michelle


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