Sunset on the Sound Mystery Clue #4

Are you ready for Clue #4?  Yes, we are already to Clue #4 in my Sunset on the Sound Mystery!  A quarter of the way there!  Some really fabulous inspiring quilters and members of the SOTS Facebook group are keeping up and are really sharing their completed clues in some really fun ways.  I love it! 

Before I get started on today's clue, if you are just joining us, you can get details on Fabric Requirements or details on the series in my early blog posts: start with Join Me for my Mystery Blog Post.   Then go to Clue #1Blog Post,  Clue #2 Blog Post, then Clue #3 Blog PostMake sure you download all the clues, as I can only only keep five items on my download section.  So, next week I will be removing Clue #1 to put up Clue #5. 

Okay, Clue #4!  Square in a Square!

Clue #4 - We will be using our Accent: (AC) and Color 2: Medium (M2) to make Square in a Square units!  You will need the Square², Square Squared or Large Square Squared tool for this week's clue.  If you do not have any of those, you can purchase it in my Etsy shop.
Clue # 4 -Square in a Square

You will also need to cut rectangles from your Color 1: Medium (M1)
Clue #4 - Rectangles

Before, I get started on the technique for this week's clue, I wanted to share the group of ladies, from last weekend, that attended Cabin Fever 2019.  We had a blast, the weather outside might have been cold and snowy, but we were warm inside!  The ladies got so much completed!  Make sure you check out the rest of the photos on my Facebook Page.
Cabin Fever 2019
Missing Michelle and Heather 
I also have a new retreat to announce!  Sleep in your Bed Retreat at Pennington Quilt Works!  It will be held June 1st and 2nd, in Pennington Quilt Works' new classroom!  For more details, check out my Retreat Page or my Facebook Event Page. We will be working on my upcoming pattern, Moonlight Garden.
New Retreat
Okay, now onto the Square in a Square Technique!

Please see the download for specific cutting instructions, but let me walk you through the process and provide a few extra tips that I share in the classroom (Make sure you check out my teaching/event schedules by following my retreats and events on Facebook- Michelle's FB Event Page for the true interactive experience 😄).

Follow the fabric requirements and cutting instructions in the download  for this week's clue. 

1. Gather the Accent (AC) Strips and  Color 2: Medium (M1) Half Square Triangles (HST).   You will use the Square² or Large Square Squared (Part A) ruler to precision cut Center Squares from your Accent (AC) strip(s).   Note the listed strips are slightly wider than the proper Finished Square Center window of the tool.  Lay the oversized strip(s) on the cutting mat and clean up the selvage edge.

2. Position the ruler on the edge of the (AC) strip end, line up the corner of the strip with the proper “Center ” Finished” Window.  Cut up the side and across the top to trim each square to a precision size. Use extra care here to make certain the squares are the correct size.
2A Right Handed

2B Right Handed

2C Right Handed

2A Left Handed

2B Left Handed

2C Left Handed
 3. Gather the Center Squares (cut above) and the Color 2: Medium (M2) Half Square Triangles.  These Half Square Triangles will become your Side Triangles.  Lay out the units with your (M2) Side Triangles surrounding your Center Squares.  First, you will sew the left and right Side Triangles which are on opposite sides of the Center Square.  To do this, flip the center square on top of the left Side Triangle, splitting the difference as shown below.
Layout your Center Square and HST as they will be sewn - SEE IT

FLIP IT - Flip the Center Square onto the Left HST
4. Stitch the Side Triangle onto the Center Square with the center square on the top, stitching your best ¼” seam allowance and press seams toward the Side Triangle.  Repeat with the opposite side.  Trim the dog-ears to create a nice sewing edge and to alleviate bulk.

SEW IT! With you best 1/4" seam

Set in your seam

Finger Press and Press.
TIPS on Pressing:

  • I used a Magic Press Mat and Quilter's Fine Mist Spray bottle loaded with Best Press during my pressing process to help be get the best seams!  Both are available in my Etsy shop.  
  • Several of you emailed or posted last week asking if it was okay to use the Best Press on the Magic Press Mat.  I do, but only with my Quilter's Fine Mist Spray bottle.  It is just a light fine mist of a spray, it doesn't "spit" on the fabric like most of the regular bottles.  
  • I would only mist or use light steam on the Magic Press Mat.   
  • You also want to be careful not to put the iron too hot, cotton is fine.  
  • Do not leave your iron down on the mat.   
  • The mat is wonderful, it is like pressing from both sides, so you don't need a crazy amount of Best Pressm, steam or a hot than needed iron.  I use mine all the time!

Hopefully that help!  Back to the technique.

Lay the pieced unit back down - SEE IT!

FLIP IT!  Place the Center Square on top again to stitch.  STITCH IT!

Set your seam

Finger Press and Press

Trim the dog ears!  I just use scissors but you can use a rotary cutter if you are careful
5. Stitch the (M2) Side Triangles to the remaining sides of all the Center Squares and press seams toward the Side Triangle. 
Lay it out and then FLIP IT! Sewing with the Center Square on top

Set your Seam

Finger Press and Press

Lay it back out.  SEE IT!

FLIP IT!  Keeping that Center Square on top


Set your seam

Finger Press and Press

Perfect Square in Square ~ Slightly oversized
6. Trim to the proper size with your Square² or Large Square Squared tool. To do this, first position the Trim Down Section of the Square² (or Part B of the Large Square Squared) ruler over the pieced unit. Focus on aligning the tool’s “Xs” of the proper finished size unit over the sewn seams of the unit. Trim two sides.

6A - Right Handed

6B - Right Handed

6A - Left Handed

6B - Left Handed

7. Then lift the ruler, rotate the unit 180°.  For the second cut, position the ruler on top of unit lining up the “Xs”, and then also lining up the cleanup lines on the ruler with the edges previously trimmed to the 3proper cut size.

7A - Right Handed

7B - Right Handed

7A - Left Handed

7B - Left Handed
8. Repeat for all the Units.  Label and place in a safe place.

9. Label your cut M1 Rectangles (2” x 3 ½” Cut) and place them in a safe place, you will have to wait for another clue to find out what you do with those!

10. You are ready for the next clue.

How are you clues coming!  We are a quarter of the way there!  4 Clues of 16 have been revealed!  Do you have any ideas yet?

Well, hopefully you are finding this Mystery series manageable, that was my intend.  I know most  have very busy lives, so I wanted something doable.

Well this weekend, I have lots of sewing to get finished!  Plus, I'm heading to The Yankee Quilter for Preview Day on Sunday.  I will be showing my new Pattern, Summer Star!   Plus, we will be talking about my Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at The Yankee Quilter, which is almost sold out!  There will probably be some fabric selecting going on for both projects.  I we will be revealing a new class, Color 101!
Have a great weekend!

Keep Stitching,


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