Join me for my Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series - Starts January 2019

Join me for my
Sunset on the Sound ~ Mystery Series ~ Starting in January 2019

This is going to be a fabulous weekly series, with manageable clues each week, that will keep you sewing through out those winter months!

You can download the printable version of the details listed below, along with Fabric Requirements:  Sunset on Sound Mystery Series Details & Fabric Requirements

Quilt Sizes: Wall/Baby 54” x 54”, Throw 58” x 82”, and Queen 82” x 106”

Tools Needed:
·        Corner Beam
·        V Block
·        Tucker Trimmer 1 or Tucker Trimmer III
·        Split Rects
·       Square²  (Or Large Square Squared)
·        Quilter’s Magic Wand

 3-in-1 Color Tool
Pressing Stick
Tucker Trimmer III
Magic Pressing Mat

Series: This is a Mystery Quilt series and is for followers of my newsletter and blog.   Sign up for my weekly emails at

You can join the Facebook group, for the Sunset on the Sound Mystery, and interact with others as we take this journey!  Please feel free to join, if you plan on participation.  The group is for those participating, not for spectators.  Link: Sunset on the Sound Facebook Group. 

How does a Mystery work? 
Below, I've provide you with the fabric requirements.  We don't start for a few weeks, but I’m giving you a few weeks to dig through your stash or go shopping! 

The Clues, providing construction steps, will be posted weekly on Friday or Saturdays for 16 weeks, from January 4th or 5th through April 26th or 27th.   The Clues will be announced through my weekly newsletter and blog.
  •        I will do my best to post every Friday, but sometimes life happens, so I want to state up front, there could be a travel week, illness or a family emergency.  Life happens.  So, I will strive for Friday and I plan on posting on Friday 99.9% of the time.  
  •     If you count those weeks up, you will note that is 17 weeks and I only stated 16 weeks.  That is because there will be a "bye" week.   That "bye" week is to be determined.    

The clues, will provided the construction task for the week, with step-by-step instructions.  You will be responsible to view or download/print your clue each week.  Each week, you will see more and more of the units -- just enough to keep you guessing!  On the last week, I will give you the final construction steps and the mystery will be revealed.

Let me state this up front.  Mystery Quilts are not for everyone.  If you are a person who needs to know what the quilt is going to look upfront, this may not be the project for you.   I will be providing fabric color and value recommendations, but I will not be telling you what will go next to what, it is a mystery.  You will have to trust that I know what I’m doing, and you must follow the value instructions very carefully, especially if you are going with a different color plan. 

I will not be able to give everyone fabric selection assistance.  I will do my best, especially if you are in a class or retreat with me, but I will not be able to handle an insurgence of emails, FB messaging, texts, etc. with photos requesting immediate feedback because you are in a store.  J    Instead, I hope that you will read the advice I have provide on my Blog and in the download.  You can also take the downloaded document to a Quilt Shop, and most of the Quilt Shops I know, will gladly help you. 

So, go shopping and/or dig through your stash for scraps or yardage in dark, light, and assorted medium as instructed in Recommended Color Plan section.  Remember mystery-quilt patterns emerge best when high-contrast fabric choices in color and/or value are made.

Gather the tools and fabric yardages listed in the next few weeks.

Get ready to have some fun in the New Year!

Recommended Color Plan:  Triadic Color Plan with an Accent

I was inspired by a photo I took this past summer on the Long Island Sound.

I love the graduation shades of Blue throughout the sky and water.  Where they meet is a mix of yellow-orange, orange and pinks.  If you look closely at the water you see a hint of green.

So, when I went to my Stash I found this fabulous border that represented the colors well.   That is where I started.   
Michelle's Fabric Choices for her Sunset on the Sound
My version is made with a Triadic color plan, which is beautifully displayed in my Border fabric.    The recommended colors are; Cerulean Blue (10), Blue Red (18), and Chartreuse (2), and an accent fabric Orange-Yellow (23)  
o   The numbers following the color names above are from my favorite tool, the 3-in-1 Color Tool
o   If you aren’t familiar with it, read through my Blog- Sew On the Go, I provide weekly tips on how to use the tool within my Timeless with a Twist series.

3-in-1 Color Tool with Michelle's Color Selection

      Where to start?
      I started with the Border Fabric; it had all the colors I loved from my photo.  I pulled out my 3-in-1 Color Tool and located the primary color in the fabric.  The color that is it going to read from 4 feet away.  It reads as a Cerulean Blue (10).

·       When I turn over the Cerulean Blue (10) tab, it tells me for a Triadic color plan, I need to use Blue Red (18), and Chartreuse (2), I then pulled out those tabs, and when to my stash (and shopping).   The mystery needs an accent color too!  So, I went a few tabs over from my Chartreuse (2), going backwards to tab 23 (Orange-Yellow). 
Michelle's Color Plan for Sunset on the Sound
·        You are not required to use the same colors.  You can change the colors; however, it is very important to remember the value and contrast when switching colors.  Also, remember the quilt will work best with a Triadic Color Plan.  Refer to the 3-in-1 Tool to help you switch colors.
·        Small Prints, Tone-on-tone, Batiks, Solids, are recommended for the majority of the fabrics.  Given that you do not know where the fabric will be, nor the size of the units.  Hence the Mystery.
·        Remember it will difficult for me to give one-on-one fabric advice.  

    Additional Tips on Color & Fabric Selection: 

  •       Small Prints, Tone-on-tone, Batiks, Solids, are recommended for the majority of the fabrics.  Given that you do not know where the fabric will be, nor the size of the units.  Hence the Mystery.
  • ·        Remember it will difficult for me to give one-on-one fabric advice.  Therefore, if you are going to change the Color Plan, please review my advice on color and fabric selection: 

o   Select a Border Fabric, determine the Main Color, that is your Color 1.  Select a Light, Medium, and Dark value in that same Color family.  Find the Color Tab that matches your Main Color, and select a Light, Medium and Dark from that tab of the 3-in-1 Color Tool.
o   Use a Triadic color plan;
§  Find the two supporting Triadic colors using the 3-in-1 Color Tool.  Select Mediums fabrics that match those two tabs, remember Color 2 and 3 should be of Medium value.

§  Then, pick an Accent Color, go with a Light-Medium value, I went with a color from 3 tabs over from my Color 2.  

    How much Fabric do you need?
    Fabrics:  Triadic Color Plan with an Accent (10-18-2 & 23)

Yardage Table for Sunset on the Sound Mystery 
      Remember you can download off the advice given above, in a printable format, at:  Sunset on Sound Mystery Series Details & Fabric Requirements

      I hope that you will join in on the fun, it is sure to be tons of fun!

      Keep Stitching,


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