Sunset on the Sound - Clue #3

I'm posting a little early today since I have to leave to go to my Cabin Fever Retreat, in Southbury, CT.   I hold it each year, on Martin Luther King Weekend, at the Heritage Hotel!  Which is tucked among the picturesque Litchfield Hills in western Connecticut, yet close to Rt 84 and 91.    Looks like old man winter is going to give us a bit of winter mix this weekend, but we will be sewing away!

So, we are up to Clue #3 in the my Sunset on the Sound Mystery!  Are you ready?  Tons of the members of the SOTS Facebook group are keeping up.  We are up to 215 members in the group, plus there are tons of you who aren't on Facebook, who are sending me emails each week.  Last week we had over 500 downloads of clue #2! 

Before I get started on today's clue, if you are just joining us, you can get details on Fabric Requirements or details on the series in my early blog posts: start with Join Me for my Mystery Blog Post.   Then go to Clue #1Blog Post, then Clue #2 Blog Post.

Okay, Clue #3!  Half Square Triangles!

Clue #3 - We will be using our Color 1: Dark (D1) and Color 1: Light  to make Half Square Triangles (HST)!  You will need the Tucker Trimmer I or Tucker Trimmer III tool for this week's clue.  If you do not have one, you can purchase it in my Etsy shop.
Clue #3 ~ Half Square Triangles
You will also need to cut squares from your Color 2: Medium (M2)
Clue #3 ~ M2 Squares
Before, I give you this week's tips and tricks for making perfect Half Square Triangles, I'd like to showcase a new pattern I will be releasing next Friday, the 25th, called Summer Stars!  It is easy, quick and is Precut friendly!  You can choose to use; Charm Pack, 6 inch strips, Fat Quarters, 1/3 Yards, Layer Cakes or Yardage.  You have your choice of 6 sizes!  The pattern only requires Tucker Trimmer I or Tucker Trimmer III tool depending on the size.  You can pre-order your pattern here:  Summer Star Pre-Order.  All pre-orders will ship on Friday, January 25th. 
Summer Star by Michelle Renee Hiatt ~ Pre-Order Now
Okay, now for some tips and tricks for perfect Half Square Triangles!

Please see the download for specific cutting instructions, but let me walk you through the process and provide a few extra tips that I share in the classroom (Make sure you check out my teaching/event schedules by following my retreats and events on Facebook- Michelle's FB Event Page for the true interactive experience).

Note: I went with the traditional method of sewing these Half Square Triangles.  However, given the volume you could use the Eight at Once Method if you purchased extra yardage of these two fabrics.  I elected to go with the traditional method due to yardage, in this particular case it requires 4”-8 ½” more fabric depending on the quilt size because of the larger cuts.  If you want to use the Eight at Once method, I’d start with squares 8 ½”, I found the 8” to be tight.  If you aren’t familiar with the technique, you can purchase the technique sheet here: Eight at Once Technique Sheet

Here are some tips for the traditional method of sewing HST, I hope you read through and learn something new!

1. Gather the Color 1: Dark (D1) and Color 1: Light (L1) squares.

2. Mark and position Squares.  Mark two stitching lines ¼” on either side of the center diagonal of the Light Squares.  Perform this using the Quilter’s Magic Wand.  Position the squares with right sides together.
Center the line from the Magic Wand diagonally point to point

Tip:  I love to use the Sewline Pencil, as it is ceramitized chalk, that is extremely fine, as they bake it a really high temperature.  It allows me to get really close to my magic wand, gives me a nice fine line to sew on and as I sew the chalk comes out of my fabric, so I don't need to worry that the line is going to run or return.   The Sewline pencils come in 5 colors and you can pick them up in my shop along with replacement lead.  Sew on the Go shop.

Use the Sewline pencil to draw 2 lines

I like to pin across the center.  Make sure to pin in the opposite direction you are sewing

I stack them up to make them easy to pick up and chain piece
3. Stitch on the marked sewing lines, and then cut down the middle. Press seams toward the dark fabric.
Use an open toe/applique foot so you can see clearly.  I love my Pfaff Star Foot, works perfect!  Plus, watching that little foot run against the line is not as tiring on my eyes.

I remove the pin when I get to it

Once I chain stitch one side, of all the units, I come back and chain stitch the other side

I like to set in the seam before I cut, it makes the units nice a flat

Left Hand - Cut down the center

Right Handed - Cut down the center

You are going to press to the dark, so I stack them with the dark side up

Set in you seam and finger press
I used a Magic Press Mat and Quilter's Fine Mist Spray bottle loaded with Best Press during my pressing process to help be get the best seams!  Both are available in my Etsy shop.

Once you finger press, then Press

 4. Position the Tucker Trimmer over the unit, carefully aligning the sizing diagonal line with stitched seam for the proper square and trim one corner (two sides) to trim complete corner.

4 - Right Handed

4- Left Handed
5. Rotate the unit 180° and line up the Tucker Trimmer again and trim the two remaining sides to measure the proper cut size.
5 - Right Handed

5 - Left Handed 
6. Repeat for all Units.  Label and place in a safe place. 

Perfect HST with just a little trim!

7. Label your cut M2 Squares and place them in a safe place, you will have to wait for another clue to find out what you do with those!

8. You are ready for the next clue!

I hope this pictorial and the directions in the Download made this unit very easy for you to complete.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to share comments here or in the SOTS Facebook group.

Just a reminder on the SOTS Facebook group, I screen applicants, therefore you have to answer the questions to be admitted.  You also have to be a subscriber of my email newsletter (you can sign up here: Sign Up for Newsletter.

I hope you all have a great day and weekend.  It is going to be cold and snowy here in the northeast, great sewing weather!  I'm off to my Cabin Fever retreat!  Can't wait!

By the way, if you are looking for a great winter retreat, to get out and socialize with some great quilters and to learn something new, consider my Quilter's Choice Retreat at the Strong House Inn, in Vergennes, VT.  February 7th-10th.   There is 1 spot left!  It is small retreat where you can bring a UFO from any Studio 180 project or pick one of my patterns to learn.  Details can be found here: Michelle's Retreats.

Okay, the SUV is packed! I'm off to Cabin Fever, make sure you are following my Sew On the Go Facebook Page, to see all our progress and fun times!

Keep stitching,


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