Quilt Block Mania- Sisterhood Block

It is StashBUSTER Tuesday!   Once again, I've partnered up with some fabulous quilt designers for Quilt Block Mania!   It's all about Family this Month!  In addition to Quilt Block Mania, I want to share my newest pattern, Family Traits, plus talk to you about my upcoming Mystery, Best of the 60's


This month's Stashbuster Quilt, Family Traits, is fabulous Stashbuster to use up large and medium size prints.   Featuring Sisterhood and Brotherhood Blocks. 

You can make this fabulous quilt with stash, scraps, or brand new fabric.   I selected a new line (surprise) Free Spirit's Anna Marie Homer's Hindsight.   In my defense, I do have a "scrap" version in an 10+ year old line of fabric, just ran out of runway to get it finished to share.  

This month's pattern, includes two sizes: Lap and Double.

It features one tool, the Studio 180 Design V Block.   One tool, one technique, two fabulous blocks and two quilt settings included!  The pattern offers Lap and Double size instructions.  Both are really easy to put together!

So, fun!  You can order the Printed pattern, that will ship on October 20th at: BUY PRINTED PATTERN.  Or, you can download the PDF version of the pattern at: BUY PDF PATTERN

Stay tuned for the announcement for a Mini-Class on Family Traits. ONLINE CLASS  

Let's talk about my next Mystery!  

There are only 3 days left to get in on the Enrollment Launch Week HALF PRICE SPECIALS!  

Enrollment is open for the Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery Series, starting November 13th!  Check out my fabric selections for both my main selection and my alternative.   Both fabric lines are new to the market, and will be releasing shortly!

Fabric Selection

For my main selection, I am partnering with Island Batik and have selected their Peacock Galore fabric line, by Claudia Pfeil

  • Note: There are only 20 fabrics in the line, so I am doubling my FQ for the Fuchsia-Purples and Oranges fabrics.

The following Shops have all the information needed and will be preparing fabric kits.  They are taking pre-orders now: 

For my alternate selection, I’m partnering with Moda and have selected their A Blooming Bunch fabric line, by Maureen McCormick (from the Brady Bunch)

The following shops have all the information needed and will be preparing fabric kits.  They are taking pre-orders now: 

If you are looking to use the same fabric as me, these shops know exactly what I'm using, so they are an excellent place to start.  These fabric kits will go fast, so make sure to reserve them soon.

You are welcome to make your own fabric selection, and these same shops can help you with that too.  Plus, over the next few weeks I will be sharing what will work best for this quilt.  

Let me provide you with some other details.  By the way these details are available for download on my Website:  CLICK HERE

Quilt Size and Fabric Requirements:
  • Quilt Size:  Large Throw/Double
  • Tool Required:  Star 60
  • Fabric Requirements
    • 26-30 Fat Quarters 
      • Ideally made up of 4 Colorways, dual Complimentary color plans will work great.  See my fabric recommendations below to get a better idea of what I will be using.  You can elect to reserve one or both of those fabric selections or select your own fabric.   Note: From mid-October to early-November, I will be offering tips on fabric selection on my weekly Blog post.
    • Background:  4 ¾ - 5 Yard
    • Border: 2 ⅔ - 3 Yards (includes Binding)

This is a Mystery Quilt series will be a Technique Building Series for the Star 60 tool. 

·      Each week, I will take you step-by-step through all the fabulous units and blocks that you can make with this tool.  There will be at least 24 techniques shared throughout the length of the series. 

·     Multiple Membership levels are available for this series for nominal fees.    

  • For both Membership levels, the earlier you enroll in the series, the lower the price.   This week, through October 8th, Launch Week Discounts are in effect.
  • Since there are a lot of new techniques with this Mystery, the Clue & Class Membership is being offered and will provide weekly step-by-step online videos that can be watched repeatedly, whenever you like.    
  • As always, each week, the Blog will feature a mini-pictorial and a couple quick tips for each week’s block(s) and remain online.  However, the Blog will not have the detailed measurements, those are in the Clues and the Clues will only be available through a membership.  

  • Recommendation: For those needing/wanting additional help, I highly recommend the Clue & Class Membership Option which will give you that extra help with step-by step guidance.

Basic Overview of Membership Types

Here are the basics, for more information see my Website:  CLICK HERE

Clue Membership:  Discounted for Enrollment Launch week to $24 - 2 Monthly Payments of $12.   Note: This price will increase on October 9th ($36) and will go to full price on November 1st ($48)

This week, the price is a $1 per clue.

Includes all 24 Clues.  Each week when the Clue is released, you will be able to immediately download the Clue.  

If you elect “product updates” you will receive an email notification when the Clue is posted.  Otherwise you can log in each week with a special link sent at the time of registration. 

Access to a private Facebook Group.  

Clue Only Membership, can be PURCHASE HERE.

Clue and Class Membership:  Discounted for Enrollment Launch week to $99 (One-time payment) or 4 Monthly Payments of $30.   Note: This price will increase on October 9th ($149) and will go to full price on November 1st ($199)

This week, the price is just over $4 per clue/class if you go with the one time payment and $5 per clue/class if you go with the payment plan. 

You will get all the benefits of the Clue Membership including the downloadable Clues.

Additionally, you will have access to online/on demand weekly videos which will walk through step-by-step through the weekly technique and construction

•       Lifetime access to the Clues and Videos - Watch again and again at your leisure.

If you agree to “receive instruction emails”, you will receive an email notification.  Otherwise, you can log into your Teachable account each Friday evening and access the current and prior releases.  

Clue and Class Membership, can be PURCHASED HERE.

Okay, I think that wraps up my news on the Best of 60's Quilt Mystery Series.  If you want additional information or to download the Overview, go to my Website:  CLICK HERE

Quilt Block Mania - NEW FREE BLOCK

Once again, I've team up with some fabulous Quilt Designers and together we'd put together some FREE themed quilt blocks to share with all of you!   
  • All of these blocks finish at 12″ x 12″. 
  • You can download all the Blocks for free, or just your favorites. 
This month theme is "Family", therefore I decided to make and share the my Sisterhood Block.

The Sisterhood Block is made up of V Blocks/Peaky and Spike Units and is perfect to use those medium and large prints!   I've provided step-by-step instructions in my download.  It comes together easily with the help of the Studio 180 Design V Block.  

 All of the designers are using the same color plan in their Blocks.   
    • Therefore you could combine this quilt block with other designer blocks, in the series, and put them into a Sampler Quilt of your own design.
  • Or, several of the designers, including me, are offering patterns, for purchase, using our Block. We've done the math and they are really cool.😊

  • If you scroll all the way down you’ll find links to all the fabulous quilt blocks in this series.  We are hoping to do this a few times a year, so stay tuned!  When I can align Quilt Block Mania with my Stashbuster Series, I will.  

To download my free block, complete the form below.  
    • You will receive an email (check your spam and promo mailboxes).
    • The email will have a link to download.

To visit the other Designer's Blogs, for their fabulous FREE BLOCKS, check out the links below: 

Warming by the Fire
Paper Chain Family at Slice of Pi Quilts
Family is Love
Family Quote Pineapple Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Family Pumpkin Pickin' Day
Family Crest at Always Expect Moore
Old Rocking Chair at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Love@Home at Stash Bandit
Sisterhood by Michelle Renee Hiatt
Glimpse of Home at Scrapdash
We Are Family by Heidi Pridemore
Family Trees at Pretty Piney Quilts
Family is the Heart of Home by QuiltFabrication
Gathering by Blue Bear Quilts
Sister's Choice at Perkins Dry Goods
Every Family Has One at Patti's Patchwork
Orange Blossom Quilt
Wonky Nesting Hearts
Family Photo Block
Celtic Trinity Knot by Appliqués Quilts and More
Family Ring at Devoted Quilter
Tartan Block at True Blue Quilts
Flying Geese Family by Tacy Gray
Family Heart by Amarar Cracions

That is it for today, remember you only have 3 days to make use of the Enrollment Launch Week half price specials on my Best of the 60's Mystery.  

Check in on Friday for the current Mystery Series reveal!

Keep stitching,


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