Best of the 60's Must Haves and Schedule

I'm ready to announce the official schedule for the Best of the 60's!   

This week's I've spoken to the Fabric Manufactures and Quilt Shops that are kitting my fabric selections.  Fabric has arrived in a few of the shops and is on it's way to other shops.  All of the Quilt Shops are expected to have the fabric by the 13th of November.  Given them a few day to kit it and get it to you.  

Best of the 60's Start Date & Schedule

Therefore, the Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery will kick-off on Friday, November 20th!

Leading up to the series I have some tips on getting prepared, fabric selection and preparing your fabric.

Here are the topics and dates:

  • Last week; Blog Post on Why I choose my Fabric Selection - LINK
    • Note: If you are sign up for the Class Membership - You can view a video in the "Let's Get Started" section.
  • This week; Must Haves for the Series
    • Downloadable List in the Clue Library (Clue only Membership) 
      •  Or Downloadable in the "Let's Get Started" Section (Clue & Class Membership)
    • Use coupon code FALL15, by Monday, November 2nd and save 15% off your order over $25 (excludes shipping). 
  • Next week, Nov 6th; How to Pick Your Own Fabric 
    • Will feature a Blog Posts with some example of fabric selections that will work.
    • Saturday, November 7th, 10am Eastern, I will go LIVE from The Yankee Quilter and talk through some selections there and take questions. 
  • November 13th; How to prepare your fabric for the Mystery
    • I will be providing special instructions for your to prepare your fabric for the Mystery. 
  • November 20th; Clue #1 will be released


Best of the 60's Must Have List

As I've worked through my sample units and blocks, I've put together of list of notions and tools that will ease your making of this Mystery.  I thought it might be helpful to have one list that you could review.  

There is one common theme as I've made my samples, you will need to be organized.  Therefore, I've featured a lot of the items I'm using to stay organized. 




Studio 180 Design Star 60

A MUST! The Mystery is written to specifically use this Tool.  Other 60° Tools will not work.  There are added features in the Star 60 that allows additional techniques from the other 60° tools on the Market.

Star 60 Tool


A MUST! Perfect for your Tucker Tools. Invisi-Grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to the underside of the tools. When pressure is applied while rotary cutting, Invisi-Grip prevents your ruler from slipping and sliding. Simply cut to size, peel and apply to ruler. 


Quilter’s Magic Wand

A MUST! There will be times when a technique will require the Quilter’s Magic Wand to ensure your best piecing.

Quilter’s Magic Wand -Assorted Colors

Seam Stick

A MUST! 99.9% of the seams in this Mystery will need to be pressed open and need to be flat, therefore it is best to use a Wooden Seam Stick.  The wood will wick steam and provide a hard flat press.

16”, 24”, 32” Wooden Seam Sticks

Fabric Marking Pencil

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! There will be times when a technique will require the good Fabric Marking Pencil to ensure your best piecing.  I only use Sewline as it is ceramitized chalk that is pounded out of your fabric as you sew, therefore nothing is left behind in your quilt.  Look at your fabric and you will want a color that isn’t in your fabric.  I often use Pink and Green or Yellow.  White is great for dark fabrics.

Sewline Pencils and Refills

Fine Quilting Pins

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Pinning is going to be particularly important.  It is best to have sharp thin pins.  If you can’t remember the last time you purchased pins, you probably needed them.  These are some of my favorites pins to use.  All are heat resistant.

Quilting Pins

Flower Head Quilting Pins


HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This Mystery will require you to be highly organized and tips will be provided that suggest you mark Flower Head pins in order to stay on track.  These are my favorite Flower Head pins to use.  I can write on them using a thin Sharpie.

Bohn Flower Head Pins

Wonder Clips

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Once again, you will need to be highly organized, I highly recommend that you have Wonder Clips so that you can utilized my tips for keeping organized.  I know they are an investment, but worth it.  Better to be using the right tools than having to remake and use more fabric.

Wonder Clips

Stiletto and Pressing Tool

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Having a Stiletto will help you keep pieces on track through your stitching needle.  My favorite, by Annie.

Stiletto and Pressing Tool

Bladesaver Thread Cutter

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We will be doing a lot of chain piecing so why now use that used 45mm rotary blades.  Give them new life in the BladeSaver Thread Cutter! Make cutting your chain pieced units  fast and easy.  LOVE it!  Comes in several different colors.

Bladesaver Thread Cutter


HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  You will want to either use a nice even mist of Best Press or Water as you constructed this Mystery.  This Misters provide a perfectly even mist no matter how many times you pump it.   


Best Press

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  Best Press spray starch, there’s no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. I treat all my fabric with it prior to cutting and then every 2-3 pressing cycles.  You just need a fine mist, so I use it in the Misters.

Best Press 32oz Refills

Sew on the Go Ruler Handle

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  This is the perfect tool for your Star 60 Tool.  It works great on Studio 180 Rulers that have Invis-grip on the back.  Make maneuvering and matching lines easy.   Ideally for any Ruler, but perfect for Star 60, Wedge Star and Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Ruler Handled

See Your Stuff Large Bag

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  I keep my fabric, especially for Mysteries, organized and clean in this fabulous 16” x 16” bag with a Handle!  I LOVE these bags.  I have several colors in stock but they go fast. 

See Your Stuff Bags

Magnetic Pin Cups

NICE TO HAVE! My new favorite pin holder.  The design makes it easy to get pins, put pins back in (just drop in), store and travel.  Each Magnetic Pin Cup comes with a removable case for safe storage while traveling to class (or to keep curious pets out!).  Love this!  They come in great colors!

Magnetic Pin Cup

Glow Tape

NICE TO HAVE!  If  you have trouble finding lines on the Rulers, this would be very helpful.  Glow Line makes it easy to find measurements and shapes. Especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces. You can use Glow-Line either underneath or on top of Invisi-Grip.

Glow Line Tape

Best of the 60's Facebook Page

The Facebook page for the Best of the 60's was just released this morning.  If you have purchased a membership, you would have received an email alert from the Clue or the Class and Clue Membership website.  This Facebook page is only for those that have paid for a membership. 

Blockbuster Tuesday

This Tuesday, November 3rd is Stashbuster Tuesday.  Make sure to check in as I join other Quilt Designers in offering a free block!

I think that is it for this week, make sure to check out my Retreat page for Virtual and In-Person options to get you through this winter!

Keep stitiching,


  1. All this sparks the enthusiasm and motivation to get started & simply to find out what the heck is the BEST OF THE 60s all about.And, the question, egads can I really do this program??? Nervousness & excitement all around!

  2. All this sparks the enthusiasm and motivation to get started & simply to find out what the heck is the BEST OF THE 60s all about.And, the question, egads can I really do this program??? Nervousness & excitement all around!


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