Holiday Solstice Revealed!

 Tada!  Holiday Solstice Revealed! 

Holiday Solstice - Fig Christmas II(without Final Border)

First, I want to thank all of you.  I greatly appreciate all of you following along!  I cannot wait to see the finished quilts!  Be sure to share.  

I hope you will join my next Mystery, many of you have already signed on.  Be sure to see the information below for October Early Bird Special. 

For Holiday Solstice.  First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your patience, it has been a trying couple of months with everything going on. 

Special thanks to Lynn Wheatley and Terry Sue Blanchette for being my Secret Testers and putting up with my last minutes emails.  Additionally, special thanks to Cheryl Ogrisek for kitting up both versions of Holiday Solstice and putting up with everyone's fabric needs.      

Let's talk about what you need to do to finish this quilt.  

Holiday Solstice Clue #18

You will need to make (4) Horse Knows the Way, (8) Hurrah A and (8) Hurrah B Blocks.  Plus cut pieced Border Squares, Rectangles and Borders.   Details are in the Download

You should make the Blocks first.  There are no new techniques here.  Used everything you've learned to date.  You only need the Tucker Trimmer I (optional the Four-Patch Square Up).

These Blocks should be as scrappy as needed.  If you do not have the length suggested in the download, use two or three fabrics to get you to what you need.  In Sampler Style quilts, the more fabrics used the better.  
Horse Knows the Way

Hurrah A

Hurrah B

Once you make those Blocks, it is now time to create the C and D Borders.  


  • Please continue to put the Borders together as stated in the download.  
  • I know some of you may be in a rush to get it together.  Take your time.  
  • Follow the directions in the Clue (yes I'm repeating it), checking your Blocks and orientation at every step.  
  • Take photos as you go, and look at them.  You do not want to get it all together and then realize you flipped a row or block. 
If you constructed it as I've outlined, in the download, you will be much more successful in getting it constructed correct the first time. 


The Background Border and Final Borders, I've provided the estimates of what your quilt should measure, however, you really want to measure the Quilt Center in 3 places in each direction.  If you would like to see how this is done, please check out my Tutorial Tuesday, Week 9 (fast forward to minute 7:53) to see how this is accomplish.  WATCH - Tutorial Tuesday.  Use a 120" Tape Measure- Purchase here.

Holiday Solstice looks great with just the Background Borders... Here is the Sun Print final version.  
Holiday Solstice - Sun Prints 2020 (without Final Border)

However, a Final Border, really makes a statement, as you see here on the Fig Christmas II version.

In the end, I think your choice will be quilt specific.  I think some quilts may need the Final Border to bring it all together while others speak for themselves.  I think either of the versions I've use, would look great with or without that final Border. 

So, I can't wait to see how all of your quilts turned out, and whether you go with or without that final Border.  Please share on the Holiday Solstice Facebook Group. 

Holiday Solstice - Fig Christmas II with Final Border

Few Reminders:

If you didn't purchase the No-Hassle Membership Club:
If you missed any of the later clues, you will want to purchase them now.  They will no longer be available after next week, October 16th will be the last day to purchase any of the Clues.  No exceptions will be granted. 

If you did purchase the No-Hassle Membership Club:
You have to December 1st to download all the Clues you need to complete this Quilt.  On December 2nd, they will not longer be available.   So, make sure you download those in time.  No exceptions will be granted. 

If you didn't participate and wish you did:
This will most likely become a Technique Building Series/Block of the Month, packaged in a packet.    I'd expect it to publish in late Spring of 2021. 

Don't miss out on the next one!

Best of the 60's

Let's talk quickly about Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery!  Thank you all.  Enrollment Launch Week was a great success.   Many of you took advantage of the Enrollment Launch Week Specials.  Perfect!  Thank you!

If you missed the Enrollment Launch Week Special, let me provide you will an update on your options.

Enrollment is still open for the Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery Series, starting November 13th!  

Fabric Selection

Many of you have purchase the fabric I am using.  The shops and fabric companies are blown away!   So, if you want to use the fabric I'm using, you need to pre-order it ASAP.  

For my main selection, I am partnering with Island Batik and have selected their Peacock Galore fabric line, by Claudia Pfeil

  • Note: There are only 20 fabrics in the line, so I am doubling my FQ for the Fuchsia-Purples and Oranges fabrics.

The following Shops have all the information needed and will be preparing fabric kits.  They are taking pre-orders now: 

  • The Yankee Quilter - SOLD OUT
  • Quilter’s Obsession (PURCHASE HERE)

For my alternate selection, I’m partnering with Moda and have selected their A Blooming Bunch fabric line, by Maureen McCormick (from the Brady Bunch)

The following shops have all the information needed and will be preparing fabric kits.  They are taking pre-orders now: 

  • The Yankee Quilter - SOLD OUT
  • Pennington Quilt Works (PURCHASE HERE

Don't stress if you can't get that fabric, next week on the Blog, I will begin talking you through Fabric Selection.  

These same shops can help you with that too.  

Let me provide you with some other details.  By the way these details are available for download on my Website:  CLICK HERE

Quilt Size and Fabric Requirements:
  • Quilt Size:  Large Throw/Double
  • Tool Required:  Star 60
  • Fabric Requirements
    • 26-30 Fat Quarters 
      • Ideally made up of 4 Colorways, dual Complimentary color plans will work great.  See my fabric recommendations below to get a better idea of what I will be using.  You can elect to reserve one or both of those fabric selections or select your own fabric.   Note: From mid-October to early-November, I will be offering tips on fabric selection on my weekly Blog post.
    • Background:  4 ¾ - 5 Yard
    • Border: 2 ⅔ - 3 Yards (includes Binding)

This is a Mystery Quilt series will be a Technique Building Series for the Star 60 tool. 

·      Each week, I will take you step-by-step through all the fabulous units and blocks that you can make with this tool.  There will be at least 24 techniques shared throughout the length of the series. 

·     Multiple Membership levels are available for this series for nominal fees.    

  • For both Membership levels, the earlier you enroll in the series, the lower the price.   Through the remainder of October, an Early Bird discount of 25% is factored into the price listed. 
  • Since there are a lot of new techniques with this Mystery, the Clue & Class Membership is being offered and will provide weekly step-by-step online videos that can be watched repeatedly, whenever you like.    
  • As always, each week, the Blog will feature a mini-pictorial and a couple quick tips for each week’s block(s) and remain online.  However, the Blog will not have the detailed measurements, those are in the Clues and the Clues will only be available through a membership.  

  • Recommendation: For those needing/wanting additional help, I highly recommend the Clue & Class Membership Option which will give you that extra help with step-by step guidance.

Basic Overview of Membership Types

Here are the basics, for more information see my Website:  CLICK HERE

Clue Membership:  Discounted for October to $36 - 2 Monthly Payments of $18.   Note: This price will increase on November 1st to full price ($48).

This month, the price is a $1.50 per Clue.

Includes all 24 Clues.  Each week when the Clue is released, you will be able to immediately download the Clue.  

If you elect “product updates” you will receive an email notification when the Clue is posted.  Otherwise you can log in each week with a special link sent at the time of registration. 

Access to a private Facebook Group.  

Clue Only Membership, can be PURCHASE HERE.

Clue and Class Membership:  Discounted for October to $149 (One-time payment) or 4 Monthly Payments of $45.   Note: This price will increase on November 1st ($199).

This week, the price is just over $6 per clue/class if you go with the one time payment and $7.50 per Clue w/Class if you go with the payment plan. 

You will get all the benefits of the Clue Membership including the downloadable Clues.

Additionally, you will have access to online/on demand weekly videos which will walk through step-by-step through the weekly technique and construction

•       Lifetime access to the Clues and Videos - Watch again and again at your leisure.

If you agree to “receive instruction emails”, you will receive an email notification.  Otherwise, you can log into your Teachable account each Friday evening and access the current and prior releases.  

Clue and Class Membership, can be PURCHASED HERE.

Now, if you purchased the Clue and which you had purchased the Class Membership, these are on two separate delivery platforms.  So, it will take some special handling to do, and you are subject to the current price of the Clue/Club Membership when you change.  It is a multistep process, so please think before your purchase.   You will  need to email me, if you want to change.  I will have to look at everyone individually to figure out how best to change it. 

Okay, I think that wraps up today's new.  If you want additional information or to download the Overview, go to my Website:  CLICK HERE

Thanks to all of you that participated in Holiday Solstice!  I greatly appreciate all of you following along!  I cannot wait to see the finished quilts!  Be sure to share.  

I have a three-day Virtual Retreat coming up plus lots of secret sewing to get completed... So I'm off!

Keep Stitching,


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