Wow! Clue #15

Oh my gosh, I can't believe fall is around the corner and we are on Clue #15!  Only 3 more left.   Everyone's quilt centers looked so fantastic on the Facebook page.  Wow!  I'm just blown away.  

So, before we get into today's clue, I have an announcement on a new Online/On-Demand class that will be releasing on September 30th!  The much requested Jenn's Journey!  A modern take on a Snail's Trail quilt. 

For this early enrollment, I'm offer $25 off the first 25 people to enroll by Monday, September 21st.  

You must enter coupon code FIRST25 -  You will see it on the check out page and you must click it, enter the code, and make sure your total updates.  I can not apply after you check out.  

Learn how to make this fabulous modern Snail's Trail quilt! I walk you through my method of selecting the perfect fabric combinations that would give your quilt the perfect effect. You will be amazed how easily this quilt comes together when you know how to use the right tools. No paper piecing involved. Everything you use in this course can be used again and again.

If you are looking to improve your quilting skills, gain confidence in your fabric selection, all while mastering the Studio 180 Design Diamond Rects, and Large Square Square, this is the perfect class for you. This class is ideal for a confident beginner quilter to an advance quilter.


Clue #15

This week's Clue we will be making (4) more Wind Does Blow, which are made up of Split Rects and Four-Patches.  

Clue #15 Tips - Fabric Selection

I know many of you are getting towards the end of your fabric, that is the idea, we only have a few more blocks to go.  Make sure you are leveraging your "Scrap", "Partial Strips", and "Remainder of FQ" Bags.  

I was able to use the same fabrics, as I used in Clue #13.  If you don't, it is okay to substitute with a fabric of similar color and tone.  Remember, these pieces are pretty tiny, no one is going to be examine to see if it is the exact same fabric.  

Sun Print 2020 Selection 

Fig Christmas Selection 

Reminders and Tips

I have a few tips, remember the details are in the Download, but be sure to read below for a few reminders.

REMEMBER, for the Dark Split Rects, you will want to make sure you have both your fabrics right side up!  So many of you ignored me for Clue #13. LOL.

Orientation, Orientation, Orientation... and Quarter inch seam are key here.   LOL, I say this for a reason.  Take a picture and look at the picture before your put it together.

Clue 15- Sun Prints 2020


Yes, you read that correctly, I'm taking my September break for most of next week.    This year, I will not be going to Hawaii, or even Alaska as planned, but a couple of close friends have rented a house in Maine.  I'm very much looking forward to it.  

So, what does this mean? 

Clue #16 - Will be released mid-afternoon next Friday, as planned.

Tutorial Tuesday - 

I'm debating on having Tutorial Tuesday, we will see.  I was going to skip, but I might convince my friends to join me in a round table on a quilting topic. I will update my Facebook Page on Tuesday and let you know on Tuesday morning.


Anything ordered tonight (Friday) by midnight, will ship first thing tomorrow morning.  Anything order from 9/19-26 will ship Monday, September 28th.

Emails and Social Media Messages -

I will check daily and see if anything urgent needs to be address.  If it isn't urgent, I will reply when I return. 

That wraps it up!

Make share your what you are sewing this weekend on my Sewing Circle Facebook Group!  Maybe I will give a sneak peak of what I'm sewing on vacation, this week....

Keep Stitching,


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