Holiday Solstice - Clue #13!

 Sorry for the late review, I had some unexpected family things to take care.  

This week's Clue reveals a new to the series Block, Wind Does Blow, which is made up of Split Rects and Four-Patches.

Both of which you have mastered over the last few weeks, so this should be pretty easy.  I have a couple reminders and tips below.  

New Pattern - Twisted Twine

Speaking of the Split Rects, I've paired it up with the newer Studio 180 Design Corner Pop III in my latest release Twisted Twine!

Twisted Twine - Throw Size

Twisted Twine is a fun, quick and easy pattern, designed to use those fabulous medium-to-large scale prints for the Twisted Stars.   There are four sizes included: Baby 52” x 52”, Throw 69” x 69”, Queen 86” x 103”, King 103” x 120”The Twine Sashing comes together to create the alternate block of spinning Twine. This quilt can be scrappy organized or just plain scrappy. By using a consistent Pink and Green fabric it will help bring the Quilt together. 

However, you could go scrappy for both of these fabrics as well, though you would want to use a consistent value. You can decide if you want to keep the fabrics organized in the units or mix and match to your heart’s delight. Just have fun! Twisted Twine comes together easily with Studio 180 Design’s Split Rects and Corner Pop III tools.

I'm working on an Online Class for Twisted Twine, as I know some of you are concerned with the working with the Corner Pop III.  So stay tuned.  The directions are really great in the pattern, but if you are looking for a class to give you that extra attention, one is on the way.

I wanted to share some of my tester's Twisted Twine, just to give you an idea of all the fun you can have.  Carolyn and Sue both made the Baby size.  Lois made the Throw.  Love them all!

Carolyn's Twisted Twine

Sue's Twisted Twine

Lois's Twisted Twine

Fabulous, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Clue #13 Tips - Fabric Selection

Have fun with this one, the pieces are tiny but there are all surrounded by background fabric, so it makes it easy to use some of our tone-on-tone medium prints and small prints. 

Sun Print 2020 Selection  - I went with two Complementary Color Plans

Fig Christmas Selection 

Reminders and Tips

I have a few tips, remember the details are in the Download, but be sure to read below for a few reminders.

For the Dark Split Rects, you will want to make sure you have both your fabrics right side up!

Orientation, Orientation, Orientation... and Quarter inch seam are key here. 

Put together your nine-patch first, doesn't it look like a windmill?   
Put the Bottom Bar and Side Bar together. Then sew it all together.
I promise it is much easier to do it that way than trying to do it all together. 

Clue 13 - Fig Christmas
Love, love!
Clue 13- Sun Prints 2020

Well that is it for this week.   If you didn't read Tuesday's Blog post, make sure to go read it now.  Tons of fun; Free Block, New Pattern and New Class!

Also, make sure to check in my Facebook Page on Tuesday, as Tutorial Tuesday returns! 

Tutorial Tuesday on my Facebook Page, at 4pm Eastern Daylight Time.

What are you sewing this weekend?  I'm going to be power sewing, per usual, and getting ready for 2 guild virtual presentation this coming week!.   

Make share your what you are sewing this weekend on my Sewing Circle Facebook Group!  Maybe I will give a sneak peak this week on what I'm working on.....

Have a happy and safe Labor Day week,


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