Clue #14 only 4 more to go!

 Clue #14 is ready for Holiday Solstice  

You will need to make (4) more Hear the Bells Blocks, but more exciting.....  you will be putting together and attaching your Round B Borders!!!

So exciting!!   I love this quilt and while I know it has been a challenge for many of you, I think you are doing great!  I can't wait to see your new Medallion Quilt Centers with your B Borders attached!

Best of the 60's Mystery Series - Starting in November

Before I jump into this week's clues reminders, I've been getting a lot of emails and IMs on details for the next Mystery.  So, I've pulled together a bit of information, remember we are still 8+ weeks away.   I will try and add to the information over the next couple weeks. 

I've put together a PDF that you can download: Best of the 60's Download Teaser, however here are the basics.

The Best of the 60's Mystery series will basically be a Technique Building Series of the Star 60 tool

  • Each week will take you step-by-step through all the fabulous units and blocks you can make with this tool. 
  • There will be over 24 techniques shared throughout the length of the series
  • Given how much work and time goes into my Mystery series, I’ve decided to charge for this series. The earlier you enroll in the series, the lower the price.   Register on membership launch week (10/2-8) and it will be a $1 a clue.  - More information in the download. 
  • Since there are a lot of new techniques with this Mystery, I’ve decided to offer several levels of membership.   You can choose from Clue or Clue and Class Membership.  Again, the earlier you sign up, the lower the price. - More information in the download. 
  • As always, each week, the Blog will feature a mini-pictorial and tips for each week’s block(s), however the Blog will not have the detailed measurements. 
  • The Blog post will remain on the Blog, but the Clues will only be available through a membership.  
  • For those wanting additional help, you can  explore the Clue and Online Class Membership Option.
Clue Membership: 
  • Each week when the Clue is released, you will be able to immediately download the Clue.  
  • The Clue will be available throughout the series and for 4 weeks after the final reveal.
  • You will be limited to 3 downloads per Clue.
  • The Clue will be encoded with your email address. 
  • If you elect “product updates” you will receive an email notification when the Clue is posted.  Otherwise you can log in each week with a special link sent at the time of registration. 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group.
Clue Membership Rate Structure

Clue and Class Membership:
  • You will get all the benefits of the Clue Membership including the downloadable Clues.
  • Additionally, you will have access to online/on demand weekly videos which will walk you step-by-step through the weekly technique and construction. 
  • The Video and Clue will be available as each Clue is released.
  • If you elect “product updates” you will receive an email notification.  Otherwise, you can log into your Teachable account each Friday evening and access the current and prior releases.  
  • The Clues and Videos will be available for one year after start date.  Basically 6 months after the reveal

Clue and Club Membership Rate Structure
Individual Clues- Purchased weekly, without a membership - Will remain at $3 each. 

I've thought about this a lot, and I feel that my Clues are extremely detailed, they provide a lot of information and direction.  I spent hours, if not days, each week putting this together.  With all that time involved, it was time to start charging a nominal fee, otherwise I would need to stop hosting the series.  I hope you all will understand and I hope a lot of you continue to participate.  Thank you as always.    More to come.  

Holiday Solstice - Clue #14 - 

Four more Hear the Bells Blocks.  

Details are in the download, but here are a few reminders. 

Make sure to fold your strip to cut your right and left side triangles.

Sew with your Square-in-a-Square center on top.

Make sure pin!

Adding your B Borders
  • Take your TIME.
  • Be careful to pull the right Blocks, I have a recap in the Download
  • Be sure to check your orientation when putting the Borders together and then when applying them. 
  • Pin, Pin, and then PIN

Tada!  It is fabulous.  Be sure to share your center in the Facebook Group.

That's it for this week.  I have to start getting ready for my virtual class tomorrow with a guild!

Have a great weekend!

Keep stitching,



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